Public Channeling of December 3, 2014


Mother Shakti:

  • Preparation for Opening the Ark of the Covenant
  • Transmission of the Divine Feminine Mother Energy
  • The Masculine and the Feminine Energy



I am the lightful Goddess of the feminine energy. I am Mother Shakti. In the soul light of SHIMAA I greet each and every divine light on Earth with the words OMAR TA SATT.

Soon there will be an energetic event on Earth which will take place for the first time. The holy Ark of the Covenant will be opened. Inherent in it the pure feminine divine energy. Inherent in it the heritage of God. A large legacy is in this holy Ark. Human beings were persecuted in many epochs for the powers knew what is inherent in this Ark of the Covenant. The might and the power of the feminine divine energy and the legacy of the divine heritage. In order to prepare you I, Shakti, have been called to let you feel what divine feminine energy can mean to you. For it is different from the feminine energy you know, can feel and also judge in the duality. The divine feminine energy includes so much more. It produces things in you, energetic abilities. It makes your divine light shine with even more radiance. And also, the moment will come when the many masks drop, when the power struggles between masculine and feminine energies stop. A big fusion will take place in the duality and energetically between both energies that want to be one within, self-supporting. Often the inner conflict you have felt had to do with the fact that what is masculine and what is feminine in you have fought each other.

It is a wonderful process, and it was only permitted to open the Ark once the Crystal MONA'OHA was kindled, once the conditions for the energy to suffice for the next level of consciousness became true. When we transmit feminine divine energy to you in a moment you will feel in all your aspects for the first time how this energy nourishes you, how your soul light has yearned for it. For the feminine bears intuition, the fundamentals, the essence of your light and lets the intellect step aside. Feminine divine energy has a rejuvenating effect. It has a stimulating effect on your entire system. You will feel how you become softer, more composed and calm. You will feel that your sadness disappears. You will feel that these are moments you have always waited for.

And thus breathe the light of love into yourself. Let yourself fall into the golden energies of your divine light. So deep and full of trust. And as by themselves all your channels open, you are being orientated to absorb these energies that are being transmitted to you in the present moment with great radiant power. Call your personal group of angels and prepare yourself. The energy flow will touch you deeply. All your cells long for this energy. And thus the deep transmission of the divine feminine Mother Energy begins in the present moment.

(Music is played)

You carry hurt and scars in you from so many epochs and incarnations. The feminine energy will heal these. It is important that the human consciousness understands that here it is not about human beings who are male or female. That not these human beings are responsible for hurt, but that it is a higher masculine energy which was very dominant on Earth for a long time. It was hurt for men equally as much as for women. But what happened over many epochs in the duality is that suddenly masculine and feminine energies did often love, but also fight each other as human beings. As it can often be seen in the duality, it is really a process in yourself, the struggle between masculine and feminine energies. But much has been projected outside. And thus many women thought they were being hurt by men and men thought they were being hurt by women. But the higher energy will let you feel what it means when these energies energetically bring about a fusion in you. For then you are at peace with yourself. The feminine energy is capable of so much more than you can imagine and it is a blessing for all human beings who live on the planet and for Lady Gaia herself.  Feel really deep in you what this means when the struggle in you stops.

Full of love we carry you into a new age in the unification of the energies. Thus, in the adaptation phase, when the energies are nourished, no struggle between masculine and feminine energies will exist any longer. And even now, by the transmission alone much of your hurt is being healed. Thus you feel yourself much deeper. And the feminine energy generates something in you so that you become more sure of yourself, have more confidence in yourself. And the light, it shines so brightly. And you will live in a new world that you will create. And you will create many things in the new world yourselves, what it will look like. Though of course there are also events, energies and energetic laws you will not have any influence on. Such as, for example, this fusion of the masculine and feminine energies in you. For that is an original state. The true being in your structure of divinity. It is not struggle but unity. It is not being separate, but being one. Being one with yourself and thus also being one with your partner, one with the human beings you love. One with Lady Gaia, one with divinity.

There will also be differences between the human beings in how they absorb the feminine energy and how they permit it. Here in this room as well, in the here and now after this transmission, you can feel what is in store for you a bit. And human beings who are aware of themselves, human beings who know about energies will love it, love it so much. You will also feel all your abilities very much more clearly because here, too, there will no longer be a struggle in you. No fear, but unity. And in the New Age you will be able to decide with each breath you take which attributes of the fused energies you want to work with. For thus it is also in the universe. Sometimes we pour out masculine energies, sometimes feminine. But both are unified in us. You will get to know and feel the situations, when and how you want to use which energy. But first you will enjoy the radiant power of the divine feminine energy now. And in the subsequent, profound healing session this hurt, which still burdens you from previous incarnations and from this incarnation, will be taken away from you if you permit. And thus stay in the state of deep awareness and enjoy each moment.

Shakti, the Divine Mother, is with you.