Public Channeling of December 4, 2013



  • Energies for Your Soul


I am who I am, have always been, shall always be. I am Jesus. Full of loving-kindness, with love and grace I now look towards you. With each word you will feel the energy of my Self, the energy of the soul light deep in you. I am here now in order to be with you, to love, to honor and to respect you, to surround you with the love that I feel for you.
During this time of transformations we use the now-moments when Lady Gaia may rest a little. And thus we have showered the Earth, the planetary consciousness, the heart chakra of Lady Gaia with the energies from the Christ Frequency. My heart, I speak to you, beloved human child, I speak to your soul. Feel how Jesus touches you with all his being. They are the moments which are full of strength, lightness and joy, for during these times they give you the security, the confidence, the courage, the dedication, the grace, the love. All the things you are in your essence.
And thus I invite you: let yourself fall in the energies, let yourself fall, just like that. Let go of the things that burden you. Let go of your fears and worries. Trust the energies, the words and vibrations of Jesus and breathe the light of love into yourself. Feel how the angels are with you with their attention. Feel the angels in you and expand with each breath. Let yourself be carried away. Let yourself fall, and you feel how deep calmness expands in you. A calmness that gives you peace. And Jesus will now connect himself with your Christ aspect, your soul aspect, and transmit the energies to you that are good for you, that are also good for your physical aspect, embed them deeply.
And while Jesus transmits these energies to you connect yourself with me. And hear the words that Jesus speaks to you. I have spoken them to you once before: love is stronger than anything else. Love is the only thing that actually exists. Love is your essence. Love transforms everything. Remember these words.

Remember how I have held you in my arms and feel how this love wraps itself around you like a warm coat. Guarding and protecting. Feel the courage that you bear in you, the courage to allow all the changes. The courage to trust. The courage to accept the love for yourself. The confidence that all that is a process which will pass. The confidence that you will live in a world that the human beings will create. Feel the dedication to see the big picture. The compassion for all living beings on Earth. Feel the trust that lets you become wide. Feel the light of grace.
Love is more than just a word. Love comprises so many things and it guides you into a better world. Permit yourself now that your third eye opens and let me, Jesus, appear before your third eye. I hold out my hands to you. And with this touch you feel in deep certainty: All is well. Take the time you need in order to be with me. And while I touch you healing energies are transmitted.
Now integrate Lady Gaia in your energies, in your consciousness. There are still some deep transformations in store for Lady Gaia. Lady Gaia needs your understanding, your love and your trust from heart to heart. The one big heart chakra which blossoms. And thus you will find out, the words of Jesus were very soft, gentle and full of love. The energies which were transmitted to you are very intensive. And they will accompany you with each step you take, with each breath you take. And when the transformation process becomes more intensive, then remember these moments, for they are so valuable and very personal.
My love for you is immeasurable.