Public Channeling of December 5, 2012



  • About the Work of the Arcturians on Earth 

Jesus Christ:

  • Transmission of the Energy of Jesus



OMAR TA SATT my dearest human friends. What an honor to give you the messages through Sangitar. You are my friends. We, the Arcturians, feel deeply connected with the human beings. I am Maris and I have studied so many of you, have been able to understand the human words in many conversations with Sangitar. And thus I was asked to tell you something about the universe and SOL'A'VANA in the human language in such a way that you can understand it.


Let us begin with what is the most high in the universe. It is of course the divine Source. But what is the divine Source? How can you imagine it? The divine Source is like your divine Core: sacrosanct, love, love, unconditional love. Around this Source the merkabah of God with His aspects forms, similar to yours. What I would like to tell you first is that in the merkabah of the divine Source there is a soul aspect, just as in yours. This soul aspect calls itself Shan'Shija. When Shan'Shija speaks and brings messages she speaks as the High Self of Jesus Christ on the one hand and at the same time she speaks from the soul of God.


How is it? Can the divine Source understand what is happening? How does the divine Source get information? There are several ways. The most significant kind of message that is given to God comes from Melek Metatron, Shakti and Jesus Christ. The divine Source itself is a unique energy field of unconditional love. We call this energy SOL'A'VANA. Special sounds, special colors form after a distribution.


What does it really mean when a being says: SOL'A'VANA is being poured from the Source of God, God's Breath? What does it mean? On the one hand it is important to understand that God himself of course always breathes, for this breathing means the preservation of life. But when God breathes faster, the divine Source pours out more SOL'A'VANA energy. How does it happen? Now we will get to you, to your planet, to the Earth and Lady Gaia. When energies on Earth change, when Lady Gaia transforms herself, or when energies are raised, then the vibrations of the merkabah begin to move much faster. And Sangitar has told me that you will understand it best when I say that it is similar to what happens with you, when you are happy or excited. Then your pulse, your heart frequency accelerate. And in a similar way you can imagine it to be with the Throne Angels. And the faster they vibrate, the more SOL'A'VANA flows and is being emitted from the divine Source and spreads in the universe.


Now, how does the SOL'A'VANA energy get to you on Earth? Here the Starseed play a big role, for the Starseed possess the ability, a kind of membrane, to create a grid and to open themselves further, depending on how the energies should flow through to your planet, or also to close themselves. In a collective, where high consciousness meets, the Starseed are asked to open this grid of love, and then more SOL'A'VANA flows onto your planet. But sometimes, when Lady Gaia has raised herself too quickly in her energies or a big transformation has taken place, it is also the case that the messages are brought to you: Millions of angels begin to sing. What does this mean exactly? It means that the millions of angels unify with the Starseed and redirect the energy, shift it to other planets, into other universes, into other frequencies. For if too much SOL'A'VANA energy were to pour onto Earth at once it would come to a sudden change.


I know that many of you carry such deep yearning that this happens. But believe Maris - I am an Arcturian and occupy myself with these planetary energies – if it were to come to an ascension too quickly much what is so valuable for you would be taken away from you. For the right development begins with the right ascension at the right time. When the adaptation phase has begun then you will work in a completely different way, recognize yourselves and know who you are on a different level. This is also what you carry in your heart and what you want. We have a planet where the ascension took place too suddenly and too fast. These inhabitants are still busy with building up stabilizing energies so that the planet calms down in its vibrations. Expressed in human words, adapted to your planet, it would mean that you could not live this bliss because you would be busy bundling energies and erecting pillars of light, anchoring stabilizing, powerful energies on Earth so that the vibration calms down. Which is not supposed to mean that you should not feel joy or yearning, for this is also part of it and raises the energy and the love. But it is important, in fact it is even extremely important, to see the broader view, to see the entire planet and the human beings and to develop this understanding to give them the time and to give Lady Gaia the time that she needs.


When the message is brought that a special radiant power of energies is being brought onto Earth it means that all frequencies join and all energies are brought onto Earth and to you, that may be important information for you because this expression 'radiant power' is not really understood. Thus energies from El'Shaddai, from Quadril 5, Elohim, Christ Energy, Frequency of the Angels, Starseed, Shekina are called and they fuse. And these are then brought to you. When this message is brought that a special radiant power of energy is being brought to you it means for your light body, for your aspects, that they expand massively and receive energetic patterns.


What may also be important for you to know is that whenever Lady Gaia has gone through transformation, you feel light body symptoms of Lady Gaia. Often they are not your light body symptoms at all, but they are the light body symptoms of Lady Gaia. When this happens it is important and good for you to open your root chakra, your Omega chakra and let the energies drain away. Then you will feel better.  For light body symptoms – they are words which contain so many things reason cannot understand. For the collective energies in the duality also lead to light body symptoms.


But I would like to stay with reason now. Many human beings have so many questions and I understand it. And many think, once the ascension has taken place all questions will be answered. This is only partly true. We also have question, though completely different questions. We are occupying ourselves with your planet, with the human race. And there, for example, we have many questions that we cannot understand. I would like to tell you one. You are the only planet that lives human love intensively and feels pain at the same time. We cannot understand that. But what we do not understand we put aside. And this is important, for if all questions are answered no dawning of consciousness takes place anymore. And dawning of consciousness can only happen by you suddenly understanding with your heart. That is an important process in the whole development, not just on your planet, but on many, many other planets. Insight and understanding that dawning of consciousness can only happen when one can switch off one's reason at times. When one can put questions aside and experience information that seems so important with an awareness that this information may not be important at all.


Your planet has expanded enormously. And I have told you: In all likelihood the Earth will be the next planet to carry out the ascension. Today, at this time I can tell you: It is certain that your planet is next. There are also so many questions about this that you would like to have answers to. But important, the only important thing, is that you trust, that you do not allow yourself to be influenced, that you simply feel that this is the truth.


And what is also important information is that not only do you sometimes receive light body symptoms from Lady Gaia, but you also feel energies. When a huge big flow of SOL'A'VANA energy has been brought onto Earth and the Throne Angels have been in vibration more, they fall into something resembling sleep for a moment when this is over. And that you can also feel. This is often the case when suddenly in your everyday life you have no idea what is wrong with you. When all of a sudden a feeling of helplessness appears in you this could be the reason for it.


What are we Arcturians doing on your planet at the moment? Of course we are occupied with Lady Gaia and the Earth lines. In some regions massive light pillars are needed for stabilization and in some regions crustings have to be softened so to speak. But in the main, at this moment and during this time we are strongly connected with you. For we bring you grounding and at the same time a new awareness for the New Age. And some of you can deeply, deeply feel what it means when the Arcturians are here. This connection is extremely important. For when the change takes place we will be the first to show ourselves and who get in touch with you even before the angels approach in light form. There is only one exception, and that is Jesus Christ. The connection between the Arcturians and the human beings is also very important because we will erect many things together on your so beautiful planet. And you are a very special planet and very special human beings. And we so much look forward to working with you and to being with you.


I was not able to really find the right words because I feel that Jesus would like to take over the energy and bring it to you. But I will transmit the further messages with the human words as is right for you at another time. Breathe in the energy of Maris once more.


And I, too, will bathe in the energy that follows now. For it is something special not just for you when Jesus Christ speaks. For us it is also something very special.


And thus I say goodbye and say AN'ANASHA.




I am who I am. I am who I have always been, shall always be. I am Jesus Christ the Son. As Jesus, as father, as brother, as friend I greet you, each and every one with the words OMAR TA SATT.


Before the words reach your soul feel the power of the energy of Jesus that is being carried to you in softness and gentleness. And so deeply secure in deep peace you can relax completely for I am with you. Breathe the light of love into yourself and feel what we mean to each other. The calyx of love has been kindled in you. In the depth of your soul you can feel the love that is so deep. Because this calyx has been kindled it is possible for me to be even closer to you, almost visible. Feel my hands as they touch you. Go into the depth and let me appear in you. Look at me and look into my eyes. The eyes mirror the soul. And thus look into the soul of Jesus and let the current of energy of the Christ Light carry you away. They are the moments that we call holy, when such a depth is reached where everything becomes still and nothing is important any more, only the connection of this love.


My dear human child, speak with me.


Because the calyx of love has been kindled I have the permission to work deeper and more directly in your soul. And when you leave this room you will take this love with you. Thus there will no longer be any loneliness. And I say with the highly vibrating sounds