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Public Channeling of December 7, 2011



Angel Chamuel:

  • Pearls of Love


I am Angel Chamuel and I greet each single one of you with the words of love, OMAR TA SATT. I am love itself, the biggest living star tetrahedron. I speak to you full of light and love.


In your time you will celebrate the festival of love, the birth of Jesus Christ. It is a time of peace, a time of reflection. It is a time of being there for each other. It is a time of gifts. And thus Angel Chamuel has also brought gifts for you. The first gift that I give you is the drops of blessing from the Divine Thought Field that are of very special significance. For they flow directly into your soul. They open you for the high energies and let you feel who you really are more intensively. They let you feel God’s omnipotence and God’s love. For in your time these moments, these days and these weeks are of great significance. For at Christmas time the collective always changes. Human beings rise and want to do good for other human beings. They remember that the angels are always with them and light candles. This creates a field of peace. God is always with you, a part of the divinity is anchored in you. Even if your everyday life sometimes makes it hard for you to feel this, this spark, this peace and this deep love of the Divine Thought Field, of the divine Source, of God’s Son Jesus Christ are still always with you.


Thus you receive the drops of blessing from the Source of God, that flow into you with the radiant power of the Prosonodo Light and the Eleua Energy and give you a deep feeling of security. Security means to feel that you are not alone. That there are human beings who are close to you. But that the angels, even if you can not see them, are also very close to you. Angel Chamuel has embedded pearls of love in his star tetrahedron that he will give you today. But before this takes place you will receive the drops of blessing as the biggest gift. Lay your hands on your heart and feel the radiant power when the energy flows from the divine Source directly into you. Enjoy these moments.



[Music is played.]



When you take a breath of love your calyces open as by themselves. Ask your personal group of angels to pull your soul aspect into the divine flame. Now Angel Chamuel will let the pearls of love flow into your soul aspect noticeably for you, just as is right and good for you. These pearls form themselves like the shape of an angel. Often you have reservations to express your wishes and needs because the human beings tell you that this is perhaps not right. But Chamuel, the angel of love, appeals to you: Use these pearls that are a living energy and inwardly express your deepest wish, your need, whatever it is. The pearls of love possess the power to fulfil this wish for you if it is in harmony with your soul.


When this has happened we will let the pearls flow to all human beings, no matter what religion they belong to or no matter what path they are walking – in deep compassion for those who have lived through hard times. Send the pearls with the deep intention, and send them out into the world.


In this time keep your focus on what you are. On the situations and energies that are good and fulfil you, that have helped you and carried you on. Allow peace to arrive, yourself to feel the immeasurable love that we feel for you. Trust that each wish, each need that you feel is justified. That you are worthy of living in great abundance, in health, human love, joy, security and peace. Realize that it is exactly you who is changing the Earth and the consciousness of Lady Gaia to a certain extent. When you look a human being in the eyes, realize that this human being bears the same yearning you do: He yearns for love, peace and security. You all are God’s children. You all bear the divinity in yourselves. Use this time and shake hands, make peace. Above all with yourselves. Tell yourself again and again: Just as you are you are right and good.


You are a light bearer and have lived through many incarnations. You are experiencing this New Age of changes. You bear the divine might. During this time Jesus Christ, God’s Son, is very close to you. He envelops and embeds you in the holy Prosonodo Light. The love bond that was once knotted is expanding further and further. When you carry worry speak with God’s Son. Jesus knows you so well and he understands all your concerns. If you realize that you are never alone, then you realize that Jesus is in you.


A pearl of love has been embedded in your soul aspect. This pearl develops. You will feel that events and situations you meet have something to do with your needs. This pearl is like a small angel that is there for you alone, full of delight and joy, ready to fulfil your wishes, you just have to dare. Do not hold anything back. Realize how wonderful you are. Look back and be full of gratitude for the things you have met with, for that, too, creates peace: The things you have achieved and the things that have been brought to you. Be proud of yourself. Permit yourself to live joy. Beyond the veil, in the divine Reality, everything is joy. As the veils are very thin this energy will also come to you. Be open to the beautiful, the good and to the energy of freedom.


You are loved immeasurably.