Public Channeling of November 4, 2015



  • 752 Arcturians Are Leaving the Planet
  • Some Light Families Are Arriving


  • When I Was with You
  • My Color Ray


I am Amwa. I am an Arcturian who stayed on your planet for a long time. I have asked Sangitar to be allowed to speak through her today, and I speak not just for myself, but I speak for 752 Arcturians who will leave your beautiful planet today, at midnight in linear time.

We have learned much from you. We have carried out many things for you with joy, helped to carry your planet into the New Era. It was an honor for us to be with you, and even though we are light in our structure, without a body, we can densify ourselves and we can also take on a body. In the course of time, while we were staying with you, we learned and carried out what it means to have feelings for certain situations that made it possible for us to understand the duality and the human beings better. In the beginning, when we arrived, everything was strange to us. You have to imagine, we left our home planet and went down many levels of consciousness, into the duality of a planet completely unknown to us. But we found out very quickly that this planet is imbued with an energy that only this planet carries, and that is the energy of God's Son, Jesus. This gave us such a feeling of fulfilment that we went into a deep yearning, which  comprises that our intention to carry this particular planet into the New Era together with you was very, very deep.

I am an Arcturian who is not known to you personally because I have not spoken through Sangitar, but I know you very well and I can assure you that very many Arcturians have actually become friends with human beings. We do not find it easy to leave this planet, for this beauty, the element water, nature in particular, but also the human beings in their divinity, the way they are developing and the way you have developed yourselves in those years has moved us very much, and it has also touched us very much. You have carried out a very, very intensive dawning of consciousness in the last years, and for us it was often a dance of joy to see with how much love and how much intention you have absorbed particularly the energy of Jesus on this planet in your hearts and remember how you were with him. The Prosonodo Light on this planet, it is shining so unbelievably bright.

We find it very hard to leave this planet in this way, and during the time we stayed with you we also perceived linear time. This means that we were separated from our families for many, many years, and of course our joy is very, very great and our yearning deep to see our light families again. And thus we are of good cheer for we know that you will make it. Many Arcturians will still stay on your planet. I myself have spoken very much with Maris today and in times gone by. Maris told me that the new technology is arriving and that many Arcturians will help to install it and give you an understanding of it. But Maris also greatly yearns for his light family even though he loves the human beings so much and has found many friends, and for this reason it is a special joy for me to be able to tell you that an exchange will take place. 752 Arcturians leave your planet at midnight in linear time, and at the same time a few light families of the remaining Arcturians are brought to them in exchange, among them the light family of Maris will arrive. I am sure you can imagine what it means to Maris to see his light family again after so many years, for he, too, felt linear time just like you. This time does not exist in the universe, but we have tried and tested many things so that we can understand you better, so that we can also understand why you are impatient sometimes, or perhaps your doubts as well. Because of that we had to dive deep into this duality, simply to understand it better. And thus a big celebration is held when Maris's light family arrives.

I can tell you that there will be a big wave of energy at midnight tonight, when a ship of the Arcturians arrives in your air space and another leaves Solvana. On behalf of all Arcturians who are leaving - and all of them are gathered right now - I would like to tell you how much we have taken you to our hearts, how much we love you, and how much we have enjoyed your friendship; and this friendship, it does not end, but it is continued eternally, for we will meet again.

And we want to say thank you with a golden AN'ANASHA that you have looked after us so warmly, were with us energetically so often. You have given us many, many nice moments that have touched our souls deeply. You were friendly and kind. You were full of trust and with time felt love for us, and all of that we return a thousandfold. And it is not easy for me to say these words, that it is time to go. But what remains is the memory. We will tell much on Arcturus and give an account of your planet and how you managed to kindle the Crystal MONA'OHA together. To have been part of this was great happiness and bliss.

We have looked into many of your light bodies and into many of your souls and developed a deep, deep understanding for Lady Shyenna. You have such a wonderful planet and a wonderful planetary consciousness, and Lady Shyenna has awakened in herself with the sounds of TORA'AN'TARIA, God's sound of creation, and now the time of doing, of work, and of action begins for you. You will see all the things that will change on your planet now. And as we can see linear time we can also make the statement that everything will happen fairly fast. The remarkable thing - and I would like to emphasize this once more - the remarkable thing on your planet is the energy of Jesus. That your planet was chosen to receive God's Son is something so special.

And for a moment everything was still. It was still because 752 Arcturians bowed to you and sent you a golden AN'ANASHA. And I am certain that you will warmly welcome the exchange that is taking place and the light family of Maris. And thus it is time for me to go now and say goodbye, but I would like to let you know once more: You are wonderful divine human beings, friendly, devoted, open, and full of trust. Many of you did not mind that they were being laughed at about their spirituality by human beings who were still sleeping. You always went your way. That touched us deeply.

And once more, it is not goodbye forever, we will meet again, and from the depth of my light I say to you: You are the best thing Solvana is carrying, and we love you immeasurably. And in the moment our light ship leaves the space we will give a sign.


I am Lumina. I greet you with God's sound of creation, TORA'AN'TARIA. With the sounds of OMAR TA SATT I welcome each and every one.

Sangitar is still carrying many energies of Lumina. It is a joy and honor for me to speak to you through Sangitar today. When I was with you I was in deepest intention and deep, deep love for you all. Even for a spiritual being it is very touching to see you and be in a body. I was allowed to embed the sounds of TORA'AN'TARIA, God's sound of creation, in all human beings. The wonderful thing about it was that nearly all human beings accepted these sounds, and therefore the New Cycle in its perfection begins to nourish itself very fast now. With my appearance nothing is as it was any longer, for TORA'AN'TARIA is the sound that leads you back home in your body, with your soul, into a new age. So many preparations were made and you have achieved so much even though often it was not so easy for you. But the kindling of the Crystal MONA'OHA was the high point, this joy that this was done. Through the love, the dedication, through the trust alone it was possible to bring God's sound of creation to you in this abundance. I also brought a lot of rejuvenation, healing on all levels. But I also activated and stabilized a lot of strength and power in you.

I know that it was not easy for Sangitar, and when I returned Jesus, Melek Metatron and Shakti presented me with a color ray for my work on Solvana, in this moment when I went into the body of Sangitar as walk-in. This color ray shines in beautiful colors, and a big celebration of joy was held. But I would like to pass this color ray on to Sangitar, for without her it would not have been possible. And I also want to pass this color ray on to all of you, for without you my work would not have been possible either.

You experienced much healing on many levels, for this healing can become stronger differently because the EDINAA chakra is activated and golden coronas form around all your chakras. Through that it is much easier to absorb healing, to rejuvenate, and accept all the gifts that we bring you with so much love. And thus you will receive another gift. During the healing session that will be carried out the sounds of TORA'AN'TARIA will be embedded in you once more. There a healing energy will be transmitted to you once more, as well as rejuvenation for those who want it. The consequence of having God's sound of creation embedded so intensively is that you will feel, hear, and see your own sound of creation much more intensively. You will notice that there is no separation for you anymore, that the dark side of the duality, the big illusion, reduces itself more and more, and you can feel and can see much better - with your third eye as well - that nothing is separate from anything else.

The words that were brought to you that all frequencies will unify now also have a deep significance for it shows that the New Cycle is nourishing itself already. And when you go into the deep intention and are open, then you will feel an intensive wave of the highest energies during this healing session, and I, Lumina, carry a golden AN'ANASHA to you and want to tell you that you are being loved immeasurably.