Public Channeling of November 6, 2013



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I am Kryon. I greet you with the words OMAR TA SATT. The entourage, the angels who sit at your feet, honor and respect you in this phase of the present moment have gathered in order to touch you.

These are very moving moments, for the events of the day move on in the changes. And each and every human being on this planet will feel these changes. But how they are felt, how they are perceived, that is up to every human being himself. And thus hear the messages of Kryon which are full of magnetic love.

In the present moment something very special is happening. For we have come here today in order to present you with gifts, besides the messages, that touch your soul. The Holy Grail of Life, ELISES, has been kindled. And thus the Throne Angels have gathered, Shan’Shija, in order to transmit the drops of blessing of life, of ELISES as gift, to bring them directly into your physical aspect. And thus we will carry out this transmission to the sounds from the divine Reality. Deeply breathe the light of love into yourself and feel your physical cover, feel how your feet touch the ground, connect themselves with the consciousness of Lady Gaia. And go into the depth of your divinity. Permit that the drops of blessing of life be transmitted to you. They comprise the renewal of the cells. They comprise deepest healing. They show you, let you feel the love for yourself, the radiance of your divine light. And thus we begin with the transmission.

(Music is played)

Lady Gaia has sent impulses in linear time, more in the last days, that she would like to expand herself in her aspects. A most deeply natural process, that the human beings have been waiting for so long. And in support we send the currents of SHADEES.

What does SHADEES mean in its energy? Through the currents of SHADEES flowing in the expansion and the transformation of Lady Gaia are felt very much more gently. It is a blessing for the human beings and for Lady Gaia herself. In many human beings’ consciousness is the desire and the thought that the more violent the earth movements are, and the more violently the events of change take place, the better it would be. But when you feel deep in your soul you will feel what blessings SHADEES brings you and the human beings and Lady Gaia. For the changes of energy are felt very intensively by many human beings, even by Lightworkers whose expansion is great. And even by Pioneers. And Pioneers of other frequencies also feel intensive light body symptoms. And yet it still is gentle because SHADEES supports the process.

Why do so many human beings wish that the process of change take place on a level of clatter and crashes? The reason is that it would mean something to the mental mind, it would be something visible, something concrete. But what is taking place at the moment is much more concrete and noticeable than anything else. For as intensively as the energy of SHADEES is flowing in, the more powerfully you will feel in your soul who you really are. The more powerfully you will perceive the changes. A second wave will follow. This one will not take place quite so gently anymore.

Hear the words of Kryon. It is very important that you make yourself aware with each breath: all of these things are the renewals, all of these things are the beginning of the change. The veils are so thin and the energy of the divine Reality arrives. You feel it for the energies in your mental mind are changing. The intellect moves aside. You find it hard to think clearly. If you allow it and welcome the energy your soul blossoms with a diversity and strength that you have never before been able to feel. For the changes, they are very intensive. You now have the opportunity to decide to welcome these energies with all the changes, to permit it. Deeply connected with your soul aspect, with your Christ aspect, with your group of angels a power field will be released that inspires you and alleviates the light body symptoms. But there are also human beings, those who do not hear these messages, and these human beings need deep compassion during these times.

Lady Gaia moves forward and expands herself. Many fields of awakening are being observed at the moment. Lady Gaia’s energy of awakening already circulates in many parts of the planetary consciousness.

Breathe the light of love into yourself, sense and feel the energy of your soul. Feel the deep yearning and immerse yourself deeply in the events. At the moment millions of lights who observe the planet have gathered. Star tetrahedrons appear in radiant colors and the divine Reality is within reach.

We do not want to interfere with your free will, not manipulate, not influence you. Nevertheless it is important that you hear the words of Kryon that the old structures which accompany you often do not serve you anymore. Letting go of the things that do not serve you is a process of change. To devote oneself to the divine Reality. Beyond the intellect a gate will open itself to you and offer you new opportunities in your work and in your being. Many human beings will already have problems with their breathing through the changes. And because of that it is a blessing that SHADEES flows in and counterbalances this a little. Symptoms of tiredness and dizziness. A deep, deep yearning that is often confused with sadness. But with each energy expansion the countermovements also become stronger. And again Kryon would like to point out that these countermovements can be very intensively. But it is an energetic process and you alone decide how to handle it.

We have observed harbingers of the second wave and it is possible that you hear a quiet sound in your ears. It is possible that situations that seem like tests to you appear to you outside once more. But they are not tests. They are the countermovements. That is a big difference and it is important that you understand this difference with the heart. For why should we test you? But the countermovement, it tries to penetrate you, to influence you, to lead you into situations which completely confuse you, which you do not understand and can not comprehend. But then it is important to remember these moments, these moments of the divine Reality, the messages from the spirit world who have made you aware and asked you to go into the depth of your soul in order to feel that nothing can happen to you. When you try to fight these countermovements, be they human beings or situations or collective energies, inner conflict will be in you. The only thing that leads to peace is to remember this moment of the message of Kryon, who transmits to you with deep love: we watch over and protect you, we accompany you more than ever before during these times.

During the changes we can see that your Christ aspect, your ability aspect and your omnipotence aspect circulate very fast and connect with each other. The perspective from which you look at the changes is very important to you, and the New arrives. Carry the courage within, the love, the humility. Trust your soul and the messages from the spirit world. For we carry you through these changes.

We can see that the transformations that have begun work in the light bodies with great intensity. And the lights of grace as well as the 36 High Councillors of the Light have brought Sangitar the message that the energies of RAFTAN are the very best for you as support. For thus the energetic patterns that open themselves to you can be stabilized in your aspects. RAFTAN lays itself around your soul and strengthens you at each step you take in the duality.

It is possible that you will have difficulties to find your way in the duality, for more and more chinks of epochs open themselves and it will come to appearances that nobody can explain. But as the energies of all epochs are being connected with each other and the gates are open, a field comes into being, and in this field pyramids and many other things will become visible.

Everything you meet, welcome it. Carry the light and the tracks shining to those human beings who wait for it so much. For we can see and observe the event that the red frequency particularly suffers from the changes. They are confused and feel pain. They need your support. And here, too, a field will open, an energetic field that makes it possible for you to work with these human beings.

Further waves of expansion in the planetary consciousness are expected and Sangitar is in intensive contact. She will inform you about what is happening when ever it is right and good for you. We bring various energies through the veil every day. Connect with these energies for they make the duality, the situations you meet easier for you. Already many guardians have gathered in front of the gates of Lemuria. They have begun to sing, just as the angels in the universe sing. Through all epochs, in each incarnation you have received messages about the New Age. To be part of it in the here and now is an honor. Perhaps you will only become aware of what each and every one has achieved for the complete events with the adaptation phase. So many energies have been embedded in you. Use this power, use it joyfully, use it and put down the tracks of light, so that they expand and shine more and more intensively. The Holy Grail of Life ELISES has been kindled. At the moment we observe changes in the ocean. It is possible that it will come to transformations there, too.

And thus Sangitar has agreed to transmit the energies of RAFTAN to you and the collective, to make herself available as channel. Uriel, Shan'Shija and Jesus will bring these energies to you. And this is also a very intensive process that serves you. And thus I, Kryon, say: with each breath the change advances. I love you so immeasurably. Open yourself to the energies of RAFTAN and feel the peace, the strength and the security at the same time.