Public Channeling of November 7, 2012



  • The Energy of the Old Gods
  • Erect Pillars of Light on Earth



  • Consequences of the Transformation Processes
  • Support for Lady Gaia



I am God Shiva. I greet you full of the light of grace with the words OMAR TA SATT.


The power of the old Gods. They have always had a special significance on Earth. Shiva has the task to welcome the energy tracks and imprints of the old Gods today. For during this time of change power and action are required in order to be able to completely welcome this energy as well as the light of grace of power and action. Particularly in Atlantean times the ones who carried out the fire dance full of power and with strong energies were the divine masters and the avatars. In Atlantean times you were aware of your spirituality with each breath. You had capabilities and you used these capabilities in order to expand the earth energy and let it vibrate higher. Many of you carry this energy within and it is just waiting to be kindled. Let Shiva tell you: The word old is judged in the duality. But beyond the veils this sound vibration means highest and wise energy. The avatars who returned after after long, long incarnations received the status of a God. Thus they were able to bring life, light and seed onto Earth again with their status. For they were aware of the fact that this will be needed at another time.


Today you are living in the Golden Age. It is the energy of trust. Many crystalline structures that you embedded in yourselves were expanded in you so that you could experience yourselves spiritually and divinely in trust. At that time you knew that the energy and love will be the highest through trust in the new age. You were aware of this for it is the love energy. Many structures have been taken away in the meantime, for the time has now come for all connections and enegies to become evident and the entire spectrum disclose itself in your merkabah.


Lady Gaia, Mother Earth, has transformed herself. There have been big transformation processes on the continent of America. They were gentler than we foretold them, but energetically stronger than we expected. And this transformation process is not finished yet. Especially in New York it will come to another transformation process. It was a necessity for Lady Gaia to discharge herself right there. As these energies are very persistent in their structures it has cost Lady Gaia a lot of strength. The spiritual human beings who are aware of who they are have also helped and sent Lady Gaia strength and energy. You and many others have done this, even though unconsciously. This transformation process has cost many of you energy. But it was necessary for it is exactly the hardened structures that have to be removed now.


Thus we invite you to go into stillness, to breathe as is right and good for you and to connect with your divinity. While you unify all your chakras and expand yourself you will be grounded on all levels full of grace. Name your original name and go into the intention of deep love. Feel your divinity. We need your permission to kindle the fire energies and the power of action. Take your time and open your inner eye. Now let a group of old Gods appear, just as they show themselves to you is right and good. Perhaps you also feel the energy. As you have carried out high lightwork by giving energy you will now receive it back many times over. Relax and welcome the power and the energies, the fire light of the old Gods. Thus it will be. While you breathe this energy full of grace into yourself we will embed it in your aspects. Breathe deeply and welcome what shows itself, welcome what you feel.


(Music is played.)


Just as we support you so do the energies of the old Gods need support from you. For these energies are very important for Lady Gaia. Erect pillars of light with the energies you carry within. Feel what power and strength these energies comprise. Use your aspects, ask your personal group of angels for support that the energies in the pillars of light will be the bearing strength for Lady Gaia's transformation. Whenever you draw off this energy we will supply you with energy. It is a process, a balance between giving and receiving. Breathe the light of love into yourself and feel the connection. Feel how this connection grounds you deeply and hear how the angels are singing the perfect sounds.


I, Shiva, full of grace send you my love. A NI O’HEVED O’DRACH. AN’ANASHA.




I am Kryon. With the magnetic love energy I greet every single one of you with the words OMAR TA SATT.


As Shiva has already conveyed to you with his message big transformations have taken place. We have foretold you this many years ago already. This is possible as we are in deep contact with the consciousness of Lady Gaia. We see the planetary grids in and around the Earth and can read in them. Naturally we cannot name a time and still Kryon would like to give you some information.


It is true that the transformation was perceived less violently outside, but energetically it was very, very powerful. This means that it will come to changes in these areas. There have also been slight pole jumps and a shift of the Earth's axis. The consequence is that linear time is dissolving more and more. The energies do not suit linear time anymore and thus you will feel that time is vibrating even faster and there will be more changes because of that.


We have been told that more transformation processes are still to come. You have been called to erect pillars of light with the energy and the power of the old Gods. This is an important process for at the moment Lady Gaia needs energies that strengthen and stabilize. Also put light pillars on the continent of Africa. It will also come to transformation processes there. The planetary grid is showing strong vibrations at the moment. Millions of angels are singing to the grid. It should stabilize again by the time Lady Gaia sends out the perfect sound. You can feel these energies very much and it is up to you which viewpoint you now adopt and how you see these changes. Even if your head aches and your body shows symptoms sometimes regard it from the viewpoint that you are taking much upon yourself at this time in order to work for the broader view. Inhale SOL'A'VANA again and again. This energy has a calming and balancing effect. At the same time turn to Adonai Ashtar Sheran for these energies are also pouring onto Earth in great variety right now. Be happy, for you have decided to experience the dimensional change, whenever it may be, in this incarnation.


Kryon says to each and every one with the magnetic love energy: You are the light-house, the bastion of calm. For this I say to you AN'ANASHA.