Public Channeling of October 7, 2015



  • Pause, and Enjoy the Events
  • Orientate Yourself to the Light


In the soul light of SHIMAA I welcome each and every one of you. With the sounds of OMAR TA SATT I express my love.
Once, when I was asked to leave the magnetic universe in order to move to your universe, to fuse with a host of lights, I did not know what to expect. Through the fusion with the high lights I became what I am in this moment, Kryon of magnetic service, your friend and companion for such a long time. In deep intention and in deep love for all that is I made myself available.
Now it has happened, the change of ages has arrived, the membrane of the Lemurian Gates has dissolved, and the currents of energy of the divine Reality, they cover your planet right into the deepest layer of Lady Shyenna's awareness. It is a moment when we beyond the veil pause in order to welcome the process and the events with great joy. And therefore my message to you is to pause for a moment and to enjoy, to become aware of what is happening to your planet and to you yourselves. You have prepared yourselves in so many epochs, in so many incarnations, in this life for this very occurrence. And before your intellect has thousands of questions and wants explanations for why this or that has perhaps not occurred quite as we have predicted for you, pause, pause, and breathe SOL'A'VANA into yourself, and become aware that you, that it was you who went this way from the beginning of time, that it was you who contributed to it being possible for the change of ages to take place.
In the adaptation phase the planet will be fetched home, and I see the shining of the sun, I see the shining of the energies, and I see you, my friend, I see you, sitting on your chair. The angels have arrived, sitting at your feet, honoring and respecting you for all that you are in your essence, light and energy, a bearer full of love, for once you went the way with Jesus and initiated the tracks of love for the human beings together with Jesus.
The great trust you feel inside and have always felt will increase now, in these moments, for a field with the magnetic love energy of Kryon will be opened, in which you have the possibility to experience your personal miracle, the miracle of being part of it, the miracle, the great miracle. I know that your intellect has many, many questions, but the answers to them come from your wisdom.  You find the answers in the deepest layers of your soul, for the embedded energetic patterns will show themselves to you more and more, shining like the sun. And sometimes in the duality it is also so that you cannot see the sun, but still you know that it is there. And although you are not able to really see some energies, you still feel that they are there, that they accompany you, that the truth has arrived, that the light is expanding and something wonderful is happening. We are prepared for everything and have also prepared you for everything. Because of that you can let yourself fall into the hands of God, with the blessing of Jesus, dip into this energy in the change of ages in the new cycle. The chalice has opened, the flower is shining. Every energy you absorb now, every energy that shows itself to you and lets you feel it contains a miracle.
In these times when the beginning is so noticeable it is very supportive and helpful that you orientate yourself, orientate yourself every day in your time towards the light and the faith in yourself, that you orientate yourself towards the nice, good and true, that you transform the duality, with its energies of might, fears and worries that are brought to you, into light and love, for this is the only truth that exists, for nothing real can be destroyed. And when the love arrives, like in these moments, deeply touches your soul, expands your aspects, and you let yourself fall, you feel, you feel the sun. You feel the sun, how it expands in you. You hear the energies, how they whisper to you: You are being loved immeasurably.
Your inner helpers, they are very active and work very supportively for you now, in the time of great change that your planet will experience. No matter what human beings tell you, no matter how much fear they may cause you, keep trusting and feel the truth, for the light will transform any dark matter. The duality loses power. Nothing is stronger and more intensive than the light and the energies that pour out now and spread all over the planet.
As always you will pose yourselves the human question: How long will this take, until the new Earth and the new world have been created? The answer to this is: It is up to you, it is up to each and every one of you. The pausing, the regarding the energy currents, the feeling and perhaps also seeing make an essential contribution to something new developing. But something new can only develop by something old collapsing and being able to go. To welcome the new full of trust and in all facets is an essential part of the new cycle. You will experience how the human beings change. Many, many human beings will feel deep in them that they want to take a spiritual path. Be like the light-houses, safe and solid. Accompany the human beings on their path, and be open and careful with your thoughts and words, and feel God's breath as deeply as never before.
Perhaps there are some human beings who imagined something else. But I ask you: When you go back into the incarnation with Jesus and receive pictures, how would it be if one or other of them differs a little from how you see it, would this make you call the incarnation of Jesus and you into question? In these moments of the new beginning - and it is an absolute new beginning - it is important to let the wisdom of the heart blossom and to give the energies time and space to develop once more. You are part of it in the here and now, crowning the light of the energy in you and on the planet. It is very supportive if you pause again and again in these times and feel which energy currents you are absorbing. Each lightful energy that is transmitted is much stronger and much more intensive. We try everything to support you. With our deepest intention and love we send you the NA'NAAM energy, SHADEES, the love energy, the magnetic love energy.
Embedded and wrapped in God's blessing you have arrived here. Be happy, be deeply happy about this moment. Feel that Jesus is closer and closer, and also feel the responsibility you bear to esteem each and every energy, to treat it with care and respect, for only thus can the energy fields and energetic patterns open in you. They react to the flow of your life, to the flow of your energy, and they show you your personal miracle.
Enjoy the energy transmission. It will work intensively and touch you very deeply, for you feel the sparks of energy here in this room.
A NI O'HEVED O'DRACH. You are being loved immeasurably.