Public Channeling of October 1, 2014



  • The Effect of SHADEES
  • Look at the Solution



With the immeasurable love I have brought with me for each and every one, for you, I greet you with the vibrations of OMAR TA SATT, I, Kryon.

Do you feel the energy currents of SHADEES that are being brought to you more? We beyond the veil, which is very thin, are looking at the planet. What we see is the consciousness of the planet. We have the gift to regard this consciousness just as we regard you. What we see is bright, expanding and beautiful. But we also see that this consciousness needs support for the transformation, for this process. Because of that more energy currents of SHADEES are being sent to this consciousness of the planet and therefore also to every human being living on this planet. SHADEES touches the duality and penetrates the deep consciousness of Lady Gaia. But it also penetrates the deep consciousness of the human beings. And it helps and supports the process of transformation, that it may become a bit gentler. And at the same time SHADEES is also an energy of acceleration.

When such deep energy currents of SHADEES are sent into Lady Gaia's consciousness the human beings feel this very deep in their entire system. Many human beings react irritably to these energy currents of SHADEES. Even though it is lightful, beautiful and very intensive energy which is transmitted many human beings still feel this energy as being very hard and they intensively feel in their soul that this energy of the divine Reality is something wonderful. And yet many human beings react to this energy with irritation as this energy causes light body symptoms in some cases. For the human beings who are conscious of themselves, who know, feel this energy and absorb it in themselves consciously, these human beings can deal with SHADEES differently. But when we regard the human beings generally, the collective, then we see what these energy currents from the divine Reality do with the human beings and how the human beings perceive this energy. SHADEES penetrates deeply, into the deepest part of your soul, into the deepest part of every human being's soul, and the soul soaks this energy up like a sponge. For each soul, regardless of whether it is conscious on the mental level or not, knows this energy of the divine Reality. And thus the soul sends intensive impulses that it wants to absorb these energy currents even more intensively. But the mental spirit, the mental level sometimes is not ready yet to understand this and tries to find explanations for why an energy that is so lightful and so bright, that supports you, carries you and lets all the transitions become gentler, can yet cause such deep processes.

When energy from the divine Reality is brought to you in such intensive currents it meets the energy of the duality and it is almost as if a struggle were taking place between the energies. And some human beings enter the game of struggle and clash and they try their utmost to push this energy of divine Reality away from them. And yet, the soul does not allow it. I speak here of human beings who are less conscious of the energy currents which are being brought onto Earth during these times. It is a bit different with conscious people. You do feel light body symptoms, but you are aware that this energy is important and helpful. Not just for your planet, but also for yourselves.

In these struggles of the energies between duality and divine Reality many human beings feel that their masks are dropping. And they want to try their utmost to keep their masks. They do not want to give up their role. They want to have control. They are not willing to change. But it is necessary to allow changes in oneself, that the true self comes out more, the feelings, the emotions, the things that are part of you, the energy, that which you are: A divine human being on Earth. So many human beings are afraid: What happens when a mask drops? They do not know what is behind it because they do not occupy themselves with themselves enough. Mostly they are occupied with being able to hold this mask, stay in control so much. And they are simply afraid of what is happening. But a new morning will come, a new morning after a night. And do you know this feeling when as a child perhaps you woke up in the morning of a day in spring and ran barefoot through the wet grass, the sun warmed your skin, you were in nature and felt free, you felt what it means to be one with the elements, with Earth, be one with Mother Earth and with yourself? All of that is hidden behind this mask. And when the human beings have the courage to tear down this mask, let it drop, they will reappear, the natural things.

No human being needs to have fear. You have been told so often, again and again, particularly in this incarnation, how you have to be, what you should do better, to adapt yourself. You have almost been ordered to make a mask in order to be acknowledged in the collective energies, in society. But behind this mask you carry your true self, you carry the glow, the light, the flames. And a new morning comes after a black night, a night, when perhaps you were afraid in the dark and yearned for the light so much, for the morning. This light is always in you, this light is you. Even in the deepest darkness that sometimes accompanies the duality you carry this light that wraps you, that gives you the feeling: Just as you are you are right. You do not have to hide anything.

In this New Age which is arriving the very first change is that you will look at the solutions. The human beings are still occupied with problems a lot in the duality. This creates drama, drama in the life of the duality. But the solution, it is standing by. It is there, it is before you, it is divine Reality. The drama collapses when you are ready to see the solution. But you can only see the solution when your look is clear and pure, your intention deep, and when you do not hide behind a mask. Just for a moment go deep, with one breath, into yourself, perhaps you see a drama, a problem in the energy of the duality, a problem that holds you, that binds you, that lets you become narrow and small. And how often do you look at this problem? How often do you name this problem expressed with sounds and words? How often are these problems anchored and stuck fast in your mental regions? And you have created a solution long since and we, we, the spirit world, we hand you the solution on the golden tray, in the form of messages and energetic patterns. We carry them in front of you, we take them after you. We are always ready to show you the solution. But so many human beings remain in the energies of their problems. Sometimes there are also human beings who need this drama in their life. It always has to do with fear. Being afraid of what comes when the drama drops and the problem dissolves. Some human beings are even afraid of the solution because a solution sometimes means change. But these changes are always a door and a gate in this New Age which opens for you, which is a lot nicer than any problem in the duality.

The magnetic love energy, if it still made you tired years ago, the time of the energies has advanced so much now that magnetic love energy expands, refreshes you, is helpful for your breathing, and very healing. Feel that this magnetic energy flows in with each word that Kryon brings you, flows into all your aspects full of love. I know that the human beings are living in hard times. It is the transition. But there is no going back anymore. The new world will come into being. The new Earth will be born and Lady Gaia will free herself.

All the Crystals we have sent onto Earth with energetic patterns are being nourished in the energies. Each single Crystal is being nourished, nourished and nourished. When you wrap yourself in these formations you will feel how the energy of the duality can not touch you so much. For this is also an important message in these times and days. Clear dissociation from the energies of the duality for you. Of course one can not always dissociate oneself at all times for you are living in this world, in this duality. And yet it is so important that you feel what you are and what you carry, what you carry in you. That you do not make every energy of the duality your own, that you stay true to yourself and wrap yourself in the energies of the divine Reality.

Kryon will now transmit waves, currents of magnetic love energy to you. For this call your personal group of angels and ask your personal group of angels to embed these energy currents in all your aspects. When you now breathe deeply and open yourself you will feel how the magnetic love energy touches you. And so let it happen in the moments of stillness.

(Take time to feel and absorb the energy)

Every time you come into contact with these energies of the divine Reality it gets easier for you for your soul is full of gratitude for it. With each energy from the divine Reality you are expanded. And with each energy from the divine Reality you become even more aware that you are a divine human being on Earth.

We expect further transformations. It will also come to intensive dreams for you, for the human beings. It is very helpful for you if you look into your consciousness after such dreams and permit yourself then to let go of these dreams in the deep certainty that all is well as it is. Feel intention in your heart, feel love for yourself and for the human beings. But above all feel love for your planet. And permit yourself now to let the magnetic love energy not only expand in your aspects, but also in all your cells.

(Take time to absorb the energy in your cells)

For many human beings who are so intensively conscious you are divine Reality and are living in a world of duality. But this duality is withdrawing more and more. Help the human beings, give your support and show your light. All these changes we have brought to you as messages for so long now have been fulfilled. Now the changes will accelerate and SHADEES will flow onto Earth intensively. When you feel the energies of SHADEES very intensively call Jesus and let him pour Prosonodo Light over you. Call Shan'Shija and let her pour Eleua Energy over you. Call Maha Cohan and ask for dissociation. Use the Crystals and adjust your vibration, and adjust your vibration to EL'ACHAI.

We see Lady Gaia's consciousness so very clearly. But we also see you, each and every one. We see the change. We are with you for we love each and every one immeasurably.