Public Channeling of October 2, 2013



  • Changes
  • Energy Transmission for Lady Gaia


I am Maris. I am a high light. I am an Arcturian and a friend of the human beings. I greet you with the words OMAR TA SATT and am full of joy that I may pass the messages on to you today.


So many Arcturians are on your planet and support the transformation process. And Maris has the task to tell you about the changes of Lady Gaia and yourselves. That changes can be felt very strongly through the energy flow of SHADEES, this you feel in each moment of your life. SHADEES is a very high energy, a bundled radiant power of energies that is being brought onto Earth. A long time ago you were told that there will be Earth quakes worldwide, it will rain ash and be dark, that much will not be able to hold on, structures collapse when it comes to a high point of the ascension. Although no worldwide Earth quake has begun yet and it has not rained ash all over the world yet, and still the change can be felt so strongly that we Arcturians assume that the second big wave of expansion will be not long in coming. Because so many human beings expect the process of change of the energies together with the big quake they can not comprehend, not classify, or do not associate this change that is on your planet, in Lady Gaia and yourselves, what is happening at the moment, with the enormous expansions and transformations of Lady Gaia and the flow and pouring in of SHADEES.


We are observing the human beings, the planet, Lady Gaia’s consciousness at all times, for it is our task. That is why we have come onto Earth, to support you all. And thus I begin by telling you what Lady Gaia’s consciousness feels, how she is in the expansions, how the Earth grid is and all the things that have happened. On the one hand I would like to begin by telling you and letting you know that the merkabah of YOAH’TOH continues to expand and has been nourished well through your so loving support, your tireless work.


In many parts of the Earth the energy is well expanded and already awakened. What does ‘consciousness of Lady Gaia’ mean? How can a human being actually imagine this? For this it is important to mention that when you go into nature, when you experience the seasons, spring, summer, fall and winter, that this is unique on your planet. Perhaps you can feel then that there are processes that are subject to a certain cycle. And these cycles also mirror the consciousness of Lady Gaia. When you go through a process of transformation in your everyday life yourself that is difficult for you and hard to bear, then you can perhaps imagine and also feel that Lady Gaia herself lives through this individual process that you experience as well, only in a much more varied expansion than you yourself.


During this time when the changes make themselves so noticeably felt to the human beings it is important to know that these are the exact energies and the statements that you, the human beings, have already heard a long time ago. And yet we, the Arcturians, who observe and study the human beings for a long time, have noticed that even though they know this information it is not easy to devote oneself to this transformation process. To feel that perhaps something will happen during the transformation process that is unpleasant, that makes it hard for you to continue to trust and yet comprises the biggest gift. For the energy on Earth renews itself with each individual transformation process. The divine Reality arrives and this energy of the divine Reality has long since been embedded in so many regions and parts of the Earth and also the human beings.


Of course the other side of the energy tries to prevent it with all its might. But let Maris, your friend, Maris, the high Arcturian, tell you that such an energy, if I may bring this as metaphor, when this energy strikes, it hits a void for it can not hold itself anymore and crumbles. And, as hard the transformation process may be for each and every human being, it can not hold on. It tries its utmost, but this energy no longer has a connective energy and can not hold on.


On the other side, however, when the energy of the divine Reality arrives it can manifest everywhere. It does not flow into a void, it flows directly into the hearts and into the soul of the human beings, into the consciousness of Lady Gaia. It would be so important for each individual human being to comprehend that this energy of the divine Reality bears a much bigger loving might within than any process of transformation. Though it may feel ever so hard to you. The process of transformation of the collective energies will also become more and more intensive and it is extremely important – and here I, Maris, would like to support you – that the dawning of consciousness in you expand, that all the things you experience, that feel hard in the duality and still, if you can let go, can allow it, something forms that is higher and more beautiful than you have ever dreamed. And thus it is also for Lady Gaia. When you observe nature, the tides, the sea, the animals, all that belongs with this, yourself as well, for you belong with Lady Gaia, with your planet, with this energy. When you feel deep into it, then you will feel that on the one hand there are very deep processes of transformation, and on the other hand there are also areas that, uplifting, are almost exalted already because the energy of the divine Reality has arrived, and the love, the energy of SHADEES. God’s breath, SOL'A'VANA, is the energy of the adaptation phase which connects everything and gently carries you through the next wave.


Lady Gaia tells us that sometimes she feels confusing energies, imbalanced energies in the earth grid and she then asks for support. And when Lady Gaia asks for support herself the spirit world may bring the energy waves of SHADEES onto Earth. And during this time, during the present time, a very, very intensive phase of transformation begins.


I know you human beings, I have studied you. I love you so immeasurably and feel so close to you. And I know that it is hard for some of the human beings to comprehend why a process of transformation is so intensive and still the Earth is not shaking yet. But let this thought drop for it is a thought that springs from your intellect and distracts you from the essential part. Namely the most intensive transformations that are taking place right in the here and now.


Feel in the depth of your soul, for only there will you be able to feel what Maris’ words, what the energy means, what SOL'A'VANA means, SHADEES, the Prosonodo Light, the Eleua Energy and the beautiful, loving energy of SHIMAA. SOL'A'VANA connects all of that and guides into a field of the divine Reality. At this intensive time it would be important that you find and create a place, a room in yourself or even outside, in nature, in your home, where you feel: here, here the energy of the divine Reality circulates. Here is the field of the adaptation phase. Here I can go, be free in how I feel. Here I can rest. Here I can unwind. This would be very, very supportive and helpful to you at this time. For many of you also feel the transformation process of the surface energies of their soul aspect. And very many human beings feel light body symptoms. It would also be supportive if you find a field where you can let this energy drain away, and this draining only works when you understand and feel with your soul, with your aspects, and with your heart, and not with your intellect.


We can also see that Lady Gaia wishes for many energies in the entire earth energy. And thus many of you already know, but Maris will confirm it once more, that Sangitar has received an initiation from an elder shaman and that this is now released for the golden-blue frequency. For Lady Gaia has asked for this energy as well. Very many different energies are required now so that SOL'A'VANA, the breath of God, can connect these energies with each other. We, the Arcturians, we support this process for Lady Gaia and for you, for the collective. We are ready, if you are ready, to allow these energies, these currents take their course, to agree to the changes, to say yes. For that in turn generates an energy of the divine Reality that lets you expand very much.


And now Maris asks you to go into the depth of your soul with the breaths full of ANA, to sink into yourself. Call all your chakras together and expand yourself. Ask your personal group of angels to connect aspects with each other. Open your Alpha and your Omega Chakras in deep intention and say your original name. Take up a deep connection with the consciousness of Lady Gaia. And many high lights have gathered in order to send bundled energy to Lady Gaia through you. It is a high labour of love and a significant lightwork when you make yourself available. And we begin with the energy flow now. Simply let everything happen. The energy flows through you and is conducted on to Lady Gaia.


(Take some time for the transmission)


I, Maris, and the Arcturians, we are friends, we support you and when ever you want you can call us, for the Arcturian energy, it brings you grounding and relief from your light body symptoms as well.


It was a great joy for me to speak to you as I feel so connected with the human beings. The energies, they flow to Lady Gaia’s consciousness and are embedded there. Words can not express what it means when human beings make themselves available to serve as God’s channel.


With deep love I say goodbye to you and say to each and every one