Public Channeling of September 2, 2015


Angel of Love:

  • Let Yourself Fall into the Wings of the Angels
  • Sounds from the Divine Reality Are Transmitted to You


I am the Angel of Love. My essence is the light of ELEXIER. I greet you with the sounds of OMAR TA SATT in the soul light of SHIMAA. I invite you to open yourself to the sounds from the divine Reality. I invite you to go really deep into your divine light, to feel your soul and to follow the sounds from the divine Reality.

Each and every, each and every human being bears the divine light within, no matter what religion, what skin color, what age, or which path he has chosen. I speak to the human beings who have gathered here. I speak with your soul, and at the same time the Star Seed have gathered in order to sing the energetic songs for you in the highest sounds that touch your soul so deeply, to feel the contact, how it is when so many high lights gather in the present time and are there for you beyond time and space. Feel the warmth, the love, the closeness, the bliss that spread when an angel approaches you and speaks to you.

So many changes are taking place on your wonderful planet. So many changes are taking place in yourself, and in the flow of this change you feel, when I am with you, the security, the light of your Self, the being in good hands. You feel your place, you feel at home, and more and more and deeper and deeper the layers of your soul open. There, where you often feel yearning, the yearning that supports you in the further development of your consciousness, which you may sometimes confuse with sadness, but it is yearning, the striving to find in yourself what you really are.

The duality tries to get you on its side. The collective energies try to reach you. But in this time of stillness, in the time of bearing security you will feel that the only truth is that you bear the love in yourself, that there is more for you than what you can see with your eyes, that you esteem what the high lights do for you, for when you esteem this you also esteem the light in you, for we are not separate, we are a deep and big community.

Now let yourself fall into the wings of the angels that spread, collect your aspects. When you breathe deeply, fetch your inner helpers and name your original name you will feel how your aspects connect, and the golden angel in you will embed some aspects in the wings of the angels and carry them away for a moment beyond time, carry them away, carry them away through an energetic gate, decorated with the most beautiful colors and scents. The deep security you feel shows you that you are on this journey. Beyond this gate an energy is released that is so warming and so beautiful that bliss spreads and you can feel the originality of your being really deeply. It is a room full of grandeur and honour, full of blessing and grace, and in this room you hear the sounds of the Star Seed, you hear the angels, how they sing for you, how they take away all your fears, all your worries. You feel you belong. These sounds from the divine Reality we will transmit to you now. Feel the warmth in your hands, feel the warmth in your heart, and enjoy the present moments when the transmission begins. It has a cleansing, clearing, healing effect for you.

(Take a little time in order to feel the transmission)

Enjoy the moments of stillness, for in the stillness you can feel the truth. And very gently the wings of the angels will bring you back.

Make yourself aware that the changes have already begun, but what is waiting for you will be wonderful for you. But the changes are progressing, every day, every hour, with each breath you take. The lightful energies have expanded and built up so much, and this light will carry you, support you, and let you feel: All is God's creation. Lady Shyenna is ready. Welcome every change.

In the duality, in the collective it is loud, but here and now there is stillness, and in the stillness your soul collects all the experiences and energies. Stillness is an important process for the soul. Connect yourself really deeply with all layers of the soul that you bear within, and connect yourself with the Holy Grail of Love and let happen what happens.

Eternal the light, eternal the love, eternal your divine light. Every human being who is open can experience miracles during the healing session. The Star Seed with their singing, I, the Angel of Love, have prepared you for it, and with the drops of blessing of the grace of DON'ADAS I carry the golden AN'ANASHA to you.