Public Channeling of September 3, 2014


Angel of Love:

  • We Are with You, Every Day and Every Night



I am the Angel of Love. I greet you, each and every one who has come full of love in order to feel the energies which are behind the words and understand them with the heart, OMAR TA SATT.

The Angel of Love, the sounds, the energy of love, they flow in a circle, incessantly, eternally. The love, the unconditional love, it lets you become what you have always been. And we angels, we work for you with the radiant power of these sounds, during the day and during the night. We accompany you during the day and during the night. We are there for you during the day and during the night. We love you during the day and during the night. We move our lights for you with joy at any time, whenever you wish. When human beings sometimes lose faith we pause. And we wait, we wait for you, my heart, eternally, for you are one of us.

When you trust us, when you really trust us beyond all words, all messages in complete MONA'OHA that our presence begins to work for you with the love-pulse as soon as you desire, you will be calm and fall silent for moments of peace in you. For the duality is loud, full of words, sometimes empty words, negative words and also words full of love. But this duality is very loud. It is this which burdens you very often. So much floods in to you in the form of words, things said, thoughts. And sometimes your soul takes hours in order to understand what this loudness does with it. Because of that the pausing, the being still are very special moments sometimes. When you feel how the energies of the angels are with you with each breath, wrap you and embed you in their love, then take the time for stillness, drop your thoughts, let the loudness pass you and feel that the energy carries more than any word. This love which is more than you can ever guess. With the angels, with us, you never have to carry a mask. You can be as you are, for we see your divinity. We also see your love in your despair or anger. We see your love when you cry tears. We see your divine light and we are there for you during the day and during the night.

And thus we will transmit drops of blessing to you from the divine Source in the present moment. A flow of unconditional love which the angels will bring to you, directly into your soul. Enjoy this flow of love energy.

(Music is played)
Perhaps you ask yourself sometimes: If the angels love me so very much, why then do they not fulfil my wishes? We fulfil all your wishes. We send energy into each thought you send us. But we love you so much that we only send energy where the consent is in the depth of your soul. For sometimes the intellect seems to wish for something, but your soul - in the depth of your soul, where you can not grasp it with the intellect - does not agree with the things your intellect wants to persuade you of. And even if you do not understand it sometimes, we understand it. And our love is so pure and so deep that we follow what is present in the depth of your soul.

You are a powerful being, but unfortunately you forget that sometimes, feel small and invisible. But we see you, during the day and during the night. When you feel deserted we are with you, during the day and during the night. When human beings turn away from you we are with you, during the day and during the night. When you turn away from us we are with you, during the day and during the night. We hold the energies in your soul. We send the light and the energy you need to live. We watch how you create the new world. We watch the transitions of change, during the day and during the night. We accompany you during the night when your soul transforms and you carry dreams that burden you. We carry these transformations away for you, my heart, during the day and during the night. When you do not know how to go on and despair, feel small and invisible, we send you impulses of memories. We expand your energetic patterns. And we whisper to you: Pause, go into the stillness and look and feel in your soul. There you will realize, there you will feel, there you will see.

In many of the moments you are involved in the duality we are with you, full of divine Reality, with all our love, every day and every night. You are not alone. Even if everybody were to leave you we are with you. And if you can feel these moments and admit them your fear disappears, the feeling of being small disappears, the feeling of not knowing how to go on disappears. Impatience disappears. The ego disappears. What emerges is the shine of the glow of your being, every day and every night. When you have physical symptoms, pain, that force you to keep your focus on your body we hold your soul, every day and every night.

In moments such as these, where we have the permission to speak through Sangitar in order to be even closer to you, in order to let you feel even deeper that there is something that carries you and that is with you although you can not see it. They are moments of divinity and stillness, of calmness and security. In these moments we embed energetic patterns in you. And whenever we see that something depresses you, that you lose hope or faith, we are there in order to expand these patterns and pour energy over you, every day and every night.

The duality, it inflates itself, it inflates itself so much. But the divine Reality is stronger. The light and the love, they are stronger. You are stronger, very much stronger than you sometimes know yourself. And even if the changes scare you a little, the time that is coming, you will be very calm. Even during big transformations you will be calm and composed. For these words and these energies will come back to you. You are not alone. We are with you, every day and every night. That is love, unconditional love.

We are of high consciousness and it is possible for us to look into your soul and into your light body. And whenever you wish we will do this for you, my heart, every day and every night. And thus I say with this unconditional love: Do not forget, you are the best thing the Earth is carrying.