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Public Channeling of September 7, 2011



Angel Gabriel:

  • Preparations for the Festival and Easing of Light Body Symptoms


I am Angel Gabriel and I greet you with the words OMAR TA SATT.

At this time of the energies many of you are being prepared. Particularly those who will go to the Festival of Love soon. You have gone into the intention and have given the high lights the permission to prepare you for this Festival.


What does preparation mean? Preparation means first of all that again and again we free you from collective energies, clear your centers, and ground you on all levels. But what you feel the most is that we expand your calyces on your spiritual wheel and open them for the many energies that will flow in during the Festival. This is a very important process for through this expansion it is possible for you to change many structures in your light body and in your aspects in order to use the power of the omnipotence. Many feel unpleasanat light body symptoms during these preparations. Some feel worn out and tired. Some feel a bit sad or they feel a standstill. Emotions and feelings are being transported, and that is important and right. The energy of the surface of your soul is being transformed by the preparation so that you soul is free to accept the high spiritual energies.


As it is not so easy for you even though it is so very helpful to you, we will insert an energy into your physical aspect today that brings relief. It is an energy that does not exist on Earth. I, Angel Gabriel, am in charge of it. Thus I ask you, when you immerse yourself in the depth of your divinity, unify your chakras and expand yourself, to activate your Heart Ray and to go into the divine Reality with this Heart Ray. There you will - it happens as by itself - receive a kind of tube. That is what you call it in the duality. It is transparent and closed at the bottom by a blue light. It is open towards the top. Angel Gabriel will let this energy flow into this tube. When this energy flows in and it is then brought into your physical aspect Angel Gabriel will transmit further messages to you. It is important for you now that you are deep in your divinity, that you feel the peace and the security.


Now I ask you to activate your Heart Ray. With the deep intention of ELEXIER all your channels will open. Now let the Heart Ray flow into the divine Reality. It is a flow of energy, it is a golden ray. You can feel and sense how it leaves your body, finds its way into the divine Reality. We have already got this energy ready. We will begin the transmission with the sounds of the divine Reality. Simply let it happen. Various beings have gathered. They respect, love and honor you. They want to serve you and bring you relief. It was decided long before you sat on this chair that this energy will be got ready for you.


[Music is played.]


Angel Gabriel will now help you and support you to embed this energy in your calyx that circulates above your physical aspect. Give us the permission that we can do this for you by speaking your original name. In the deep intention of ELEXIER you now withdraw your Heart Ray and your personal group of angels will embed this energy.


Go into the calyx above your physical aspect with your Heart Ray - and here you can not do anything wrong - and go into the blue light with the tip. Fetch some energy. Ask your personal group of angels to support you in letting this energy flow into your physical aspect. You will feel immediately that something is changing, that it becomes easier for you. Thus you can repeat this again and again.


Jesus, the Son of God told you: "You are the love of my life." Thus it is also with all the other beings in the universe. The 36 High Councillors, nobody wants to see you suffer. And still these preparations are so important for they open you for the divine might in you more and more. Even if you sometimes ask yourself whether something changes with it, then trust that the changes of the earth energies are so strong at this time. Trust that this time will take place in which you will realize full of AN'ANASHA that each single preparation let you become what you are. And that your divine power and might can release itself, step by step, more and more, and deeper and deeper with these exact preparations.


At this Festival the powerful sword Excalibur will be kindled, just as is right and good for you. This also contributes to you feeling, sensing and having the courage to use this divinity in you in order to work with it.


Preparations, when we work, no matter how they show themselves, are always helpful to you. The expansion of your calyces is exceedingly important. At the same time we also turn towards your embedded energetic patterns, fill them with new information. Even if perhaps you can not perceive this consciously, it is still very important. For perhaps there is a breath you will take with which this exact information releases itself.


Sometimes we see crusts in the emotional area. It is also part of the preparation to soften these crusts, just as is right and good for you. So that then, if you permit it, perhaps with one breath this pain is taken from you. Through the new energies of the white priesthood a new era begins. The love bond of Lucifer will be created. From that moment the 36 High Councillors will not speak of the coming ascension anymore, but the words will change. From this moment when the white priesthood is kindled the High Councillors will replace "the coming" with "the beginning".


Thus you will see that these energies that we have embedded in you today will bring you relief. For many of you it is bearable physically. But sometimes it is very much harder emotionally, the feelings that burst open when crusts are dissolved. Sometimes tears flow. In this exact phase of preparation it sometimes seems as if there were a standstill. But the exact opposite is the case. You are being guided across a bridge by the high lights. You are not alone. Many human beings will have to go across this bridge. But we are guiding you for we see your intention and your love.


I love you immeasurably.