Public Channeling of August 5, 2015



  • Strength, Intention and Confidence


I am Uriel, and I greet you in the soul light of SHIMAA. With the sounds of OMAR TA SATT I welcome each and every one of you. I was chosen to let the energy of strength, of intention and of confidence flow to you through Sangitar in the here and now, more than any word. And while these energies find their way to your soul, to your heart, to your light body, you can let yourself fall and feel how the energetic currents touch you deeply, for in the new cycle you feel every energy current much more intensively.

You are approaching the adaptation phase with long strides, that has already begun and will reach its high point. Afterwards an energetic adaptation phase follows that changes much on your planet but also in you yourself, and every human being who is in awareness, ready to open himself, ready to welcome the new energies, can feel in the here and now what the word, the sound energy means. The energy currents of SHADEES are very intensive. The changes on your planet are also very intensive, and the change in you is also intensive.

In the soul light of SHIMAA, the soul light that every human being carries, that connects everything, we in the universe too carry this soul light, lets you sense what is approaching you. This soul light opens you for the awareness that much belongs to the changes that may first feel unpleasant to some human beings sometimes. Thus it is my task to call upon each and every human being, that everyone bears the divine light within, regardless of religion, of skin color, of the path they are taking or have chosen. Human beings who are in distress, leave their country and seek refuge, welcome these human beings with open heart, for it is part of the adaptation phase that the human beings tear down the borders that the duality places, that people mix and peacefully live side by side in the deep certainty that each and every human being bears the divine light within. Watch the powers that can not hold on, the breaking up of many individual countries. All this is part of the big transformation.

What is particularly supportive for you now is strength, intention and confidence. In the duality these are words you know, but which are also often judged by many human beings, and the collective of human beings often judges highly vibrating sounds in particular in a way that does not do justice to these sounds. It is the same with strength. What do you, you personally, associate with strength? Many human beings think that strength has something to do with strain, with trying hard, often even with exertion. Through these judgements the actual sounds of strength with their wonderful energy can not always be released fully, for strength is an original energy that every human being carries within. It is a spiritual original energy that makes it possible for you to work in deep intention from the inside. Strength are very spiritual sounds and whenever you are supplied with this energy it reaches your divine light. This energy speaks with you and it whispers to you: You, too, carry this strength in you. This strength that can perform miracles, this strength that is capable of changing everything, this strength to go into action, to achieve something, to put down these tracks, to create the New World, the strength to feel that your abilities want to gush out. They want to work. The divine light bears the yearning to expand itself, and when you can feel the originality of strength, then you also feel the lightness, for everything that is original is connected with the energy and the attribute of lightness. But the field of strength in you is sometimes a bit blocked, and it is blocked because on the one hand it is judged by the collective, but on the other hand also because the strength lacks the deep intention to actually be able to work as it was originally intended for every human being.

The energy intention also has nothing to do with trying hard, nothing to do with concentration. Intention arises through a feeling that is related to the divine Reality, and that is yearning, the yearning to develop oneself further, the yearning to feel the big picture, to be closer to the angels, the high lights, the High Councillors and Jesus Christ, the Son. This yearning guides you into a deep intention. When this energy is fulfilled, nourished and expanded, it activates your field of strength and the lightness that goes with it. And while Uriel addresses you with these words an energetic field opens that, if you permit, touches you in the depth of your soul, and you can feel how your field of strength activates, how it feels.

The word yearning is often judged as sadness in the duality. A feeling that a human being does not want to feel. But the energetic yearning is the striving for all that is, the striving to be able to work as you want, the striving for expansion, the striving to feel the divine light deeper and deeper and still deeper. When you permit these energies, when you put the judgements that arise in the collective aside and perceive the energetic sounds as what they really are, and permit yourself to let this miracle develop in you, a deep confidence overcomes you. The confidence that everything is possible, everything, at any time, in every moment and with each breath. Everything is possible. This confidence boosts the source of strength in you, and with these attributes you will realize more and more deeply that the wisdom opens in you, and energy currents unify and let you become what you actually are: a divine Avatar who was so brave as to go into the duality and there to serve the lightful, epoch after epoch. Because of that the angels sit at your feet, honor and respect you. And in the here and now, in this moment, an energetic field of strength is building, in you and around you. Many connections are being produced, your merkabah, it begins to vibrate, and I can see it, I can see it, the potential in you is expanding and the Mahatma Energy embedding itself even deeper in all your aspects.

In the New Age it is supportive and extremely helpful that you look at words that you judge deeper, from a spiritual point of view, put the judgements aside and welcome the original and actual and let it work, for human beings in this massive expansion still think they are not good enough. But if you let the energies and the messages of Uriel into your heart you will feel straight away that this is not true. They are thoughts that you carry, that have developed from a collective field. The time of inner freedom is beginning, for many energetic fields were as though imprisoned in you for so long, and through many different situations and ways of life, opinions they were perhaps not able to develop fully. Feel the new cycle, the New Age. Do not reckon in numbers, do not reckon with your intellect, but feel the energies with their magic and mystic healing spirit with your aspects, with your soul, and with your heart, for only there can you comprehend it, and there the essential part of you takes place, for your essence is not intellect, your essence is not your body either, your true essence is energy, energy and light. Step out beyond your own limitation and feel the field of strength. Feel the deep intention, the lightness and the confidence that you can open your limitations. And thus we will deeply embed all these attributes with Sangitar and El'Shara during the following healing session and open a field of strength that will continue to expand for nine days in linear time, and it would be supportive for you to feel the yearning to go into deep intention. At the same time Sangitar and El'Shara will build a field of healing that works deeply and is so supportive and so helpful for you. Thus feel the wisdom of the message and make yourself ready for what will follow.

A NI O'HEVED O'DRACH, sounds from the divine Reality. You are being loved immeasurably.