Public Channeling of August 6, 2014



  • Lady Gaia's Transformations

Mother Mary:

  • You Know You Can Always Turn to Me



I am Kryon. I greet you in the collective of the magnetic love energy and welcome you in the room of love, of light and of peace. With the words OMAR TA SATT the energetic vibrations show themselves here in this room and also outside these rooms even higher. For each word of Kryon carries the energy which spreads, which touches the souls, which reunites the hearts. And each message is tuned to the collective, to the collective light body and to each and every one individually. We beyond the veil bear the grace to bring this to you, and this we do with a deep, deep intention for all human beings on this planet, for you present here, for you who can hear and also feel the message.

And so feel in your soul and in your heart how deep this connection of Kryon is with you. But also how deep the connection of Kryon is with the consciousness of Lady Gaia, who is transforming in the depth as well as on the surface. And just as you carry your own individual consciousness and discharge it in the form of transformations, so does Lady Gaia. And here it is important to understand with the heart that Lady Gaia as such, just like the Source of Divinity, is a loving consciousness through and through. And all the things that have hardened in her, that she has absorbed throughout the epochs and incarnations, are thoughts of the human beings. In the depth of her Self she begins to free herself massively and release these to be transformed.

You have often heard the message that energies attach themselves to the surface of your soul that stem from the collective or from you through doubt. And that the surface energies circulate because they want to be transported. With you human beings it is so that they then show themselves in the body with light body symptoms. Lady Gaia, when she transforms with her soul, with the soul aspect, she also frees herself from these superficial energies which are stuck. And in this energy phase Lady Gaia does not store anything anymore. She can not absorb any negative thoughts anymore. She is not prepared to do this any longer. That is why she is transforming on the surface all around the globe. And as she does not possess a body it expresses itself in the struggles and wars of the human beings, in the might and the inner conflict which spread.

On the other hand, transformations which are stored in her over epochs are the transformations such as earth quakes, floods, fire and much more. As Lady Gaia is freeing herself on the surface of her soul, as she can not store anything anymore, it comes to clashes more, just as you can see on your planet. The wars, the destruction, the anger, all this reflects what Lady Gaia has absorbed. And it takes a lot of awareness, a lot of compassion, and a lot of openness, and an open heart to understand that there are human beings like the white frequency who are available to absorb and release these surface energies which have to be transported. Just as your body is ready to absorb and transport the surface energies of your doubt.

It is a special feature at this time that very much changes through that and the new energy arrives with SHADEES. And what happens on a large scale of course also happens on a small scale, in goups, in human beings and in you yourself. For you are so deeply connected with Lady Gaia. And everything is like a mirror. Because of that it is so important to have the trust to open oneself to the changes at this time, to create the new world but not to expect to wake up in the morning and all problems would be solved for you. A higher consciousness begins on Earth and in you human beings. And here it is important to understand that it is important in the transitional phase that it is you, you are the architects, you are creating the new Earth with the new energies. No waiting is necessary, but it is always the now, the present time where everything happens and where you feel and where you can support the most. When you keep your focus on the future some energy is lost. It is extremely important to understand in the here and now that these changes, the New Age, have arrived, and to begin to get used to the smaller situations which change in everyday life. For many of the messages we have transmitted throughout the years are taking place in the meantime. That power structures no longer last, relationships which do not consist of love can also no longer last.

So much is happening at once and sometimes the human feels too much is being expected, you feel too much is being expected and feel a deep conflict. But trust the words of Kryon: Sometimes it is not just your conflict, but you feel Lady Gaia's conflict because you are one with her, because you are a part of her. The energy currents are getting more and and more intensive, God's breath is getting more and more intensive. Surely you have already noticed that linear time is almost beginning to dissolve, that sometimes hours are like minutes, seconds like minutes, months like days. And that sometimes a single breath can be like a whole day. All of that is changing and is a sign that the new energy has arrived. Because of that it is very important that you hear the words of Kryon and receive them with your heart. See the energy change in the here and now. Do not wait for tomorrow. Do not wait for a time which is certain to come, but every day try to see what is changing, what is transforming, what is happening in your sphere and what is happening with you.

We direct special attention to Japan these days. We expect transformations there. A big process of transformation in Africa, in China, Australia, Iceland, Germany. Times will get even more intensive and the energies even more intensive. And we send and transmit SHADEES.

On the other hand it is also so that because the Crystal MONA'OHA has kindled itself particularly you who are taking part can feel that the trust inside you is becoming stronger, that the doubts disappear and that you can experience an expansion of your consciousness. That you can positively feel and see how something is changing, your abilities emerge more intensively, the third eye opens itself more and more, you become more sensitive towards all energies. Direct your focus to these positive changes, to the nice, true and good. For that is the truth which is finding its way. When a truth is finding its way it needs open hearts and understanding in order to be able to arrive. For we beyond the veil also observe your planet and the change. We see every change in you, in you personally, in the gatherings of the spiritual unions of the red and also the white frequency. And in Lady Gaia in her consciousness.

As hard as the times may be for many human beings this is still what we have heralded for such a long linear time. And it is up to you from which perspective you look at the changes. Perhaps some human beings may be disappointed that these beginnings of the New Age do not fulfil their own personal expectations. But that is not important for the general, for the big picture, what is important is that human beings find each other who bear the wisdom of the heart that these changes have arrived and that the process of transformation can not be stopped anymore. And that what these changes bring about is to a great part up to you human beings. And with each breath you take you can feel how the big soul Lady Gaia is faring in many areas, as well as you yourself.

The magnetic love energy, when it is brought, gets more intensive in its waves for it eases many of your light body symptoms. And your cells which are newly adjusted to the changes absorb the magnetic love energy and fuse, for it is the energy of the new age.

And thus I call Mother Mary for you all and for you yourself and say to each and every one of you

I am Mother Mary. I greet you in the soul light of SHIMAA. Where I am you can feel the security. My energy brings you comfort, peace and security. Whenever you feel that I am with you you will feel warmth. I catch you in your ocean of tears. I comfort you when you carry sorrow. I am with you when sometimes you do not know how things can go on. You can lean on me and let go. I am the guardian of you and your soul. I know you with each breath you take. And my love is immeasurable and very personal. I know what occupies you. I know what hurts you. And I am here, I am here with you.

This letting go of pain and sorrow, this leaning on an energy like me lets you become quiet. A smile on your face, the love in your heart, all of that you can feel when I am with you just as I once was with Jesus. Just as I once comforted the small Jesus in his loneliness, in his yearning and in his pain, so I am here in order to do the same for you. You are my heart. You are my soul. You are my love. There are no words which can express what I feel for you and with how much strength and confidence I am here with you now, in these moments, in order to wrap you with the energy of the deepest security. Where you can forget, where you can forget the dreams of the illusion and can feel the alertness of the truth, the realization of what you really are, what you bring about, what a big light you are. And they are not just words, they are energies which connect, which carry, carry, carry you.

Feel how my energy is with you, covers you with healing. And there is nothing that depresses you that you could not tell me. Perhaps a threshold you do not dare to cross. Limitations that are hard for you to open. The clash in the duality, in your sphere. Sometimes the feeling that things are not going on. Doubting yourself. Everything is alright, my child. Everything is right and good with you just as it is. There is nothing that stays hidden from me. And no matter what it is, I change it into love for you. With my confidence, with my energy I am ready to take all of that away from you if only you turn to me full of trust.

I prepared the way for Jesus. I comforted him when he cried. I had many conversations with him. I hugged him and dried his tears. I sang the songs with him which calmed his soul. I gave him my love. And I knew, if he trusts, if he can give me all the things that burden him he is free, free to find himself for his path as God's Son and be with you. And in these times which have never been on Earth before, I am here again. I am here again in order to be with you, to do the very same I did with Jesus. And outside your circle you need something you can lean against. Where you can let go. Where you are understood unconditionally. Where nothing you say is judged. Where only what you are is seen: pure love. I am ready, I am ready to give you that. As I can look into your soul I know that sometimes it is hard for you to put your feelings into words and tell me what depresses you. Sometimes it is also shame. But believe me and trust these words and energies: There is nothing, nothing you could not confide to me. And as soon as you turn to me and speak with me I rock you in my arms and let you feel how I once let Jesus feel: You are the light on Earth. You are an angel in a body. You carry the soul of divinity. And so much you had to suffer, endure, bear. And sometimes also you yourself because there are phases when you doubt again, question everything or have the feeling your expectations have not been fulfilled or you yourself have not fulfilled your expectations. But that is not the truth, it is not the truth. Jesus also asked himself, he said: Mary, what is wrong with me that my parents did not want me? And just as I explained to Jesus once that even though there are strokes of fate that the human mind does not understand it does not mean that something is wrong with you. For you, too, have been chosen, chosen to be part of it here and in this process which the Earth and your planet is experiencing right now. And all the radical changes and the changes just as the spirit world has always told you. It is one thing to hear it, but to be in the middle of it is another thing again. And there are situations where you ask youself: Why all of it? There are situations where you doubt yourself or perhaps even the messages. But they are only short moments. And when you lean on me in these moments and let go all is well. All is well.

You accomplish much more on Earth than you will ever be able to grasp. Even in the adaptation phase you will not be able to fully grasp what it means that you are on this planet, what it means to us and what it means to you. Because of that let yourself be borne in the flow of love and energy. Remember that Jesus also asked many questions, that Jesus also shed tears, that Jesus also needed security, love and understanding so that he was able to recognize himself as God's Son. And thus these messages which are coming to you, which are so enriched and full of energy, are a big gift that you are giving yourself. They are the moments where forgetting the duality takes place and you feel what really matters in your life.

And thus I wrap you in my energy love once more now. I embed you in the energy of grace, of light and of security, and say to you the words I once said to Jesus: You are a child of God and you are loved, just as you are. You are not alone. We are with you.