Public Channeling of August 7, 2013


Jesus Christ:

  • Connection of the Lights of the Heart

Heiko El'Shara:

  • Earth Meditation



I am who I am, who I have always been and shall always be. I am God's Son. I am Jesus who greets you, dearest human child, with the immeasurable love in the vibration of OMAR TA SATT.


Lady Gaia, the planetary consciousness, has sent signs. It came to many different earth movements in various regions. We beyond the veil have observed these signs, received the information from the planetary consciousness and we have reacted. Once more so many preparations have been made in order to stand by Lady Gaia's side during her process of awakening. So many messages from so many mediums and various frequencies have told about how the ascension will take place. Each frequency and many mediums have given the human beings different messages about how the ascension will take place. That is important, for various pictures and messages reach the human beings on various levels of consciousness. But one thing unites everything: The truth contained within that the planet Earth ascends into a higher dimension.


It is of deepest significance that you, my human child, can understand with the heart. For how will the new Earth be formed? How will it be when the high point takes place? Just as we make preparations, you also make your preparations. This is a sign that all is one and you carry the divine light on Earth in a human body. Many human beings ask themselves: How will it be? And they begin to feel with the intellect. But the level of the intellect of the human beings cannot connect itself. What connects itself is the love of the heart in its vibration.


There are various levels of awakening. On the one hand there is the level in your cell consciousness that has orientated itself to the New Age in the adaptation phase. But there is also an awakening in the soul and in the heart. In these times lights of the heart form that connect with each other like pearls. It will be this connection of the heart and of love that will carry the planet home.


At the moment the high lights in the universe expect two stages of Lady Gaia's awakening. But even with the first stage that Lady Gaia has gone through very much has changed. At the same time a big process of transformation has begun through the energy SHADEES. It is noticeable in the human beings. Hear the words of Jesus that speak to you so full of love. The human beings who have incarnated at this time are the strongest souls with various tasks. And still there is a connection. This network of connections will become more and more intensive now. Feel, feel so deep in your soul what can help Lady Gaia in her consciousness the most and the deepest. It is not the intellectual level, it is the love of the heart that Lady Gaia needs. You are a part of Lady Gaia and you bear this love of the heart. And thus we will form a chain of light with you in order to present Lady Gaia with this love in a deep intention. We will dispatch and send this love all over the planet. There are regions, countries, places and continents that absorb this energy particularly intensively. This is important for Lady Gaia.


With the first wave much has changed already. Even if it may not be visible to you yet, but you can feel it deep inside that so many structures that no longer serve you are dissolving. But you can also feel that the process of transformation brings up everything in you once more as well. Full of compassion we look at those human beings who hold on to their structures and do not want to welcome the new, for various reasons. But our preparations beyond the veil alone are not enough, we need the human beings in their high consciousness, who are willing to also make preparations. When we go back in the many epochs we can transmit the message to you that there, too, many energies have united, living energy with a high consciousness that has gathered in order to join this happening and support the planetary consciousness. Planet Earth is such a beautiful planet. As I myself have incarnated on this planet I feel I belong. Not just that I belong with you human beings, I also feel I belong with Lady Gaia and the planetary consciousness.


Very much has changed with this first stage. Perhaps you sometimes still have a feeling of being torn or have doubt. But with each breath, with each day, with each hour this new energy that has emerged will change. It is up to you whether you welcome this change. Whether you grant these energies their arrival with open heart, with a deep intention and with your love for Lady Gaia. On the other hand the energies have also changed to the effect that you have very quick and deep access to the high lights of the universe. You will surely have sensed and felt that your personal group of angels, the ambassador of love, the 36 High Councillors and I, Jesus, can be felt much more intensively by you and send you more messages. Before El'Shara initiates a big Earth meditation, I, Jesus, present you with the gift of the drops of blessing, the drops of blessing of my Father full of grace. And thus lay your hands on your heart and receive the graceful energy of the drops of blessing of my Father.


(Music is played)


The connections of the heart and of the soul will lay themselves around the human beings' consciousness like a chain of lights. It is a unification of the soul light. In this soul light of unification you will see me and welcome me. And thus El'Shara will carry out a meditation for Lady Gaia with you human beings in deep intention. This is accompanied by the sounds of the angels, by lights of the universe and by Jesus Christ the Son.




Meditation with El'Shara:


And so let your consciousness connect itself deep with the energy of the light of your heart. For today, on this special day, at this very special time a part of the task of each lightful soul fulfills itself, to bring the light and the energy of the divine Reality onto Earth and to be there and to work for Lady Gaia. In this work lies hidden a fulfillment, bliss and deep arrival to be discovered. Thus let yourself sink into the light of your heart, into the grid of love and light that has been built up and prepared so intensively by Lady Gaia. The expansion of consciousness, raising of energy catches you and takes you on a journey, into the most lightful grid structures of the Earth and to special places that are subject to special attention, energies and expansions at the moment. They need and wait for your light in order to receive through your lightful consciousness.


Thus keep your focus on the center of your heart and let the energy flow and transport into your heart from your light body through the spiritual wheel, the energy of ELEXIER, so that your heart chakra begins to expand, to open and to widen, to fill with the power and the light of purest unconditional love. You feel and perceive how this energy opens the center of your heart and through the focus and your intention the ray of your heart activates itself and flows and expands in ELEXIER, powerful and strong. The stronger the ray of your heart becomes, the deeper will you sink into the energy of Lady Gaia, you will, received by the lightful waves and vibrations, carry out a service for Lady Gaia in her complete consciousness. What helps you is the energy of the second letter of your original name, invoke it and let it vibrate freely, release it, so that the light of your heart is enriched, supported, strengthened by your special abilities and light structures and you thus go into connection, in the light of the Christ, with the light of Lady Gaia. Direct your focus to this.


And we begin with the first country and country consciousness. We begin here in Germany to adjust the energy on Mother Earth, to penetrate and direct the Heart Ray to the energy of the country consciousness in the all-connecting energy of SOL'A'VANA and to advance deeper into the grid structures of this part of the Earth. And while your Heart Ray flows and vibrates, circulates freely in ELEXIER and SOL'A'VANA, you also put ANA on the tip of your Heart Ray, clear, pure light of the divine Reality, in order to feel how a field of MONASH opens underneath you through that and receives and wraps you in deep security, receives, embeds you, in order to thus become aware in this current of light how the waves of energy and energy movements vibrate in the consciousness of Lady Gaia, you receive your very personal perceptions and impressions of the energies, a feeling and a sense for how the vibrations of the consciousness expansions work here in this place, open and intensify and you go in, deeper into the light of Lady Gaia on these waves.


Put your focus on letting yourself be carried on the journey with these waves to the part of the Earth that is called Switzerland. And you let yourself be carried from here to there on the waves of energy in order to feel how on the way there and crossing over the energy of the consciousness is lightful and strong, and yet takes on a different vibration and thus the ray of your heart focuses on this consciousness, on the energy of this country and this part of the Earth and you, as big, further expanding light, enrich your big and powerful Heart Ray, filled and flowing in the vibrations of ELEXIER, with SOL'A'VANA, ANA, MONASH and the energy of the second letter of your original name. And thus, you orientate this ray powerfully and focused to the waves and grid structures in order to feel how the distribution of the energies connects you yourself deeper and deeper with the pure, loving awareness of the service for the big picture and for Lady Gaia herself. While you direct the ray of your heart to that you perceive and feel for you yourself how the energy changes, opens, and changes occur, the lightful beings of the universe at your side and around you accompany you, love you, let their waves of energy circulate around you and you become a part of an enlarging net of lights.


In this net the energy carries you on towards Egypt, to very special parts and places where special beings, guardian energies, do their service and their task, the planetary grid vibrates in a different frequency than in the previous places, these changes can be noticeable for you and you feel how your consciousness releases the ray of your heart in Egypt, and pillars of light in ELEXIER and SOL'A'VANA begin to grow into the universe through you and your consciousness and down and inside, connect deeper with the pure lightful consciousness of Lady Gaia herself. Your heart opens even further and deeper through that, breath by breath, so that, powerful and light, ANA, MONASH and SERUS, God's blessing, flow through and connect themselves with the loving energy in order to feel how ELEXIER is wrapped around you, sates you and makes you big and each service lets you grow. You feel the fusion, being a part in order to be borne in the waves of energy by Lady Gaia in her love.


The wave of loving energy carries you from Egypt to the energy and the part of the Earth Israel, this very special place in its unique special vibration that you grasp and perceive with your heart now. Your presence begins to kindle and let flow light. Big waves of ELEXIER and SOL'A'VANA pour forth, borne and flowing through the ray of your heart, into the waves of the energy of the this earth consciousness. Deep peace connects you, lets you rest. Your view of consciousness broadens. SERUS, God's blessing, you take up with the ray of your heart from the divine Reality and embed it in the many pillars of light that have formed in order to perceive how they expand and connect. Power and energy, balance and harmony receive you and let your view of the world become wide and big.


From there you look at the continent Africa. You feel how networks of lightful energies, sparkling and shining, connect the parts of the Earth with each other along lines of pure light, grid structures that run through the whole planet through which waves of light and energy are transported and led to various different places. You as particularly shining and radiant light release waves of light, balance and bring harmony into the process of ascension and expansion. Through the structures of the net, escorted and accompanied by the lights of the universe and the angels, you begin your journey through the grid structures of Africa, let yourself glide, let yourself be guided into regions and places that attract your attention, that waken your consciousness, that draw your attention to them in order to let SOL'A'VANA, SERUS and ANA, borne on the ray of your heart circulate in ELEXIER in full power and deep devotion to Lady Gaia. Deep peace and God's breath are carried to these places through you and your work, and you enjoy the changes for a moment and become aware of them just as they show themselves to you, are noticeable, in order to perceive the childlike joy that comes into being stronger and stronger and runs through you through your work in devotion and love, lets the light of joy, your light of the ray of your heart become wider and bigger, more expanded and you thus direct your focus on the continent of America, let yourself be pulled by the waves of energy.


Borne on the sounds of the dolphins and whales you glide over into the energy structure of the consciousness of the Earth in the place called Peru. You perceive how the energy changes, vibrates differently to Africa, Egypt and Israel, Switzerland and Germany, yet is equally connected by the lightful energy of love of Lady Gaia. This consciousness, each place, no matter how different it is, what frequencies are there, is loved, respected and observed full of light, just as you now focus the ray of your heart to it in order to direct currents of SOL'A'VANA there, let pillars of light be erected in ANA, SERUS and MONASH that wraps you, catches you, and bliss, joy and loving energy through the fulfilment of your being, through the worlds of your soul are sent in waves of light, in order to thus sparkle and shine and begin a big step through the waves of the energy of the Earth to the continent of Australia, your consciousness being led from Peru to and across to Australia, you perceive this planet and continent in its different vibration, direct the focus to the light and the shining power of the loving energy. From there regard the other countries, places and continents through the Earth, and see how hundreds and thousands of lights generate pillars of light on the planet, sparks and rays of the divine Reality arrive through their being and work, and you cast a look from there at hosts of angels who surround you and Lady Gaia, illuminate and send tones and sounds, sing to and love you and the net, in order to receive this love with the ray of your heart and guide it on to the grid of the Earth, let it flow in order to support the expansions and developments lovingly from the depth of the heart and for God's blessing to be carried to and anchored in this place through the pure light of your heart.


From this perspective another country appears, the Netherlands. Your attention directs itself, is attracted there, and directs your consciousness there, you perceive the difference of this part of the Earth in pure light in order to let ELEXIER, SOL'A'VANA flow once more in this place, in order to feel how a grid of deepest peace, God's breath and God's blessing flows through the waves of energy of Lady Gaia. You have drawn tracks of light, paths of light through the planetary grid, pillars of light form from the core of the Earth to the core of the universe, and in purity, divinity and harmony ANA spreads, clear, pure, powerful and loving.


In order to thus return to the place where you are now in order to feel how deep your anchoring with the magnetic lines of love in Lady Gaia is and continues to grow, your being and your very special vibration of the divine Reality, of awakening transfer themselves from the place where you are through the tracks of light that you have drawn through your consciousness, through your Heart Ray, through your service, in order to feel how Lady Gaia, filled with love, sends her vibrations of light back to you from all these places and simply lets you be in deep peace, connected, included, embedded with angels, lights of the heart and Lady Gaia herself. So that lights shine from hearts and you fetch back the ray of your heart, feel how the energy releases, anchors itself and a big AN'ANASHA forms itself from your heart and lays itself over the planet and harmonizes it and there is peace in light and love.