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Public Channeling of August 1, 2012




  • The Significance of a Melek Metatron Walk-in

Melek Metatron:

  • Journey to Your 19th Aspect



I am Kryon. With the immeasurable love I greet each and every one with the words OMAR TA SATT.


The Festival of Love is approaching. Thus it was decided that in this time of the present moment of change Melek Metatron, the Eye of God, will go into Sangitar's body with one aspect more than usual. This will be the most powerful and perhaps also most emotional thing you have experienced so far.


But how did it come to it? Why has the High Council made this decision? For it is an enormous decision that Melek Metatron himself, the Eye of God, comes into Sangitar's body. It is an experiment. Thus I would like to bring you the messages about why this happens.


The human beings on your planet are in the middle of the ascension phase. The last wave has already begun and the changes are so powerful that even we beyond the veil are preparing ourselves intensely for when Lady Gaia emits the sound of perfection. We see the changes on your planet. You, too, can perceive these changes outside. The magnetic solar storms that have come down to Earth. The many natural disasters. On the one hand hundreds of thousands of human beings flee from flood-like rainfalls. In other regions in turn there are heat waves like never before. Finances, the entire system of structure, is breaking apart. Many things are still being withheld from you. For human beings who are sleeping and have not opened themselves to spirituality try to persuade you with all their might: Everything will be alright. But do not believe them. The structures will not be able to last. They will collapse.


Many wonderful energy currents are flowing onto Earth through various mediums, through scientists. There was a statement that the so-called particle of God has been found. This has deep, deep significance. When such messages reach the Earth and the human beings, there are immediate attempts to work against it. They do not want to tell the human beings the truth. They still do not want to let them share their knowledge and want to keep them small. They know much more than you imagine. But we, we see everything from a different perspective, beyond the veil. We do not allow ourselves to be deceived. We know the reality and the truth. We know the souls of the human beings, the energy currents. We recognize the light and we stand in deep contact with Lady Gaia, with the Arcturians and let them report to us.


Thus it was decided that for this preparation of the ascension, should it arrive unexpectedly, a preparation is being made for all those who are in the deepest intention. Because of that we decided that this time we will only send impulses to the strongest souls and invite them to the Festival of Love. For at this Festival we need the big collective with the deepest intention of trust.


Why will Melek Metatron bring the 19th aspect? When the ascension takes place the human beings need 18 connected aspects in order to be able to travel with the merkabah, or else a 19th aspect. The 19th aspect is a light imprint, an aspect that remained in the universe when you incarnated. When this aspect is embedded in you an enormous power is released. Just as is right and good for you.


The dragon energy is arriving. The dragon energy is firmly linked with your merkabah. It is a living energy, and you have used this energy before in many epochs in order to travel. This energy will be embedded in your 19th aspect. When this aspect is fully activated you can consciously use the dragon energy.


Thus I call the Eye of God, Melek Metatron, now. I tell you, each and every one of you: Wonderful times lie ahead of you. Go deeper and deeper into the intention. Do not permit that your reason gets out of hand. But feel the truth in your heart. I tell you: The truth finds its way. But at this time the truth finds its way faster and faster.


Thus breathe the light of love into yourself. Feel the divine might in you. And while you are unifying your chakras, expanding yourself like a sun, we will ground you on all levels. Thus I call the Lord of Hosts with the words Kodoish, Kodoish, Kodoish, Adonai 'Tsebayoth.





I am the Eye of God. I am the light of lights. I am the projection of the divine Source. I bear the radiant power of the light in me and greet you with the words OMAR TA SATT. This radiant power carries the energy of SOL'A'VANA. Before I let you feel what it means to carry the 19th aspect in the merkabah you will be prepared with the breath of God, with SOL'A'VANA. Thus lay your hands on your heart and sink deep into your divinity. Feel how powerful you are and let your reason step aside. Lift up the divine light and receive God's breath.


(Music is played.)


I call you, exactly you, a golden angel. Something wonderful is going to happen. When I myself, the Eye of God, will go into the body of Sangitar it will be my task to insert an energetic, personal 19th aspect in your merkabah and to bring it to life. Only Melek Metatron has the permission to do this. Because of that it is necessary that Melek Metatron appears as walk-in. The preparations on both sides already are very, very intensive. Already you can feel with how much energy I am in the aspects of Sangitar.


Hear the message of Melek Metatron. You went into the duality with 18 aspects in order to experience yourself in all facets. Three aspects stayed behind. It was your task from the beginning of time to find enlightenment in many incarnations and awakening in the Golden Age with these 18 aspects. Only the very highest chosen Avatars on Earth carry a 19th aspect within, such as, for example, Jesus Christ, the Son. He carried this 19th aspect. Now is the time of the most intensive preparations of all and because of that we, the wise council, have decided that this aspect is embedded in the most deeply spiritual human beings in the deepest power of their self.


In order to let you feel what that means I now invite you to travel to your aspect. You are deeply sunk within. You feel the breath of God. You feel SOL'A'VANA in you. Now ask your personal group of angels to bring your omnipotence aspect and your soul aspect into the divine flame and to unify them. I need your permission. When you name your original name I, together with the Sewaja Angels, will carry you into an energetic field that has never before been entered by energetic aspects. I will guide you into the halls of the merkabah. Thus the hands of God will give your fused aspect to the Sewaja Angels through the Sewaja aspect. Breathe deeply, feel the connection with Mother Earth. Thus the journey begins. I am guiding you into the halls of the merkabah. Your aspect finds your merkabah and it finds the omnipotence aspect. It is a pull that you feel. Thus I invite you now, the Eye of God, to bring your omnipotence aspect into the omnipotence aspect of the pure divinity of your self. The entire power is anchored there, your light, the divinity, all that you are, with a deep, deep power. Let yourself drop into it and feel what happens.


Now it is time to step out again. The Sewaja Angels will guide your aspect back. Ask your personal group of angels to insert your soul aspect and your omnipotence aspect in your merkabah and feel the energy that expands. Your omnipotence aspect is a very important aspect of your merkabah. It bears the power of change, the power to manifest. But the omnipotence aspect in the universe bears the power to move mountains. This energy and this aspect will be embedded in you by the Eye of God at the Festival of Love.


The first Holy Grail has been kindled, the magic energies are circulating. Thus let us speak the words together: Ehyeh Asher Ehyeh, Ehyeh Asher Ehyeh, Ehyeh Asher Ehyeh, So'Ham.


I tell you: You are the best thing the Earth is carrying. We will stand face to face. I will look into your eyes and I will let you feel what radiant power the love I feel for you comprises.