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Public Channeling of August 3, 2011



Jesus Christ:

  • Transmission of the Drops of Blessing, and the White Priesthood


I am who I am. I am who I have always been. I am who I shall always be. I am God’s Son. Born from the Source of Love I, Jesus the Christ, once went into the duality like you.


Now in this moment Jesus Christ is very close with the energy, gracious and benedictive, noticeable here in this room. I greet you with the words OMAR TA SATT.


Perceive and feel the radiant power, the energy, when Jesus speaks with you. Feel the gracious field of divinity, the Eleua Energy, as it manifests itself. And in this collective, you will be showered with this love, with the energetic patterns that Jesus brings you, with the breath of God.


When so much is changing on the outside in the duality, so much is collapsing and nothing endures, it has a frightening effect on many human beings. But have faith in the word of Jesus that I transmit to you: When everything on the outside collapses the field in you will kindle itself and the miracles will happen.  Thus you will first receive the drops of blessing from the divine Source. Lay your hands on your heart and feel how much calmer you become, more balanced, at the same time also stronger when these drops of blessing reach you. These are special times and special gifts that we bring you. For now the time has come in which much unifies and it is also permitted for Sangitar to direct the flow of information to you. A wave of fire energies will expand. It is the time of miracles. Miracles that become visible. Thus you can be in the stillness of your divinity, in deep peace, in security and in love, even if the outer events come to a head more and more, the outer events fall apart, no longer endure.


Feel the drops of the divine Father, the divine Mother and absorb them deep in your soul.


[Sounds from the divine Reality are played]


So many of you have waited for this time when the information about Avalon will be made known. Many did not understand that this is a process which depends on many energies. Thus it was very important that the gates of Lentos were opened first, that the Prosonodo Light arrived, the Eleua Energy was added in order to bring, to embed the gentleness out of love for you. Thus I now give you this message, graciously with bearing love, that I, Jesus Christ, am a white priest myself. I accepted the legacy that King Arthur left in order to bring it to completion. Thus I gave many of you an initiation into the white priesthood. So many of you have felt this, but only now has the time arrived to kindle this field. The golden-blue frequency has accompanied me and so I would like to ask you now: Go deep into your divinity and feel. I will now give you a sign if you, too, have received an initiation from me, Jesus Christ. You will feel it deep in yourself.  Breathe the light of love. Feel the drops of blessing and let the Eleua Energy circulate. Many of you accompanied me, were close to me. Thus now feel what I, Jesus, present you with. Let yourself be touched in the depth of your soul.


If you have received an initiation into the white priesthood by Jesus you also carry the powerful sword Excalibur in you. In Avalon it was important to create miracles in complete trust. But for Jesus it was possible to make these miracles visible and it is your task to bring these miracles to completion. For these exact miracles are needed when the outside in the duality collapses. And as Sangitar has said, there are many frequencies. No frequency is subject to judgment and yet let me express it thus clearly: It will be the golden-blue frequency, the oldest frequency, that initiates the ascension. It is the golden-blue frequency that has accompanied Toth, the lightful warrior, King Arthur and me, Jesus Christ in the inner and outer circles. I look at you with so much love. And when this priest light is kindled together with Excalibur, waves of energies will move around the globe. Powerfully accompanied by the miracles. Nevertheless, the gentleness and the lightness will also flow in. thus I call you once more: Feel your affinity.


Trust the words of Jesus. Everything builds on each other, energetically attuned to the right time. For it is not about an individual. It is about all of you, about the planet. It is about Lady Gaia and at this point in time the energies will unify.


When the priesthood has been kindled we bear the possibility to dissolve a few incarnation cycles that do not serve you so that the new priesthood can work for the planet and for the human beings with the radiant power.


Thus you can go into God’s hands and look at what is coming full of trust and and joy. Forgotten will be the fears and worries, the pain. Thus the bud will open and the miracle will take place. Through that freedom comes into being. Freedom for you personally, for the human beings, and freedom for the planet. With these words Jesus Christ, God’s Son says goodbye: A NI O'HEVED O'DRACH.