Public Channeling of July 6, 2016


Mother Mary:

  • Stop fighting, let yourself fall and generate the calmness and the peace in you


Full of grace I look at you, greet you with the sounds of OMAR TA SATT. I am Mother Mary. Full of grace my light. Grace pouring in with each word through Sangitar into your soul. Feel the light of grace. When it expands in your soul you feel with each breath that you become calmer and can let yourself fall in the flow of energies that moves like the wind. Each word carries the energy of love and of grace.

Much fighting is taking place. The energy of the divine Reality, the energy of the duality, there is a lot of friction between them. This process is spreading more and more intensively and you can see on your planet, how the human beings carry on fighting. But fighting is not the answer to peace, not the answer to love, and many human beings take up the transformation fight in themselves and continue to fight there deep in their soul. But fighting does not lead you to peace. Let yourself fall and enjoy the calmness that expands when your consciousness understands what it means not to fight but to let oneself fall, for then you will feel the actual energies. Then you will feel what it means to experience grace, redemption, awakening. You will experience what it means, when you move with the energies, just like the wind, like every word, when the liveliness arrives in you, full of grace, full of light, full of trust. For fighting never means trust. Fighting encourages and nourishes the doubt in you.

When I was on Earth and with Jesus I was protected by the walls of the convent, and yet I sometimes felt the energy of fighting in me. I wanted to fight for the Good, for the Truth. I wanted to fight for Love. I wanted to fight for God's Son, Jesus. But this, this small human being, who did not know at all who he was, was so full of wisdom. When he felt how I fought he looked at me and said: Let yourself fall. Feel what you feel, but never fight against it. Fighting generates an energy that is not beneficial to you. Let us sing, let us dance. I can still remember these words well and want to pass them on to you. Let yourself fall. Feel what you feel and do not fight against it. Feel life in all its facets. Dance and sing and celebrate life, for this is the Third Age.

The friction between the energies is so intensive that Sangitar has to watch a lot at the moment, and yet, do not make it your fight. Do not absorb the energy in yourself and make yourself small, for you will feel the big that develops with each carrier energy that approaches you, the deep change, and you can only feel it when you do not fight, but when you are, when you are, when you are what you are. The divine light in you, it yearns so much to feel the calmness in order to nourish itself with all the abilities, with all the treasures that are lying open, such as Quin'Taas. Let peace come to you. And some may say how hard it is not to fight. But it is a question of decision. Decide for inner peace. Decide to go with the flow of energy. Decide that the energy in you is alive and shows you the way. Decide to love, to laugh, to trust and, like a child, look towards the Third Age with all its facets with curiosity.

The fighting will still increase, but it will end, for fighting is never the answer. The real energy is the peace and the love. They are processes that are taking place on your planet and, as much as this burdens you, this process does go with it. It increases and increases, and yet it will pass, for peace is approaching. But the more the collective feels peace inside, deep inside, in the soul, the easier it is for the energy on your planet to follow it. Do not let yourself be caught up, do not let yourself be shaken, give your inner light field time and space to absorb, to embed the wonderful energies of the divine Reality. And sometimes it is only one breath, one word or one gesture. When it reveals itself to you, you feel the magic, feel the magic and suddenly know, you just know it, the divine Reality and the truth have arrived long since. They are thought energies that you can only feel when you are calm and still, when you can let yourself fall, when you can see the transformation processes as what they are. And with each increase the increase of peace and the love energy is also there. Decide for trust again and again, for the Crystal MONA'OHA. Decide for the love of the Christ, for the love of the 36 High Councillors, but above all for the love for you yourself, for deep in you you feel with every word the energy that carries you, that wraps you, that accompanies you, that sometimes even guides you, that whispers to you: Let yourself fall and recognize the process as the most lightful that has ever been on Solvana. Feel the opening that stands behind every transformation process, and if it is possible for you, free yourself from all inner fights that only lead you into inner conflict. Have faith in what your soul whispers to you. It is knocking, louder and louder, more and more audible in you. You cannot refuse, and you feel the power and the strength that stand behind it.

Remember how Jesus came to grips with his life without fighting, without a weapon. He let himself fall. He went with the energies of love. He went with the energies of trust. He went with the energy of forgiveness. He went with the energy of redemption. He, too, was sad sometimes, but he did not fight. Jesus, God's Son, was and is full of wisdom. I experienced it. I experienced it. I was with Jesus before he knew who he was, and his eyes, they looked at me so full of love, and I knew much, I knew more than all the others, for I knew who Jesus really was, and yet there was doubt in me sometimes. But there was, and I remember it exactly, a moment full of mysticism and magic, there was one moment that changed everything. This moment was when Jesus came to me, this little child, looked at me, took my hands and said: I love you so immeasurably. Receive this love in your heart and let the light shine. And then I knew, I knew that the time has come that he would find out who he really is soon.

I am so close to you and I understand you so well, nevertheless it is my task to bring my love to you, to calm you down, to encourage and to nourish you, to express with my words: Stop the fight, let yourself fall and generate the calm and the peace in you, for only then will you be able to fully feel the actual energies, the wonderful and so beautiful energies, completely, and it is as if a coat lays itself around your soul, that warms you, that protects you. It is like a sun, like the wind, and believe me, the energies are ready all the time.

Today you will experience grace, DON'ADAS. Absorb it deep in your soul, for this energy has a very calming, healing and supporting effect. And when something calms you, then you will also feel the peace, the peace that is in you and shows you what liveliness, what feeling, what community means. In these moments I pour the energy of grace over you and let you know: You are loved immeasurably.