Public Channeling of July 1, 2015



  • Live the Embedded Energies
  • Energy Is Alive
  • SHADEES Is Intensively Flowing onto Solvana


I am Kryon. I send my message in the light of the magnetic love. In the soul light of SHIMAA I greet each and every one with the sounds of OMAR TA SATT.

In the here and now, in the moment of the present time, the angels have manifested among you here, shining brightly, full of love they are with you. They whisper to you SHAN'THIE'MAA, we serve you eternally with great joy. Feel the energy that builds up with each word of Kryon, for it is energy I want to speak with you about, for in all the time of your dawning of consciousness you were called upon to feel energies. For this we have always offered you our support and invited you to accept this, to deeply feel the energetic patterns that flow to you with every word, and with this to realize that you are a divine light on Earth, that you are more than just human.

The essence of your Self is the light and the energy. But now, during the change of ages, now that the New Age begins to form itself, we call upon you to also live the absorbed and embedded energies more and more deeply. What does this mean? Energies are alive. Each energy is a living being, just like you yourself and even though you can not see this energy with your eyes, it does want to be treated full of respect and esteem. Only then is it prepared to open itself to you completely. This is an important aspect of the dawning of consciousness. An energy can not be manipulated. An energy can not be made to fit thought patterns. Energy can not be held on to, and energy can not be made to come by talking about it. This living being wants to be loved and respected. An energy wants to be invited, then it blossoms completely and you can enter a love relationship with it that is full of purity. You can feel how it blossoms in you, and when you have felt this the communication begins, that follows with all energies.

Energies possess a high intelligence. They understand and see your deep intention and they want to travel life, live life together with you, and go into action with you. When a new Earth develops that is called by the sounds Solvana it is very helpful if you undertake the next steps and carry the energies that are embedded in you, that you carry, that are part of you, out into life, declare them your partner and completely trust that each and every energy that is with you, that you meet, when it is lightful comprises a gift for you, the gift of unconditional love, but also the gift of the miracle. This attentiveness is necessary to create the new world, to possess the courage to follow new avenues, to withdraw from the collective more and more deeply, to give the aging process no chance anymore. All of this you can achieve with the living energies that are with you.

Go deep into the words of Kryon and go deep into the energy that is with you now, that is by your side and invites you to speak with it, to regard it as a complete living being, just like your personal helpers, your personal group of angels, the ambassador of love. Everything you carry in you is alive and each energy works by itself but still all-embracingly fused together with you. The energies are ready to perceive the change now. And it is not just the planetary consciousness that is changing, but it takes the human beings who have the courage to create the new world, to draw a track of love with the living energy beyond the collective and to walk on it. It is not so that the planet, when it is awakened, creates the new world, but it is you, the inhabitants of the Earth, who expand the new consciousness. You receive support from our side, and new technologies will also be put at your disposal. But the energy irradiation of SHADEES, the energy of the divine Reality full of light, is getting stronger and stronger. Because of that it is the more important that you realize that this energy is also a living being you can communicate with.

Energies can understand you much better than some human beings. You communicate via your heart and via your soul and each energy that consists of light and love is good for you. It carries you and it shows you who you really are. Feel, feel, feel this energy and begin to communicate with the energies with your soul. Whatever you want to tell the energies, in the here and now you receive the time to do this for yourself. In the meantime we will prepare you for the intensive healing session, clear and cleanse you of collective energies that are not good for you. We will expand you and ground you on all levels. Now begin to invite the energy you feel to get in deep contact with you.

(Take a little time)

At this time it is very supporting and helpful to feel which energy is particularly good for you, which energy of the day is spreading on Solvana. The Prosonodo Light, the Eleua Energy always help and support your soul aspect and the emotional level. If you then add the Crystal PRADNA as well the energy will nourish itself more and more and it will do you good. Mainly the magnetic energy works intensively in your cells and in your physical aspect. There is a wide range of energies at your disposal that are transmitted to you immediately when you ask for it, when you call these energies and invite them, when you deeply understand with your consciousness and your heart that this is something that is alive, that is flowing, that is beautiful and bearing, when you are ready to understand with your heart and with your soul, then, in the here and now of this time a lot of energies will manifest and many energetic patterns of your aspects will get to blossom. And when you communicate with them you will spread these energies abroad and you will create a new world.

The collective energies are working very intensively, which is why it is even more important that you keep your distance from them as far this is possible for you, from the judgements of a collective, such as the aging process, for you will notice at this time that aging does not progress anymore but gets to reverse. But here, too, it is important that you invite the energy, that you speak with it, that you show it esteem, love and respect, then a deep fusion takes place on all levels. To live this energy is life itself, and this life on your wonderful planet is intended for you. In human love, full of abundance, security and peace, in full health, all the things you have ever hoped and wished for manifest now. Human beings who have reached awakening, who possess a deep expansion in their energy will notice now that even stored energy of awakening flows deep into the soul and you will realize more and more what it means when a spirit being, when an angel rises, speaks to you and works with you.

Even though we are not visible to you, we live, we are alive, we are energy and light, and each energy that we bring to you is nourished with this love, and despite all the differences there are between energy currents the light is always embedded, to your highest benefit. In the next days of linear time we will bring intensive SHADEES currents onto Solvana. This is a necessary process that takes place now and nourishes and expands itself more and more. Let yourself fall into each change, let yourself fall into the deep MONA'OHA, let yourself fall into the hands of the Christ, let yourself fall into the divine Self.

We are already nourishing the Temple of Peace, the energy of adaptation, the energy of the New Age that expands more and more, with many human beings, and you will feel that each and every human being, regardless of the consciousness he bears, will occupy himself with the new energy currents that are working so intensively. Much has changed in you yourself, orientated in love and in deep dawning of consciousness. But outside, too, much has changed and anyone who takes the time to regard this will realize it and will be able to comprehend the words of Kryon deep in the soul.

All absorbed energies work much more intensively, anything that is embedded, any energetic pattern is helpful and good for you. Energy is so alive that it brightens this room. In the full flower of the light you can feel the love vibration that connects the soul lights with each other, and with deep attention we work beyond the veil for you with each breath you take. Be ready and open for all that is and all that is coming. Call, if it is possible for you, your personal group of angels every day. Speak your original name every day. The energy of the life sentence, your priest sentence, all of that is alive and circulates in you, and each circulation is orientated to light and love, and the more aware you are of it, the more deeply and the more intensively noticeable the energies will be for you and make the contact that is so supportive and also very important in the present moment.

Feel the purity of all your sytems that we have cleared and cleansed and prepare yourself for the transmission that will follow now. Kryon carries a golden AN'ANASHA to you and to all those who have turned here and received the words of the magnetic love with open heart.