Public Channeling of July 2, 2014


Meditation El'Shara

Message from Sangitar


  • The Signs Are Increasing
  • The Crystal EL'ACHAI


  • The Energetic Changes
  • The Influence of the Collective



Meditation El'Shara

In preparation for this channeling during which many wonderful energies are certain to be transmitted today simply a meditation to attune and prepare you in order to give you the time to be completely inside yourself with the attention, with the focus, with your perception, inside yourself, in your energy field, in your heart, in your feeling. And so just close your eyes in order to be completely inside yourself with the focus of your perception. Accompanied by the music, sounds and voices. Take the things that surround you to use them to perceive the light in you yourself more and more clearly at this moment and at this time.

And, with eyes closed, when you thus direct your focus inwards to the center of your heart you can easily see a bright light there. A bright light shining white and golden which slowly and steadily begins to spread in you from your heart. To spread like a sun at sunrise, warm rays which warm and relax you from your center, in order to transmit your mind, your thoughts to these rays of light so that your thoughts become brighter and brighter bit by bit and breath by breath, your body begins to relax in its rhythm, the beating of your heart, your breathing, and the spirit becomes free, lightful and open to lightful energies and pure messages from the spirit world, in order to let your inner spirit wander on this ray of light from your heart, to a beautiful lake, big and blue with a nice beach and the warming sun that surrounds you. You take a few steps along this beach, leave your everyday life behind step by step in order to make the most of this time off, to feel for yourself, let the focus rest in peace with you and your soul, in order to walk gently towards the water and notice how soft and warm it is. The water which bears in its element trust, devotion and letting happen. In order to go in just as you like and notice that this water carries you and wraps your body like warm, flowing ELEXIER, supports your back and gives you the possibility to completely let go deeper and deeper. A feeling of security, a feeling of safety through this water flows, relaxes your head, your back, the legs, the arms and hands which, if you want to, you can simply spread in order to glide, to drift, to close the eyes, in order to feel that at this moment you are a lightful being of pure energy with shining soul light and that word for word from the spirit world this light gains radiant power and expansion and opening of your heart. Now at this moment you can put the focus on love, the love for Mother Earth, the love for your life, the love for all the good and beautiful things happening in this world at this moment, for each moment from the purity of heart and the light of the heart love generates a spark, a ray of energy spread all over the planet, in all waters, in the air, in the earth, in the glow and shine of the sun and the stars, through which a glittering sea of light and love sparkles around you and our planet, brightens, and gentle rays return to you as mirror of your self.

And thus let go as much as you want in order to be touched, be carried, loved and brightened by the words from the spirit world for you, all for you, so that the rays and the shine of your soul begin to glow, word for word and ray for ray.

Message from Sangitar

And before I call Jesus for you and pass the messages on to you, I would like to address you as Sangitar. The times are very moving and much is happeing on our planet, in Lady Gaia's consciousness, but also in your consciousness. It is a time when I look at many, many light bodies. And often I am asked: "Sangitar, what do you do when you look into my light body? I feel it when you do this." What I mostly do when I look into your light body is that I regard what shines the most in you. Often I look at this beautiful and wonderful light in you for so long, with so much love, that healing takes place.

In these special times we travelled to Israel in order to be even closer to Jesus and to channel Steps for many, many human beings in this energy on the mountain where the Crystal MONA'OHA is and has been kindled. And thus I would like to share these events and this energy with you. And I would also like to tell all those who have joined us via live stream and are taking part in this collective, how much I love you and my heart is full of AN'ANASHA and I am deeply connected with you. And thus I invite you, when you close your eyes and breathe the light of love into yourself and call your personal group of angels, to ask the golden angel in you to travel energetically to Israel with your soul aspect, with the soul, with the light of your energy, in order to be on the Mount of Beatitudes. With your feeling, with the love and with the openness. And if you can relax completely, if in one moment you allow yourself to feel what happens you will absorb the words Jesus speaks to you now really deep, really deep in you.



Channeling Jesus

I am who I am, who I have always been, shall always be. I am Jesus Christ, the Son. I am standing before you. I touch you with my love, with my light. I speak the word ACHAI, ACHAI, ACHAI - I am here, I am here. And you do not have to see me for your soul and your heart feel that I am among you, that I am here, that I bring my message to you and speak to you as I once did:

Blessed are the human beings who are open in their heart.
Blessed are the human beings who carry love.
Blessed are the human beings who feel MONA'OHA even in the hard times of the duality.
Blessed are the human beings who carry compassion.
Blessed are the human beings who follow the tracks of the light.
Blessed are the human beings who connect the heart energies and their soul lights with each other.
Blessed are they who need few words to feel the truth.
Blessed are they who have faith in me.

You have completed my work on Earth, and more than ever before I want to tell you what this means. For the shining star will return, the soul light of my Self will appear, very near you, very near you, very near you. Just like now at this moment when I am with you and touch you. ACHAI, ACHAI, ACHAI - I am here. Healing happens in these moments, healing pours itself over you, the Prosonodo Light expands, the light in you, it follows the star. The radiance of love, the tracks, they lead you to me, like now, like once, eternally, eternally, eternally.

Feel what security means. Words that I speak and address you with, words that calm you, words that show you and let you feel what is happening in these moments. The miracles, the miracles are becoming a reality, for you are here. You have followed the call of your soul. You are here. You are here, just as I am here. And thus let us connect the soul lights together, let us enter the energy of Lady Gaia, the consciousness in the change of ages. For this is one moment, one breath, and the signs are increasing, and the energies are so near. You feel all that in one moment. And even if you sometimes feel conflict, say: ACHAI, EL'ACHAI. Peace be with you, peace for the peoples, peace in all the world. Every living being, every human being, each light shall connect, eternally for love, eternally for peace, eternally for truth. And thus I, God's Son, will call the divine Source of my Father in order to pour EL'ACHAI over you. This we shall carry out to the sounds from the divine Reality.

(Music is played.)

So often and so deep I have brought the message to you. I look into your soul. I see the shining and the love. I see who you are. And it is deeper and deeper noticeable for you when Jesus is with you. When you doubt yourself, then it is I who trusts you the most. When you cry I cry with you. When you love I love with you. For you are the dearest thing I have. And it is not just words, but it was you who made it possible that MONA'OHA kindled itself. And there are no words to describe what this means to me. For when we once stood on this Mount of Realization I knew that I can go. I knew that in deep intention you will complete my work on Earth in so many incarnations.

Lady Gaia is ready in her consciousness. There have been many shiftings in the energies. And soon you will be in the adaptation phase. Then nourishing the energy of the divine Reality will begin. Nourishing the connection of the soul lights of the human beings on this beautiful planet will begin. But hear the words of Jesus: Do not be impatient. Everything that happens now is connected with so much love. And with each day, with each hour, with each breath you will feel the change of energies. Now it is important that you let yourself fall into the energy of the miracles which may happen now, into the energy of security, into the energy of trust, of bliss. And thus I call you and the collective, let us say together:

Ehyeh Asher Ehyeh, Ehyeh Asher Ehyeh, Ehyeh Asher Ehyeh, So'Ham.
May the soul lights on Earth connect. I will return home again.




Channeling Kryon

I am Kryon and with the magnetic love energy I greet you with the words OMAR TA SATT.

Much is happening in the bowels of the Earth, in Lady Gaia's consciousness. We watch the events on Earth very closely. And much has already changed. We expect transformations. Possibly it will also come to processes of transformation in Israel, in Turkey, Egypt, China, Australia, Germany. We see the energies as they move. We are deeply connected with the Arcturians, who work tirelessly, tirelessly. We also see that the changed Earth energies already noticeably expand across this planet, that there have been and will be many changes. There have been and will continue to be many signs. Many messages from the spirit world and many different frequencies who work particularly intensively now. For most frequencies are aware of their task and join together in groups now in order to work for the New Age together in the collective. But the golden-blue frequency still has the deepest task to fulfil. And thus we all wait together until the Holy Grail in Israel is kindled.

Through the kindling of MONA'OHA much has changed in the human beings. Some are in deepest trust and feel that something significant has changed through the kindling of MONA'OHA. Other human beings in the red frequency in turn react particularly aggressively to this kindling of the Crystal. It is important to have compassion during these times. Always feel inside yourself and not in the collective, for the collective of the red frequency can be very demanding during these times. And no matter which path you take, during these times it is very important that you always feel inside yourself again and again and perceive the trust and the love for Jesus. And we in the universe, too, the angels, the Star Seed gather when Jesus brings you the messages. And we, too, are deeply touched by the vibrations and sounds Jesus brings onto Earth. And with what deep intention God's Son manifests himself on Earth with each word.

It is also important not to go into the collective too much during these times. We have already brought you the message in earlier times that it will come to fighting, fighting between lightworkers, but also fighting between countries. What you can do is send peace, send Crystals, pray and be inside yourself, with Lady Gaia and with the energy, with the new energy forming on Earth.

We observe the events on Earth very intensively and we see you and the collective, the many groups which join together and work. Those who have put down the tracks and will continue to put them down. Those who have decided to step out of the collective and to look forward to the announcement of what happens with trust. Thus you are watched over and protected, embedded in the Crystals and energetic patterns.
And I, Kryon, want to say AN'ANASHA to you very personally. Everything you do is very valuable, full of light and love.