Public Channeling of July 3, 2013


The Big Soul Buddha:

  • A Parable



I am the big soul Buddha. With the energy of care, the shining light that is embedded in the sounds from the divine Reality I greet you, OMAR TA SATT.


In the here and now feel the energy of the big soul Buddha.  Breathe it in and relax completely. For this energy touches your soul, it opens your heart. And while you inhale the energy of the big soul Buddha, relax complety and expand yourself, call your chakras together, Buddha will present the messages to you through Sangitar. Thus Buddha will tell you parables of two human children. Hear the words that come to you, directly into your soul. For at the end of this story the big soul Buddha will ask you something.


Thus I shall begin: There were two human children who were given something from God. They received a gift. A blossom was brought to them. One of the human children saw the blossom and was immeasurably happy. She asked: "What shall I do? What does this mean? Why have I received this gift?" And the soul of God replied: "Simply let it happen. The only thing you should do is water this blossom every day and meet it with care and love." With great eagerness the human child began to water the flower. Every day she went to the blossom, sat in front of it and sunned herself in its colors. But one day human beings came and they asked: "What is that?" The human child said: "This is from God. This is a blossom. I water it and something is going to happen." And the first human being answered: "Why is it closed? Try to open it." The second human being who came said: "Well, if the blossom is from God, why do you have to water it?" The third human being who came said to the human child: "Be careful! Who knows what will happen when the blossom opens." The next human being who came said: "Don't you see the shadows in the blossom? When something comes from God how can it carry shadows?" The human child became more and more uncertain and lost confidence. The bliss and the happiness she felt when she had been given the blossom were gone. She began to ask herself: "What if the human beings are right? What if something bad happens when the flower opens? What happens if I water it and it doesn't open? Then it was all for nothing, and I spend so much time with this blossom." And the human child turned away.


The second human child received the same blossom. This human child, too, was full of joy and eagerness. Began to water the flower and sunned itself in the colors. Here, too, the human beings came and asked the same questions. But the human child looked at each human being and said: "Why should I question something that comes from God? I am sitting here and enjoying myself." And thus the human child did something that we call a miracle. This human child returned to the blossom every day and saw the slightest changes, the colors, how they changed.


One day the blossom opened and several angels appeared. They took the human child and said: "Come, dip into the blossom, into this energy, bathe in it." The human child did it and she found the most beautiful pearls in this energy that shone with a power that was so beautiful. This human child was the happiest person on Earth from this moment on. Often human beings came and asked: "What is it that you feel with this blossom?" And the human child answered: "I still don't know, but no matter what happens in my life, I come here and everything changes."


The big soul Buddha tells you this story because today you will be given this blossom as gift. The same blossom that these two human children have received. And you decide what you will do with this blossom. Now we will present this blossom to you. Open your hands, go into the deep intention and expand yourself once more. Breathe in a rhythm that guides you into the depth of your Self. All your channels open. It will be the angels who will present this very special blossom to you. This we will do for you to the sounds from the divine Reality.


(Music is played.)


The big soul Buddha now asks you to look at the blossom with your mind's eye. Take your time. What does it look like? What do you feel? With each breath you become aware that this is a gift. An energetic gift from the divine Reality for you in the here and now. And thus I ask you: Do you want to make a decision? Are you willing to appreciate this gift by being careful? For the background to this story is that care lets you become free to accept the gifts of life. Care is connected with gratitude. And only these energies permit you to realize and to feel what gifts mean. When you carry this gift in your heart full of care, then you will fare like the human child who turned to it full of trust and was allowed to experience the miracle. For so many human beings move in the duality and hardly feel the gifts that are brought to them.


When you realize that accepting is something positive your attitude will change. When you realize that care and gratitude are energies that make it possible for you to handle all life situations differently in the here and now, then you will experience the miracle. For there is no separation there. It is unity, it is connection. The messages that reach you in your soul comprise these energetic gifts. But receiving and with it understanding is something you have to decide. Not tomorrow, but NOW. When you decide in favor of care and gratitude for this gift you will, when you look at this gift once more now, already be able to see or feel a change.


The big soul Buddha would like to prepare you for receiving these energetic gifts and living them naturally. When you are full of care, then you are also full of care towards your soul. This makes your soul feel happy and balance will take place. This balance you will also be able to feel in the physical aspect.


Let the energy of Buddha flow into you and feel how bliss arrives. For only what you feel now counts. This feeling you can feel in every moment of your life. Also give Lady Gaia the energy of bliss and of peace.


Thus the big soul Buddha says goodbye to each and every one of you.


I speak the sounds with the flowing energy of AN'ANASHA.