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Public Channeling of July 4, 2012



Jesus Christ:

  • The Holy Grail of Stonehenge Is Kindled



I am who I am. I am who I have always been. I am who I shall always be, Jesus Christ, God's Son. In the light of my love for you I greet you with the words OMAR TA SATT.


Thousands of light beings have gathered to be there for this event, when a Holy Grail is kindled on your planet. The pearl of the magic fire power is in this Holy Grail. It was embedded and left as heritage of God on Earth. Through SOL'A'VANA it is possible in the now-time to kindle this energy and thus let it come alive. Each and every one of you has a part for you will feel what it means when the highest magic power, and in addition the Holy Grail, the heritage of God, come alive. Let me tell you, the perfect sound is in each and every Holy Grail. Thus it will be that you absorb the energies, they will be distributed in your aspects. In some of you who are ready for it the impression of the Holy Grail with magic power will be kindled. This energy will be connected with SOL'A'VANA.


El'Shara is in the energetic field of the Holy Grail already. He will work with Angel Michael and Merlin. The flow of energies will be brought directly to you through space and time. It takes a high consciousness to understand with the heart that this is another step that lets you realize what it means that you are a divine human being on Earth and bear omnipotence as well as the heritage of God in you. Absorbed in so many incarnations it will now be kindled in the present. I will accompany you, loving, bearing, healing.


Thus I ask you: go into the depth of your Self, relax completely, unify your chakras and expand yourself, just as a sun expands into all directions. While this is taking place you will be grounded on all levels and freed of collective energies that do not serve you. Now ask your personal group of angels to bring your ability aspect, your soul aspect, the aspect of your High Self and your work aspect to meld. Activate your Heart Ray and give the permission that the high energies of magic are supplied to you. Perhaps it was you who once held the Holy Grail in your hands, the heritage of God. Each and every human being carries this impression within. Each and every human being belonging to the golden-blue frequency.


It is a holy moment when the energies are released now. These energies will flow directly into your soul. At the same time El'Shara, Angel Michael, Merlin and many light beings of love and wisdom will begin to send the energy flow through space and time directly into your soul.


(Music is played.)


Still the energy of holy magic, the heritage of God is flowing to you and touches your soul most deeply. Memories awaken. Magic is a very powerful energy. It is the energy of omnipotence and you will use it for the good of the human beings. Once magic is kindled it will be possible for you to bundle energies and bring energies to the human beings with great radiant power.


If you are ready we will now kindle the Holy Grail of magic in you and connect it with SOL'A'VANA. You will feel what power seizes you. You will also feel what an honor it is to be a bearer of God's heritage. Make up your mind, as is right and good for you, whether the light impression, the Holy Grail of the fire energies of magic and the power of Excalibur shall be kindled and connected in you. If you agree then speak these words to yourself:


Ehyeh Asher Ehyeh. I am So'Ham. I am bearer of the divine energy and Avatar on Earth. I decide to let the energy of the Holy Grail of magic be kindled in me. I carry the responsibility and the consciousness to also give this light to other human beings, just as is right and good for them.


And if you are ready then lay your hands on your heart and ask the golden angel in you to connect your omnipotence aspect with all aspects. Thus Jesus himself will kindle the Holy Grail, God's heritage of magic in you.


(Music is played.)


It is light on Earth. A wave of energy will circle around the globe. Thus feel that there are no words, only love in your heart. Now you are a bearer of God's heritage, the fire energy magic. I say AN'ANASHA to each and every one of you for it is no coincidence that you are here today. Your yearning and your intention have carried you here. Thus your intention is glowing radiantly and full of light in your light body. Let the human beings share this. I also say AN'ANASHA to El'Shara who has kindled the first Holy Grail with the help of Merlin, Angel Michael and many high light beings. Hear the words that God's Son speaks to you: You are what you are, what you have always been and shall always be: A divine light in a human body.


More and more the illusion is yielding and the divine Reality arriving. The divine Reality cannot be destroyed. For the love that you bear will change the Earth.