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Public Channeling of July 6, 2011



Ashtar Sheran:

  • Journey to the Mother Ship
  • Initiation for Easier Travel


  • The Clear Intention for the Golden Age


With the words OMAR TA SATT I greet you, Adonai Ashtar Sheran, in the complete love of peace, of joy and of power. Energy currents from the divine Reality are flowing to you and Ashtar Sheran wants to invite you to follow these energy currents with some of your aspects.


Breathe the light of love into yourself, and while you call your chakras together, expand yourself into all directions, while you feel the sunlight of the one big chakra in yourself you will be grounded on all levels.


Now ask your personal group of angels to bring some of your aspects to the light of God of the circulating truth, of the divine light. Even if it is difficult for some of you to comprehend that aspects can travel with an energetic current this is still possible. Beyond the intellect these aspects are pulled along into the divine Reality with an energetic current. Because of that you have the opportunity to meet Ashtar Sheran as well as many other beings in his ship. The presence alone has a balancing, peaceful and powerful effect. When you go into the intention and give the permission by saying your original name the current of the energy begins to flow. As by themselves your aspects will follow this current. You will feel or perhaps also see when you have arrived on the Ashtar Ship.


Many high lights have gathered there to receive you. Perhaps you can feel and see how these lights approach you, greet you lovingly and guide you. In their love they want to introduce energetic rooms to you, transmit energies to you just as is right and good for each individual. MONA'OHA, let it happen in the trust of the divine Reality that that which is happening now is the divine Reality. Nothing happens just because. It is of important significance that you are on the Ashtar Ship right now. Let it happen now and let yourself be guided. Realize what this means.


These journeys into the divine Reality with your aspects are very important at this time. When the energy currents bring your aspects back again you will receive an initiation from Ashtar Sheran. An initiation that broadens, expands you and makes traveling to Ashtar Sheran easier for you.


Thus your aspects are carried back with the highest energetic currents. This initiation comprises a special energetic pattern. Thus Ashtar Sheran will bring you this energetic pattern. Hear the sounds of the divine Reality. This initiation is like a bridge that connects you with Ashtar Sheran, Confederation of peace and of balance. Enter into the circulating divine field of your Self quite consciously and prepare yourself. The deep intention opens all your channels in you. Full of joy receive this highly energetic pattern now.


[Sounds from the divine Reality are played.]


The energetic pattern that has been brought to you vibrates in the sounds HIAM'ANAR. HIAM'ANAR. HIAM'ANAR. When you speak these sounds in the intention of love the currents will build you a golden bridge. You will be able to travel to the Ashtar Ship with many of your aspects. Feel what this energetic pattern generates in the deepest field of your Self, for it also activates your merkabah. In these times we bring you the message of travel into the divine Reality. They are preparations that are being made for you. To your highest good this energetic pattern will let your merkabah vibrate ever deeper. At the same time you will feel how your energies are being balanced.


So it has happened and thus I bid you welcome. Whenever you speak the sounds HIAM'ANAR Ashtar will direct his focus to you, make possible for you to travel with more and more ease, that traveling brings you realization and peace for yourself.





I am Kryon and greet you with the words OMAR TA SATT. Kryon would like to bring you another message. At present it is still coming to shiftings in the planetary grid. We call you to be in the intention of the omnipresent truth in ELEXIER. But what does it mean when we call you to dip into the deep intention?


Many feel uncertain and do not know whether they really are in deep intention. If you doubt once, that alone is not enough for the intention to contract. Realize that the deepest intention is generated by your trusting dedication even when your intellect cannot follow. The circulating truth of the divine field cannot be comprehended by your intellect. Open your heart and follow the energies of trust. Trust that the messages that we bring for the golden-blue frequency are always brought to you at the right time, just as is helpful to you. This generates the deep intention and it is the key to the gate of awakening. It is the highest frequency of the energy you can generate in yourself. The trust that everything is right and good, just as the energies are being brought. Do not take it to pieces and do not try to understand. If you doubt sometimes, then try to transform this doubt, but do not become rigid, but also allow yourself to feel this energy for you can transform it then. This also generates deep intention.


Thus Kryon asks you, now at this moment, to go into the depth once more and to feel how clear your intention to open and dedicate yourself, that this age, the Golden Age, is the age of trust, is. There are many subjective truths among you human beings. That is good and right. Nothing is wrong, nothing is right and nothing is good and nothing bad. But there is a higher truth and when you unify yourself with your chakras, dedicate yourself to the field of your divinity, you will recognize this higher truth and it will open you, let you become wide.


Kryon brings you this message because trust is of great importance at this time, beyond your intellect. Our love that we feel for you also comprises that we bring the energies in the form of messages onto Earth to you in such a way that is right and good for you, in a cycle that is adapted to the earth energy just as is helpful to you. Now the time will come in which the flow of information of the priest energy and magic arrives, connected with the energies of the Prosonodo Light and the Eleua Energy. It was important for the entire energy of your planet that only after the Eleua Energy and the Prosonodo Light had arrived the training for the other energies that unify with each other can be brought. For Jesus Christ also carries a priesthood within him. Thus examine what circulates in your soul and in your heart, that the words of Kryon are words from the divine Reality and we bring the messages to you just as is right and good.


Thus you have received an initiation that makes it possible for you to travel into the divine Reality and meet Ashtar Sheran in the intention of trust. In this energetic field of peace special energetic patterns can be embedded in your aspects that are also of help to what is coming, to the priesthood and to magic in the unification with the Prosonodo Light and the Eleua Energy to the awakening. Exactly because we love you so much it is so important to us that you allow yourself the quiet to enjoy these energies that are brought to you, to let them flow in the certainty that they are of help to you. For very many energies are flowing together and connecting now. Thus it is important to feel with the power of trust once more so that doubt is transformed and so that trust is the highest energy for you yourself. For with this trust you can generate a field that is full of power.


We love you immeasurably. A NI O'HEVED O'DRACH.