Public Channeling of June 1, 2016



  • Notice the Changes
  • The Duality Is Inflating
  • The New Energy Is Nourishing Itself


I am Kryon. With the magnetic love energy that I bring you and with the sounds of OMAR TA SATT I greet you, I touch the depth of your soul. For the energy of Kryon is shining very intensively in the present moment. You can feel it with each breath you take.

The energetic change is moving forward and expanding. Look at the human beings and notice what is happening. Notice the changes on the planet Solvana. Notice how the light is expanding. Inexhaustibly the golden light expands and touches you. So many changes are arriving and we beyond the very thin veil also look at your planet. And energies begin to flow that are accompanied by decisions. And thus it was decided and Sangitar asked to nourish the focus on the energies of the Pioneers and on the energy of God's Breath, SOL'A'VANA, more, and to spread this energy intensively on your planet with deep intention. You can notice the changes. Where ever you look, notice what is happening on your planet. And each change, be it ever so small, bears something big within.

We transmit many energies in this time, and you can fetch these energies inexhaustibly from there, that enrich you and that carry you. It is like a pot of golden energy that fills and expands, that nourishes itself, and you are standing in front of it. It is up to you whether you want to draw from these energies, strengthen and support yourself. Notice what is happening on your planet. Notice the good, the true. Notice the change with its processes that are taking place. Feel the softness of the magnetic love energy, the word, the energy that supports and carries you, that accompanies you into the New World. Each energy is manifested with every thought, with every feeling and with every act. All the tracks you have already and will continue to put down are being nourished now. Nourished with the energy of the Holy Grails. They are being nourished with the unified element. They are being nourished with the spirit of creation. They are being nourished with TORA'AN'TARIA.

We know that there are still times that are not easy for you, for the energy of the duality is hard. It is strict and it puts on, it is manipulative. You are soft, full of light and love. You carry such wonderful energies. And of course you feel this hardness of the duality much more intensively than human beings who do not occupy themselves with it. You carry the energetic patterns that have expanded, that support and strengthen you, even if perhaps you do not feel this sometimes. But we see this and we observe the events very carefully and we can see that the duality, the energy of might is building up and inflating itself. But trust the words of Kryon, as you have always done: These energies will collapse. What will remain will be a radiance of light. The New Energy has arrived and is nourishing itself. It nourishes itself with each breath you take. Lady Shyenna is nourishing herself in her planetary consciousness. And as hard as the energy of the duality may be, it will not stand a chance against the light and the love, against the energy of the divine Reality that is pouring in. All the energies that have been embedded, carried with so much love, the unification of the Holy Grails, all of that is now being very intensively nourished lightfully from all sides and is expanding. We can see this expansion on your planet. But we can also observe that it is coming to energy collections. Because of that we have asked Arkturians to support the planet again, to support Lady Shyenna and to support the human beings. Thus, in these moments Arcturian energies are also working intensively, that every one of you can perceive so noticeably.

And when you absorb the words of Kryon in you you will notice that, if you let yourself fall everything will get much easier. Your soul, it feels the lightful, the divine Reality. Let yourself be guided by the impulses of your soul. Let yourself be guided by the words of the spirit world and unify with your Spirit of Creation you carry within. In these times all mystic energies are very expanding. The mystic healing spirit nourishes itself more and more intensively.

The transformations are taking place everywhere on your planet. From the current state of the weather you can see how much change has arrived already. Nothing is as it once was anymore. Recognize these signs. Recognize and feel the energy that is building up, on both sides. And see the pot of the Golden Miracles, the golden energy, from which you can draw whenever you want. We pour the magnetic love energy over you. We see your light body and your deep intention. Sangitar was asked to be in more attention for all energetic patterns and transmissions in this time. And every one who is clairsentient can feel how intensive the energetic patterns behind each word that the spirit world brings you are.

It was decided that in the here and now Eleua Energy, the heavenly joy, will be transmitted to you for the healing session. For joy and gratitude are very intensive energies that have a healing effect, on your physical body as well. They ensure relaxation, security, peace. Because of that enjoy this intensive transmission and let yourself fall in the energies that you feel, that have built up here in this room. Feel the angels that are sitting at your feet. Feel the deep love that is being evinced for you and hear the quiet whispering of the angels when they speak to you and let you know: You are being loved immeasurably.