Public Channeling of June 3, 2015



  • The NA'NAAM Energy Is Brought
  • The Process of Naturalness


In the graceful light of glory I, Adamis, welcome you in the here and now, beyond time and space, in the moments of stillness and the highly energetic lines of the magnetic field of NA'NAAM. The sounds of OMAR TA SATT convey the energy of belonging to you.

Chosen is your planet, chosen are you, the divine human beings who live on this planet. I, Adamis, have been chosen to bring the NA'NAAM energy to you in the collective in great abundance in the here and now, for the planetary consciousness Lady Shyenna, for the planet Solvana. Each and every one of you will feel this energy differently, and everyone will absorb it according to his personal orientation and store it in himself.

Before your planet left the merkabah of the divine field this planet, as well as other planets, was supplied with pure magnetic energy. This energy helps to make life in the universes possible. When your planet left the magnetic lines it was no longer possible to bring the NA'NAAM energy to this planet, for the radiant power would have been too intensive. And thus some of the Nunis were called upon and asked to change to your universe in order to bring a lighter but still very intensive energy to you. The magnetic love energy of Kryon is an example for this. But your planet is carrying out a big change and we are watching this change in every moment, beyond time and space. What is happening in the planetary consciousness bears an enormous change for the entire planet, but also for all inhabitants this planet accommodates.

You have heard from Sangitar and from many beings of the high lights of the 36 High Councillors that now a process has begun that will bring everything to change. A new beginning, a new age, new events of the day, a change of ages are approaching. What this will look like in detail is a process that takes place without anyone being able to give detailed information about it. But the events on Earth have changed since the sounds changed and Solvana arrived. Pure energy of the divine Reality comes through a membrane and meets energy of the duality. These currents unify and are released to be transformed. This has consequences for your planet, but also for each and every inhabitant. You have been selected and chosen to be present at this process. You were called upon to be part, to feel you belong and to awaken in yourselves. There are many Pioneers in your frequency who have already put down the tracks that the energy will follow. But further, many tracks are needed from you so that this energy of the New Age can expand and form itself. In these moments of change you feel in a way that the energies have changed not only in the planetary consciousness but also in you. The powerful energy currents, they work on your physical aspect in particular. But let me tell you that these energy currents are healing and strengthening, for you are expanded and orientated in a spiritual energetic direction, that is right and good for you. You were ready to receive and you are ready to give.

When we observe you as divine human being we can perceive many changes. Thus we can see, for example, that certain chakras regress. The root chakra is regressing. This may cause a narrowness in many of you so that it can be harder for energy to drain away than you are used to. But why do the chakras change and regress? The reason is that there is a big unified chakra and the new energy lets you feel and shows you that everything you do you should do with your heart chakra, with your big soul. Many energy currents you are absorbing now work on your soul aspect and the emotional level with particular intensity, but also in the spiritual areas, in the omnipotence aspect, connection aspect, on all your aspects. The 19th aspect is also very active.

It is very important to feel when you are moving in which energy, which currents you open up to, what you let yourself be guided by, and what is actually important to you. On the one hand you will have noticed that much is changing energetically in such a way that thinking is very hard for many human beings in these times, that even conversations and communication between human beings is getting harder, that you experience time leaps in your everyday life that confuse you, that time as you know it begins to dissolve, that to formulate ideas clearly, to plan and structure something is very hard in this phase of the change. But this is a process that is very natural, for it leads you back into the naturalness. Even though you were taught to communicate with words, to structure your thoughts in many epochs, in many incarnations, in this incarnation as well, it is a process of turning back, and we call it the process of naturalness. But to go through a process is something very important and only when this process has been completed will you be able to feel this naturalness fully in you.

Many of you have noticed perhaps that how you nourish yourselves, eating, as you know it and call it, has changed. Food of animal origin hardly agrees with you anymore. The body fights it. A very positive process is that the energies that radiate from the planetary consciousness at the moment and that are brought to Solvana with SOL'A'VANA from the universe have a very rejuvenating effect. And thus feel the glory of the light now, in these moments, the one moment of change in you. Feel the vibration of your cells. Perceive how you absorb the currents of NA'NAAM with each word and are invited to permit this. Perhaps this energy feels a little strange to you, and yet it is the bearer of the highest energies of life, and with each breath you take your cells, your physical aspect, your soul thank you for your readiness, for beyond the intellect the essence of your Self knows these energy currents and they are a connection that you call "going back home".

In so many areas you are going on a journey that could not be more fascinating, and no matter how the Solvana events appear, you are chosen not just to follow these currents, but to go with them. Beyond time and space we look into your light body. We see how much you are ready to absorb these energy currents in you. They strengthen your heart. The naturalness of your essence is almost tangible for you. And while you absorb these energy currents with deep intention hear the message of Adamis:
Every energy is getting stronger, every message more intensive, every Crystal works with many times the intensity, every thought manifests very, very much faster. The time leaps will become more intensive. You will do well not to reflect on all these messages, but to let yourself fall in the currents of the process that is taking place. None of you need to feel fear or carry worry. All is prepared, and you, too, are prepared. We have prepared you, the 36 High Councillors, the many lights of the universe, we have prepared you for one big leap of consciousness, or for many smaller leaps of consciousness that will complete themselves in one big leap of consciousness. It is possible that one or other of you will feel burning in the palms of your hands. Let this happen, too.

I, Adamis, am not a being of big words and still I was chosen to speak to you through Sangitar today, and it is my deep desire to present an AN'ANASHA to Kryon for his services, to the Elias group and to you, too, I carry a golden AN'ANASHA. These energies will connect with the healing session that follows and become more intensive. They will work for nine days in your time and you will feel and also see the rejuvenation. You will feel the strength of your cells and your physical aspect. The possibility that these energies make you tired is there. But then, follow the impulses as is right and good for you. Should the energy become too intensive for you, then turn to Adamis and say stop.

I will not say goodbye for I will be with you in the next nine days in order to look after you and after each and every one. In the light of glory, in the energetic field of the NA'NAAM energy I say