Public Channeling of June 4, 2014


Meditation El'Shara


  • The Human Beings Will Come
  • MONA'OHA Will Go around the Planet
  • Magnetic Love Energy for You in Your Pillar of Light


  • Journey into the Field of Lemuria

Melek Metatron:

  • Energy of Awakening for Lady Gaia
  • Drops of Blessing of Awakening



And so let your eyes close, completely relaxed, wherever you are at this moment, in the awareness that right now at this moment many, many human beings, lights, souls on this planet are expanding their light and going into the light of their loving intention. Human beings, lights who have felt the impulse to make a contribution to the expansion of the light and to contribute to the expansion of the loving energy. Human beings who have felt a certain call and a certain impulse in their heart.

And so, with eyes closed, in the knowledge that right now and right today energies of transformation, of change, and energies of the flow of love, power and strength will reach the Earth, Lady Gaia through you, through us, it is particularly helpful to go into a state of relaxation and deep grounding. In the state of deep grounding, secure, calm and firmly connected with Lady Gaia, the power of your channels, the light of your soul, your light body can develop the further and greater. And so, for this moment and in preparation of the words from the spirit world in you, in your mind, begin to go to a place on this Earth with your third eye which signifies freedom, peace, deep relaxation and love for Mother Earth. In order to thus with your thoughts, with your inner eye regard this place, the surrounding area, its shapes, its colors. To feel the Earth with your body. The distance that surrounds you. The sky which is open and free above you and around you, surrounds you and lets stillness move into your mind and your feelings, in order to enter the flow of connectedness, seated, as comfortable and relaxed as possible. Connected with the planet. Your body which connects with Lady Gaia's body, to feel, to sense, to perceive her as earth, as wind, as water, as fire. To breathe the air and relax your feelings. To feel the peace in you which Mother Earth gives you. To feel the love which Mother Earth gives you and lets flow to you. So that you go more and deeper into this peace and into this love through your calm relaxed breaths. Let yourself be filled by this in your perception of yourself. In your perception of Lady Gaia herself. In order to let the distance and freedom, the clarity arrive in your mind and your thoughts. In order to feel your body and your feeling, how through that you sink calmer, more relaxed and deeper and deeper into peace and loving grounding and enjoy it breath by breath. And enjoy with your mind, now at this time on this planet, during this special time of change you take your place on this Earth in love and light. For as you go deep into connectedness and light, this light shines through you, begins to flow into the world from your open, pure, divine heart, flow into the world slowly over your skin, your body, and to connect with the Earth, with the structures of her grid. And sparkling, shining light of love overflows, surrounds you, integrates you even deeper in the loving heart connection with the now and Mother Earth. For deep in every love also gratitude, the free energy of being grateful for each breath, for each gift, for each ray of love, of grounding, of light and also of change is felt deeply. Thus let this gratitude swell until your heart is filled with it in pure light. Let it overflow in order to be grateful for this present moment, for this breath, for this point in time, for this light. And the carpet of sparkling lights which wraps and surrounds you, expands more throughout the distance of the Earth in order to become one somewhere on the horizon or beyond in sparkling light with the networks and nets of the energy of love and of gratitude of all the other human beings and lights who carry gratitude and love within at this moment and allow it to flow freely. Through that a net of sparkling light weaves and stretches bit by bit and breath by breath, and begins to penetrate the Earth deeper and up into the cosmos, the universe, up to all the shining stars from where all the lights and lightful beings look down who now at this moment devote themselves so intensively with all their light and all their glow. To expand, to nourish this net, the waves of the light and be there for you as much as for the whole planet. So that the shine and the radiant power of this light of gratitude and love pours to them and touches them. You can feel that love and gratitude are a light which is beyond all languages, all thoughts and all origins. That this vibration and this shine lie beyond any intellect and any duality. So that in this light of unity you, embedded, surging, gently moving, can let happen what happens now. In order to give space to touch you and bring light to you as is right, good and wonderful for you, to each word of the spirit world which is carried and brought to you, your light body, your soul and to your heart.

And so enjoy from moment to moment, from gratitude to gratitude, from love to love, from being to being and from word to word. Let yourself fall into the net of sparkling, glittering, pouring light which lights up our world and makes it radiate. And more still, word for word.

Channeling Kryon

I am Kryon and I greet you with the magnetic love energy. With the words OMAR TA SATT I see your collective. Here in this room and outside human beings have gathered in order to listen to the messages of love, the messages of life, the messages of light, to be with them, in them, unified to a beautiful star. Unified the soul lights SHIMAA. The hearts of the human beings who are so loving, so full of trust and who are aware that this is the change of ages, that what is coming and what is has to be the greatest and mightiest thing the planet, Lady Gaia's consciousness and the human beings have experienced.

The gates of Lemuria have been opened and 1728 pillars of light have been erected. They have been erected for you. They have been erected for the work for the greater good. And each and every one who is ready to work in this pillar of light full of strength and love, with intention, has a special task. And still it is so that these pillars of light, they are moving in the energies, in the rhythm of love and they connect themselves with this love. Ley lines are being set up, connections. And so many beings are in this field already. Whenever you are there they greet you, they honor and respect you when you arrive in the field of the divine Reality. This one is still the biggest field on Earth to carry this energy.

And even though it is the golden-blue frequency, it is you, who have smoothed this path and will continue to smooth it, so many frequencies will follow. Human beings will pour to you in this field. For they want to see what triggers the deepest love in them, what lets them be amazed, what lets them laugh and cry because their soul is so deeply touched. They will come across the mountains. They will come across the oceans. They will come in order to see the savior. They will come in order to feel this energy. And thus it is important and very helpful to you if you prepare yourself for everything that happens. Even though we may not be able to give you details, even though your intellect would so like to hear them, about how it happens and what happens. But one thing is certain: The Crystal MONA'OHA has kindled itself. Jesus's work on Earth is complete. Trust will expand more and more. MONA'OHA will go around the planet. MONA'OHA lays itself into the hearts of the human beings, into the hearts of the human beings. You will carry this Crystal in you. Whenever you leave the Crystal Places you will meet human beings who bear the same look as you. By their shining eyes you will see, they are ready. Whenever you touch these human beings you touch them with MONA'OHA, you touch them with your Christ Light. You touch them with your soul and with your heart.

They are wonderful moments and millions of angels have come in order to sing to the planet in the most beautiful sounds, in the most beautiful light, the light of truth and of love. And even though it may come to processes of transformation and even though the human beings in the collective will be confused and the changes may perhaps even frighten the human beings you will be full of strength, you will be the rock, you will put down the tracks eternally. In the adaptation phase you will continue to put down and lead these tracks. You are what you are, what you have always been and will always be: A divine human being on Earth.

And Kryon will now travel to the field of Lemuria in order to receive you in the pillar of light. And thus magnetic love energies will be transmitted to you in this pillar of light which will nourish your aspects and the energy in the pillar of light. The energy, you need it particularly now. For when it comes to processes of transformation, when the new energy arrives completely, you will breathe a different rhythm more. You will feel the light in your cells. You will feel the vibration, the pounding in your chest. And it will be the magnetic love energy which lets you know: All is well. All is well. The cells are reorientating and adjusting themselves. Breathing will adjust itself. And thus you are going to be a carrier of the magnetic love energy of Kryon.

Channeling Shyaad

I am Shyaad, the temple dancer. Again I lead you into the field of Lemuria. I lead you into the divine Reality. Follow the energies of Shyaad, follow the energies of Shyaad. Breathe the energies of SHADEES, breathe the energies of SOL'A'VANA. Your breathing is following the rhythm of the energies. Call your personal group of angels. Call the golden angel in you. May the golden angel guide your aspects to fusion, just as is right and good for you.

And with one breath you are in a mystic forest full of charm and magic. Where the colors are a bit more intensive, the light a bit brighter, the sounds a bit clearer. And this forest, it calls you. And with the rhythm of the energies you go into this charm step by step, let yourself fall in the energy of magic. Call your dragon. And if you are ready, let yourself be guided into the field of Lemuria. There the mystic healing spirits expect you. The energy of Excalibur, the energy of the 36 High Councillors, the energy of Jesus Christ expects you. And Shyaad accompanies you now.

And now I bring each one of you, I bring you into your pillar of light. Speak your original name. And the 36 High Councillors appear around your pillar of light. And while you absorb the magnetic love energy of Kryon let yourself be loved by the 36 High Councillors. And see the glow, the glow of Lemuria and enjoy the pouring energies of the love energy.

(Take a little time)

Feel the energy of Jesus. And while I, Shyaad, accompany you back with your aspects and you breathe in the rhythm of the energies, I call the Lord of Hosts. I call Melek Metatron. Breathe, breathe the light of the energies.

I am always with you.

Channeling Melek Metatron

I am Melek Metatron. I am the Eye of God. With the energy of SHIMAA I greet you in the soul light with the words OMAR TA SATT.

Great change is before your planet and you are bearer of the energies. Sent out once, gone into the deepest duality you have developed epoch by epoch, from incarnation to incarnation. I, Melek Metatron, the Eye of God, I accompany you always and for ever. You are not alone, for the angels, they are with you as well as the light of the energy. And thus Melek Metatron asks you to send energies into Lady Gaia's consciousness. We need you as carrier and as channel. And thus, as is right and good for Lady Gaia, we will send her energy of awakening and currents of SHADEES.

Feel deep inside yourself whether you are ready, whether trust is so deep in you that even though your intellect can not yet fully understand the energies you bathe in MONA'OHA. Are you ready for the new energies? For what shows itself? For the messages of the New Age?

Activate your Heart Ray. And for those in the collective who have already experienced the awakening I, Melek Metatron, ask, put the three Crystals of Awakening on the tip of your Heart Ray and say your original name. And for the whole collective: Choose Crystals such as SHADEES, SHIMAA, JAWES, MONA'OHA, just as is right and good for you, what you feel Lady Gaia needs. Open your Omega Chakra and let these energies go to Lady Gaia.

(Take a little time and send Lady Gaia the energies)

My dearest human child, Melek Metatron looks at you and I say to you A NI O'HEVED O'DRACH, you are the best thing the Earth is carrying.

And before Melek Metatron says goodbye, in your honor, in the honor of every living being living on this planet energy of awakening is poured out of the divine thought field, from the divine Source for each single consciousness, as is right and good. They are the drops of blessing of awakening. Connect yourself deeply with Lady Gaia and I say to you: SO IT IS.


(Take a little time for the transmission of the drops of blessing)