Public Channeling of June 5, 2013



  • The Big Transformation



I am Kryon. I greet you with the magnetic love energy, with the highly vibrating sounds of OMAR TA SATT.


Kryon has been chosen to bring you the messages of change. They are the messages from the divine Reality and of truth. Each word that Kryon gives you through Sangitar is enriched with the magnetic love energy that Kryon bears. This magnetic love energy plays an essential role at this time of big change. You have already heard so much about this magnetic love energy. It has entered your consciousness. You have absorbed it in the duality for such a long time. And this magnetic love energy that flows with each word comprises that your system calms and balances itself on all levels. So that you can relax even deeper in the present moment while the angels sit at your feet, have hurried here in order to be with you, to honor, to respect you, to love you, to express the respect and the esteem that you deserve in these times. For the change is great.


And thus we go back once more, to when the universe released the energy SHADEES in order to avert a premature high point of the ascension. These energy currents of SHADEES have such a powerful transforming effect. At the same time God's breath, SOL'A'VANA, is being brought to you through the veils more. This has a connecting effect. Thus two energies meet that the human beings sometimes feel in their consciousness as something that can cause conflict and struggle within itself. No longer knowing exactly what is really happening.


Kryon and the spirit world have always brought you the message that everything is going to change the closer the high point of the ascension comes. This change that is in process in the duality now shows that Lady Gaia has experienced a process of awakening in many parts of her consciousness. The great transformation has started, beginning with the element water. Water is something that flows and moves, that brings change. Water is something you cannot hold on to. Through SHADEES and the struggle between emotions, feelings, truth and also the Lucifer energies that expand, that express their power and try to fight SOL'A'VANA and SHADEES, something has started that was very cleansing. You have experienced very many natural disasters on your planet in recent times, and the element water has occupied many regions.


Kryon will tell you why.

On the one hand Lady Gaia was not able to hold the crusts of old feelings and emotions that she has absorbed any longer. At the same time it was also the case that through the energy of SHADEES the most intense feelings, emotions, partly also anger and conflict occupied, as you call it, the human beings. With the big transformation through the water, the movement, much has been cleared now. We have often brought you the message that the outside will collapse and power structures cannot last anymore. And thus in recent times many feelings and emotions have been experienced once more. Then the big transformation started and major cleansing took place. When you go into yourself and feel really deep inside, then you can already feel this cleansing. For what has changed with this transformation is that feelings that are borne by power and anger, annoyance and worry can no longer last. They have been washed away with the water. Regardless of how intensively you have perceived the recent times in your feelings and emotions, whatever has surfaced that perhaps, particularly as Avatar on Earth, you did not understand, was a cleansing process that was necessary so that the next phase can be initiated. Thus wonderful things have occurred for many of you, for what is beginning in the emotional area now is that nothing that is not in accordance with the truth can last. As soon as feelings and emotions of the illusion of fear, conflict, anger and also deep doubt want to settle on the surface of your soul, it will not be possible anymore. With a few breaths you will feel the truth and the true feelings behind it all, namely the love and the unification of God's breath, SOL'A'VANA.


Thus Kryon can announce that it is true, it is an intensive time of transformation on Earth that has been foretold, but that this process is finishing now and very much will change for you and your soul. Thus Kryon calls you to feel this deeply with the magnetic love energy now when you go into your innermost depth with a few breaths and expand yourself there. When you now feel an event that has burdened you intensely recently, where you may have thought there is no way forward for you, then feel now after the great transformation how you feel now and what has changed.


(Feel the change)


You will be able to feel, where feelings of despair have been, feelings of anger, of conflict or fear, something has moved into this place that is higher, that feels different, like a clearing. You feel the truth and can let go of these energetic currents that burden you and that belong to the illusion. Try it with three breaths.


(Take three breaths and feel the change)


This process of transformation, although it showed itself so intensively, was a blessing for Lady Gaia as well. There were many things she was not able to hold anymore. Thus much has been broken open and underneath was the pure consciousness, the freeing of Lady Gaia. Because SHADEES brings the energy currents onto your planet it may even be possible that through these energy currents and the great transformation the high point will take place much gentler, step by step. And for this the human beings should be grateful. But there are those human beings who have lost very much through this intensive process on Earth. Their existence, some human beings have lost their houses, some even their home. Many look at the pieces and do not know how to carry on. From the perspective of the high lights very much compassion was seen among the human beings through SOL'A'VANA. In these times the human beings move closer and help each other.


We, too, want to ask you to send energy, especially PRADNA, with deep compassion to all those human beings who have lost so much and perhaps do not know how to carry on. Thus Kryon asks you to activate the Heart Ray. Put the Crystals PRADNA, ARIS and SOL'A'VANA on the tip. Now ask your personal group of angels for support. If possible open your mind's eye and imagine how many human beings need energy in these intensive times. And thus let your Heart Ray go there, let it vibrate and then release the Crystals.


(Take some time for the transmission)


Now fetch your Heart Ray back and hear the message of Kryon. Water stands for feelings. Everything has been washed away. Dykes collapsed. Floodings took place. If you understand with the heart you know how many human beings were, if water symbolically stands for feelings. How it was for Lady Gaia to experience this transformation. What follows will be further quakes, everywhere on your planet. But Kryon announces that you will feel this clearing, this tranformation, as intensive as it was, in you and in your soul, how no negative feeling can last longer than three breaths. That is a facet, a level of the new age that will be followed by more levels.


Your intention to receive the messages of the spirit world induces you to come here. To take difficult journeys upon yourself in order not just to hear these messages, but to absorb them. Thus Kryon will transmit the magnetic love energy to you with all his love. Prepare yourself and open yourself. Thus we will finish something now that was very important for you. The magnetic love energy will be transmitted and embed itself in your system. You will feel lighter. When you leave this room today you will feel that all the bottled up emotions and feelings are no longer there and you go in peace. With the certainty that the highest energy has reached you. Thus Kryon begins now to let the magnetic love energy flow in through your Alpha Chakra.


(Take the time to absorb this energy)


I speak to each and every one of you. I speak to the human beings who have an expanded consciousness. Something wonderful will happen. I will try to explain it with human words. It is possible that in your thoughts and in your spirit you will still allow energy currents you know. Vulnerability, worry, anger. But you will notice immediately that your emotional field does not react to this anymore. You may have it in your spirit, but the feelings will not match it. Perhaps you will still notice it in your physical aspect. It will surprise you that something like that is possible. As Sangitar always asks me to express things on a very human level I will give you a very simple example. Perhaps your spirit will form itself to a thought energy of "I am afraid" in a situation. But you will feel immediately, with three breaths, that you do not feel this emotion. That will be something comletely new for you. Because of that I call you to try not to let these thought currents into your spirit in the first place if you can at all. Then you will feel a unity as you may not have ever felt it before. For it was a big part-awakening of Lady Gaia. And the more often you feel the new you will not be able to perceive the old anymore. You will not be able to understand it anymore and your feelings will be positive, full of confidence and joy whenever you open yourself for it.


Once more Kryon asks you, when you leave this room have compassion with all those human beings who need your help. Thus I say goodbye with the immeasurable love, with the magnetic field of my light, and I say to each and every one