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Public Channeling of June 1, 2011




  • Original Name and Soul Name
  • Words and Feelings
  • New Messages
  • The Golden Ball of Eleua Energy


I am who I am, I am who I have always been, I am who I shall always be - Jesus the Christ, also called Lord Sananda. In many facets of the Christ Energy I warmly welcome you today, now and here at the moment, as Jesus with the words OMAR TA SATT.


I am deeply connected with Sangitar. You can feel the energy that originates in the divine truth at this moment for it lets you go into the quiet. It lets you become calm. Forgotten the bearing load of everyday life. Here you can let yourself fall into the energies of the truth and love. Here you can be as you are. For I love you as you are.


As you are I whisper to you, child of God, put yourself into my hands. Grant me that I pour the benedictory energy over you that takes away the burdens. That lets you feel that the real and the important thing is what you bear within. The light of love, the realization who you are. The knowledge of your original name that helps you to remember that you were once created in the universe. That you have cosmic parents who love you, accompany you with each breath. The original name that shows you that your abilities, your imprints are released when you use it for yourself.


For a long time the energy of the soul names was very important. But in this New Age it was very, very important to us that you receive your original name. For the original name is free from any energies of the different epochs and incarnations whatsoever. The original name is what it is and because of that works with a strength and power that guides you into the realization how wonderful you are. The original name does not contain any patterns or imprints of incarnations that may burden or block you. It is free and only for you personally. Embedded in your field it works with the power to guide you into the divine power. But divine power in a strength that is right and good for you. The realization that you carry everything you need in yourself.


Because of that I now call you to deeply connect with your original name, to establish a connection with your cosmic parents, and to feel a pure love without energetic patterns, without energetic energies from any epochs that block this flow. For it is the purest love that is brought to you direct from the divine Reality and shows you with how much love and respect you have been created as light. If you do not know your original name, connect with the energy of your origin and you, too, will feel that your cosmic parents transmit this energy to you.


For even a soul name, may you like it ever so much, always comprises an energetic pattern of incarnations from various epochs, and in this New Age this no longer serves you. What serves you is the radiant power of your imprint, the radiant power of love that does not comprise judgment, that is what it is and reflects you as light, as pure light.


While this is happening we let the energy of your cosmic parents flow into your original aspect. This is carried out with sounds from the divine Reality. For the sounds that touch your soul guide you even deeper and let you realize how wonderful you are.


In addition to the sounds and energies that your cosmic parents have given you, you have a personal group of angels that you carry within. When it is awakened it works for you with great strength. You carry a Representative of Love who has accompanied you from the beginning of time. All of this leads you into the power, for it is the time of action.


We will disclose our messages, that have been considered as secret up until now, step by step via Sangitar, for the energies, they are vibrating so highly. Because of that it is also so important to understand that it is not the big words but perhaps the small differences that the words which you use comprise. The feelings in you. Often you believe that the first feeling is the feeling of your soul. But I tell you, the true feeling in you speaks quietly. It is not immediately recognizable. It requires space and quiet to feel the inner truth.


But now feel the energy of your original parents and with the sounds that will be gentle, in the hands of the Christ, let yourself be guided into the source of the energy that lets you feel how much you are being loved.


[Music is played.]


Continue to feel the current of the energy of your cosmic parents. For so many years we have brought messages to you through Sangitar. Step by step we have accompanied you. Now the time has come where we reveal the higher knowledge and wisdom. The more important it is that you realize: A feeling is always quiet, calm, not intrusive. The truth, it is always simple. And love stands above it all. The love that carries you, that leads you into the New Age. The truth is embedded in this love. This truth finds its way. Thus it was from the beginning of time and will always continue to be. This bearing energy that finds its way, through all obstacles.


Try to feel that the highest wisdom is concealed behind the simplicity. Let the truth flow, find its way. Feel yourself in your love. For your cells, they vibrate ever higher. Each piece of information that is carried to you stores itself in these cells. Thus each energy manifests itself via a piece of information and is transported to the outside and shows you a situation.


Hear the words of Jesus once more: It is not the big words, it is not the loud feeling that puts you under pressure. It is something simple, something quiet that sets the world and the Earth in motion. God’s truth is never loud. God’s truth never puts under pressure. God’s truth does not manipulate. God’s truth does not interfere. Nevertheless, out of love for you we hold information back until the entire energy is ready to be able to take in this information. For an information that comprises such high energies has to be balanced, has to find its place, be embedded and serve the big picture. Not just an individual. This is what we want to convey to you. Jesus loves each individual immeasurably. But the big picture is a very important energy. The big picture comprises each single one of you again, the entirety of the human beings, also the energy of Lady Gaia.


The times will come in which the mights will begin to work and many human beings want to scare you by telling you stories about illness, dying and aging. These are not the words of truth. For the truth is that your cells absorb the informations of truth and love inasmuch as you permit them to. You yourself decide where you direct your focus to at this time. Again and again I want to emphasize: Direct your focus to simplicity, for God is simple.


I am so deeply in this room with the energy that I approach each single one of you with this energy. I want to give you a golden ball. I want to embed it in you with your permission. A golden ball that is filled with the highest divine energy that at present exists on Earth: the Eleua Energy. If you permit I will embed this in your merkabah. There the golden ball will circulate and the pure divine power will flow.


You are a high light in the human body. I would like to remind you once more that once you were a light beyond the veil. When your cosmic parents released you and you went into the duality they gave you everything you need. This realization works deeply if you can take it in with your heart. For then you know, you are not alone.


Thus I say goodbye to each one of you as Jesus, who loves you so immeasurably, with the words A NI O'HEVED O'DRACH.