Public Channeling of May 4, 2016



  • The Spirit of Creation Is in You
  • A Metaphor


I am Jophiel, the Spirit of Creation. I greet each and every one, the collective with the sounds of OMAR TA SATT. With each word he brings to you through Sangitar, in the present moment, Jophiel shares a particularly intensive energy. This energy embeds itself and lets you shine. The Spirit of Creation is in you. Recognize the light and feel the radiance.
These are special times. Deep connectedness with the elements. Deep connectedness with Lady Shyenna. Deep connectedness with the planetary consciousness, Solvana. And once your journey began. A long time ago, when you were not so aware of what you are yet, you stood on the bank of a river. You were surrounded by thicket. You spent a lot of time there. Your soul gave you impulses to cross the river, to swim to the opposite shore. But the river was very wide and it took a lot of courage to go into the water, for you knew that there are currents. But there were human beings who felt so very much, and felt the impulses so very much, and they summoned up all their courage and jumped into the river and began to swim, everyone in their own way. There were currents, there were also times, while you were swimming, when you were quite calm, when you felt that you are being carried, when you felt the lightness. To many human beings it sometimes felt like a struggle to swim against the current. But the flow of energy, the light of the Spirit of Creation carried you to the other bank into the Third Age. Now you have arrived on the bank and in the Third Age - this is what we call the cycle of energy, the zero phase or the Third Age. Perhaps you still feel a bit tired, weak, and yet: You made it. You have arrived in the Third Age. You have arrived on a bank that comprises all the new, and now it is for you to discover this new.
Sometimes it seems as though you are looking across and you see the thicket, and perhaps you even feel yearning sometimes, for the thicket also gave you protection from being seen, being able to hide. Now, arrived in the Third Age, there is no thicket anymore. You are seen. You are seen by the Spirit of Creation of the light in you. You are seen by the angels. You are seen by the human beings who are there and have perhaps even waited for you. And it does not matter how long it took you to cross this river, which resistances, what efforts you had to make, for you have arrived, and that unites you with all the human beings who are there. And even if you may still be tired or are feeling cold, you will notice quickly that the sun alone warms you, that you need nothing but the courage to reconnoitre the new bank. You walk along and perhaps you can not see much yet, but your inner senses, the connected element, shows you the way. You can feel the mystic energies. You can feel how the Christ Consciousness shines. You feel free with each breath and you know, you are at home, the Third Age has begun for you.
In the community, among the human beings you find like-minded human beings and you set out to explore everything that lies before you, and in the soul you feel the special energy, the energy of manifestation, the energy of creating. You feel the carrier energy, the sense of belonging, and all that lets you realize: the Spirit of Creation lives in me. It lives in me and permits me to create. It permits me to create. It is nice to be seen in all your splendour. You do not have to hide anymore. And a lightness expands. You feel that where you are now you finally find peace in yourself. The Spirit of Creation permits you the highest form of manifestation. He permits you to use the living Spirit of Creation in you in order to create. Do not look back to the thicket. Do not look back into the darkness. Do not look back to all the effort and strength you needed in order to cross this river, but arrive and realize: You are in the Third Age. You are still permitted to rest, to regenerate, gather strength, and with each breath you feel the sun on your skin, the sun as it shines. This shining embeds itself, deep in all the layers of your soul, for it is the sounds of the angels, they are singing for you, for you, God's child, God's human being, for you, Spirit of Creation, for you, for you. They are singing: SHAN'THIE'MAA, we serve you eternally.
We were with you when you crossed the river. We were always at your side. When you thought you would sink we were the ones who carried you. When you were carried off course through a current we were the ones who supported you to swim on, not to fight it, to give yourself to it. And in the Third Age we are there for you even more intensively, for the sounds, they vibrate: TORA'AN'TARIA, TORA'AN'TARIA, the sound of creation, the original sound of God. And you feel the connection with all the life that surrounds you, with all the new that is waiting for you. Peace accompanies you for you know: You have made it.
But when you look back you will see many human beings who do not have the courage, not yet, to cross the river. Full of compassion you feel the only thing you can do, namely call to the human beings with your Heart Ray and the Crystal MONA'OHA: Trust, trust, MONA'OHA, be brave, dare to jump and arrive at the other bank, arrive in the Third Age. And the human beings, they hear you and their impulses will get stronger and stronger. And thus begins the biggest transformation and the change of consciousness of all humanity.
Respect and honour the Third Age, respect and honour the Spirit of Creation in you. Thus you will realize that where you are now there are no limitations for you anymore. Let yourself be guided by the impulses of your soul. Let yourself be guided by your abilities. Let yourself be guided by the Spirit of Creation. Let the lightful beings support you who sing for you: SHAN'THIE'MAA, we serve you eternally, eternally, eternally.