Public Channeling of May 6, 2015


Jesus Christ:

  • New Sorting Takes Place
  • Expect the Miracle


I am who I am, who I have always been, shall always be. I am Jesus Christ, God's Son. In the soul light of SHIMAA I greet you with the highly vibrating sounds of OMAR TA SATT. With each word the energy here in this room is raised. Feel the light of Jesus. Feel the connectedness and the love that expands in you.

The light has arrived on Earth, and thus the planet Earth became Solvana. The sounds that the universe carried to Lady Shyenna through the veils of the divine Reality through you were like a deep realization of the light, for each single sound was nourished with the original energy of Solvana. With each sound that was brought to Lady Shyenna and entered the deep consciousness of the Earth, and the transformation of the originality took place, was like a miracle for Lady Shyenna. Something changed with each sound. Lady Shyenna has changed and the expansion of the consciousness of the planet has changed.

And you have changed. We perceive that the structure in you has changed. You are vibrating on a higher level and with each sound the breath of God, SOL'A'VANA, vibrates in a faster rhythm. Miracles come true. But it takes the human beings who join together, just like you. It takes the human beings, the divine lights on Earth, who believe in the miracle and are full of MONA'OHA that the miracle will appear on Earth. It takes human beings who develop their consciousness more and more and more, for the new cycle has reached Solvana. The energies expand further and further, and with each breath you take you can feel the vibration in your cells. In the linear time you have carried out many and significant expansions of consciousness since 1987, until now. With the new cycle, too, you will change again and work and be on a very high level of consciousness. You can recognize and feel each energy and each light, each truth much more intensively. And even now it turns out that many, many human beings communicate through feeling, through pictures, and that words are an addition that is very important, it's true, for as you know, words can heal and also hurt. But with the arrival of the new cycle a new era has begun nonetheless, and this new era is also in you. Your cells are vibrating on a high level of energy and you perceive many things differently.

For some human beings the sudden change of their emotional life is a bit tiring, or they can not understand it. But it is very simple, just as all divine things that come to you are simple. Experiencing the emotional level towards other human beings, experiences on the emotional level with memories and pictures is arriving, and really deep inside you feel that this will be the new way in which you will communicate with human beings. You feel these moments of euphoria, love, and feelings of bliss in many, many moments. These moments expand more and more, and this energy will stay in you as by itself. Because the high level of feelings, as you feel it now, at the moment, may be something new for you, but it is the origin in you that shows you and lets you feel, deeper and deeper, what meaning your life has here on Earth. You have spent many days in the absolute divine Reality. In the truth and in the realization the sounds of the divine Reality have been poured over you, and it is often the case that when one returns into the collective of the duality, into your everyday life, that you find it very hard because the yearning in your soul to eternally feel this energy of the divine Reality is so great, eternally, eternally, eternally.

Lady Shyenna is ready. Many aspects in her have been carried to awakening and a new sorting is taking place on your planet. Welcome everything that changes and becomes different, even the change and difference in you, for you will feel all the high energies from many incarnations on your spiritual path that have been stored very clearly now, in this time. Thus a new sorting is taking place in you as well. The energies in you are finding their way into the deepest depth of your soul. Your soul is full of joy that this is happening now. Also, the Prosonodo Light, the Eleua Energy, the Mahatma Energy are working intensively in these moments of the present time and many new energies are arriving, for now that the energy is so expanded it is possible that the veils open and the abundance of energies are carried to your planet and to you. These realizations guide you into a deeper awakening, they guide you into the realization why you kept returning in all your incarnations and took so much upon yourself. Welcome the new cycle each day and feel the increase in your consciousness with each memory, with each energy, with each sound and each light, with each Crystal, and with open heart, full of MONA'OHA, expect the miracle that is taking place in you and on your planet. And it is not just your planet, it is also my planet. And thus let all of us together continue to expand the energies so that Solvana can achieve even deeper realization and the sounds nourish themselves. Lady Shyenna wishes for these sounds so much, and with each word that Jesus carries to you these sounds are contained and flow to Lady Shyenna.

I touch you in the depth of your soul, for you are my companion, just as I am your companion. This love will be always, eternally, and nourish itself. I pour the Prosonodo Light over you and initiate the healing process. You carry your light to the outside, and more and more human beings approach you, less and less do you meet rejection. The human beings feel this change more and more deeply. Always make yourself aware that you are an Avatar on Earth, and with each breath enjoy the intensive healing session with Jesus, El'Shara and Sangitar.