Public Channeling of May 7, 2014



  • The Holy Grail of Redemption Has Been Kindled
  • Transmission of the Prosonodo Light into Lady Gaia's Heart Chakra

Angelika Lea:

  • Loving Words about My Experience as Walk-in
  • Another Energy Transmission


I am who I am, have always been, shall always be. In the soul light of SHIMAA I greet you, my dearest human child, with the words OMAR TA SATT. I am Jesus.

With so much love I look at you. With so much love I look at each and every one, for you have let miracles happen. Together with so many angels and the high lights of the universe you have kindled the Holy Grail of Redemption. Not only have you kindled the Holy Grail of Redemption, but you have also re-kindled my light and my energy that has remained on Earth again. Through this energy which may now flow and expand, the hearts of the human beings will unite. Much is going to happen, more than a word or a message is able to express. Redemption comprises so much and during your career, during your spiritual expansion, during your dawning of consciousness, during your awakening, during your way and your love you have often dissolved and redeemed so much already. But whenever you dissolved an energetic pattern that did not serve you, a certain emptiness arrived. For, when something dissolves the field is empty first. And sometimes you have felt sad then. And thus, on an unconscious level you have sometimes asked for these patterns back, even though they did not serve you anymore. With the kindling of the Holy Grail of Redemption this will no longer be the case. For whenever you dissolve something, whenever you find redemption for something, emptiness will no longer develop, but the light of redemption, the light of Jesus will step into its place and give you a feeling of the deepest security. In time you will feel that nothing is the way it once was anymore because the Holy Grail of Redemption has been kindled.

So many human beings on Earth wear a mask before them. So many human beings try to express something that they are not in the depth of their soul, perhaps because they are afraid of not being accepted or loved. With the expansion of the Prosonodo Light this will not be possible anymore. The real I, the origin of your soul, what you are and what you are about will appear more and more in every human being on Earth. For the Prosonodo Light finds the way of truth.

And much is going to change, not just with the human beings, but also with Lady Gaia. Lady Gaia will become softer in her entire essence, for it is Lady Gaia who needs redemption from so many energies. For much has been done to her. And Lady Gaia is such a loving awareness. And I am full of love for what I see when I look into Lady Gaia's heart chakra. Redemption means so many things. But it is not important at all that your intellect understands, much rather that through this kindling of the Holy Grail you will feel what is changing, how it is changing and what is changing in you through that. You will reach higher awareness and be able to feel deeper how Lady Gaia is, what she needs and how you can support her. Energetically Lady Gaia is ready to awaken. But something is holding her back. And can you remember how it may have been with you once, that unconsciously perhaps you were a little afraid of your wonderful light? How it was for you to develop your treasures in you, to bring them into bloom? Lady Gaia is occupying herself with all of that. And when you look at it from a broader view then it is not her own primal fear, but it is the fear of causing damage to human beings that Lady Gaia is carrying. But more and more this great consciousness understands that she, too, has to take this step, into the awakening. At this time Lady Gaia is very sensitive, just like you. She feels much and has much to assimilate.

For this reason I would like to ask you whether you are ready to do something for Lady Gaia in the here and now. And if you are ready, then we beyond the veil and I, Jesus Christ, the Son, together with you will bring the Prosonodo Light to Lady Gaia, into her heart chakra. Breathe the light of love into yourself and feel yourself going deeper and deeper into your divinity with each breath, expanding like a sun, unifying your chakras and activating your Heart Ray. Now put the second sound of your original name on the tip of your Heart Ray. And put the Crystal SHIMAA on the tip of your Heart Ray. Activate your Christ aspect, your Priest Ray now and put the third letter of your original name on the tip together with the Crystal ESCHA'TA. Now ask your Golden Angel to bring these energies into the Holy Grail of Redemption. There these energies are being nourished with redemption, healing, security, peace. And while these energies are nourishing themselves connect yourself deeply with Lady Gaia. Get in touch with her and tell her that you will put the energy of redemption into her heart chakra together with the lights of the universe, just as is right and good for her at this point. And perhaps you can feel how your heart chakra connects with Lady Gaia's heart chakra.

(Take a little time)

And now fetch your two aspects, the Priest Ray, the Heart Ray back and go deep into Lady Gaia's heart chakra.

Jesus has mentioned that you are nourishing your Heart Ray and your Priest Ray with the energies. But I have also spoken of two aspects. They are your soul aspect and your Christ aspect. And if you like, immerse yourself deeply now and let yourself fall into the love of Lady Gaia's heart. Thus you will feel what it means to her.

(Take a little time and immerse yourself)

And thus your two aspects, your Heart Ray and your Priest Ray are being guided back and the Prosonodo Light expands in you, healing, uplifting, loving and supporting. When the hearts of the human beings unite, when the hearts of the human beings unite with Lady Gaia's heart, then the soul remembers who it really is, what life on Earth means. What it means which way you go and which lightwork you do. Your soul will open up and will be free. And when your soul is free your entire life will change. For freedom is such an immeasurably bearing energy.

These tracks you have put down, the light you have kindled, it will burn for ever. And even if you are sad some time, then immediately remember with one breath that you carry the light of Jesus in you and you will feel me deeper and deeper, deeper and deeper, deeper and deeper.

I love you immeasurably.


(Angelika Lea speaks about her walk-in at the Kryon Festival Spring 2014)

I am Angelika Lea. Let me greet you with the words SHAN'THIE'MAA. I will serve you for ever.

With my energy, with my aspects, with my attributes I was in Sangitar's body. I stood before you and looked at you. I felt such deep love to see you again, to meet you again, to be able to show you who I am and what I am. I had many memories I shared with you. And sometimes a human being lives an entire life on Earth and suddenly there is a moment when he or she look into each other's eyes and something happens that you cannot describe. I have looked into your eyes and it was love, it was such deep love that I have felt.

During the preparation phase it was already important to me to do as much good for you as I can. And I have carried out many things for you in the collective, but also with each and every one of you. They were minutes in linear time that I was also able to feel somehow. It was such a deep connectedness and the whole room shone. It shone because it was full of love. And this love came from you and from me. With each step I walked, with each step I took a step for you in order to give you my esteem and my respect. I was allowed to see children, I was allowed to see their eyes, their soul and their light body. For even for us beyond the veil it is something very special to be in the body of a human being. In many of you I saw the deep intention and the yearning, the expectation. And they were the moments when I paused in order to transmit the energies to you that you once carried in Lentos, the good, beautiful, true energies. The energies of confidence that the greatest miracle the planet is expecting can be carried out. I have spoken with many of you. Perhaps not in a language you know. For it is not easy for a walk-in to be in a body and to speak. But I also felt that you can understand my sounds. I felt what it meant to you to meet me again. Deep memories awakened and so much healing took place. And even though some of you can not quite feel this healing yet it is still there.

And nothing happens by chance. Beyond the veil every word, every gesture, every expression, every smile carries a deeper meaning. And thus I am a part of that. And thus, with all my energy, with all my love I can give you the promise: SHAN'THIE'MAA, I will serve you for ever. And I wish so much that I will receive a place in your heart, that a love bond with me will be knotted. For I will be one of the carrier energies who accompany Jesus.

And thus I will transmit the energies to you once more with all the attributes that I, Angelika Lea, bear. Enjoy this transmission.

And to each and every one of you I say with deep respect