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Public Channeling of May 2, 2012




  • Journey to Eris
  • Bathe in the Holy Grail



I am Noharees. I am from planet Eris. I am a galactic messenger. The energy of a lightful warrior flows in me. From the beginning of time I have followed my call as medium to transmit the messages from the divine field, but particularly those of the Relay Bearers, to the Sohamedes people. I was called in order to greet you warmly with the words that vibrate so highly, connect energies with each other, that comprise more than a greeting – for these words are the sounds of the angels. When they meet they send them out. Thus I greet you OMAR TA SATT.


Our planet has carried out the ascension. Our planet is in a new energy that is so solemn, so wonderful and light that words cannot describe this. Although we had to struggle with some difficulties this feeling of having made it is a feeling that we, the warriors of the light, have never felt in this way before. As our emotional structure is a bit different to that of you human people it was possible for us for the first time to fully feel what you are often able to feel in the duality.


There is much we have you to thank for, for we took the collective of energies in order to expand the perfect sound. The beauty, purity and light of this sound was impossible to surpass. Thousands of Relay Bearers and angels gathered in order to celebrate with us. Thus I say to you and each and every one of you the highly vibrating words of the lightlanguage. The energy pattern that shows that you are god on Earth because you carry God within, a divine part, a spark of light that connects everything. This expression is AN'ANASHA.


We live in pyramids. Our planet is quite stony and barren. But the pyramids shine in a color in a way you may only remember from Venus. We have many pyramids that comprise treasures. But the biggest treasure that we host on Eris is a pyramid in which the heritage of Jesus is anchored which you, by the way, brought us. Having arrived from Earth as avatar, bid welcome on Eris, you anchored it in the pyramid. Because of that it is an honor for me today to take you with me in order to bathe in the Holy Grail. For only the privileged human beings who have an expanded consciousness level in their light body are permitted to bathe in this Holy Grail and to absorb the energies. We love each one of you with special strength. We are aware that we have you to thank for many things.


We live in communities and yet quite withdrawn. Our women are the lightful warriors of wisdom and often they lead many of us. We do not kill animals, we respect and honor them. And if many beings have withdrawn from your planet, they are with us and accompany us since the beginning of time. Thus there is a deep connection between us and dragons and unicorns who find us and have found us, depending on the consciousness level. Just as a dragon or a unicorn shines so was every one of the Sohamedes able to see who we are and how far expanded our light is. You will realize what it means to you to return to planet Eris with Noharees. Following your light tracks to the Holy Grail of God's Son Jesus Christ, before whom we bow.


And thus Sangitar has taught me how to take you on a journey. While you are consciously breathing deeply I would like to add that it is important for each journey that you realize that the biggest treasue you carry within is the vividness of your merkabah. Expand within it and ask your group of angels to expand, to connect, to fuse the relevant aspects with particular energy in order to guide this radiant power of energy back home a little bit. For they will vary depending on how developed your consciousness is. For the first time you will experience with special power of feeling what it means to return to a planet that is in the ascension phase. And so do what you always do and prepare yourself as I am preparing myself.


When with a deep breath you permit your aspects to go on the journey you will feel or see where you are. At the same time, at this moment, it is possible to carry out such a journey. You will feel the sand beneath your feet. Our sand is purple. I am leading you into what is the most holy thing we call our own on Eris. Perhaps you can perceive what I see and transmit to you, that many of our people have gathered in order to welcome you. Let us call them the Pioneers. It is an expression from your planet. Nevertheless it is quite appropriate. For each single one of you will now be invited to sit on a dragon or a unicorn and let yourself be brought to the place where the most holy thing is waiting for you. While you are enjoying feeling this energy of Eris that is radiating a lot of strength the Relay Bearers will arrive in front of the pyramid and in the pyramid in order to welcome you. Singing, sounds from the divine Reality accompany you on your flight. Perhaps you can feel how good it is for your aspects to absorb this energy. Colorful and dancing energies, light formations are accompanying you, embedding you and they show you: This also was your home.


Now the Pioneers release you and the Relay Bearers stand in front of you. They hold out their hands to you and lead you over steps made of stone into the pyramid. Even though there is little light in this pyramid, you will recognize the Holy Grail by its brightness. The holy water circulates like a big bloom and it also lightens up the room. When you bathe in this Holy Grail your aspects will feel the deepest love for they are meeting the heritage of Jesus. Nobody knows better than you yourself what this means for you. Thus the helpers carry you to the calyx, to the Holy Grail. Star singing sounds. There in this pyramid the perfect sound can still be heard. If you like I now invite you to immerse yourself deeply in the holy water with your aspects, to meet the heritage of Jesus in a purity, full of light and love for you. Enjoy it.


(Music is played for a while)


It is deeply moving for Noharees to feel what you are feeling. Your deep connection with Jesus Christ. Your aspects are now lifted out of the Holy Grail. Before the journey ends it is my deep desire to lead you to another place. It is the energy pattern of realization. Only few beings have the permission to step underneath this energy pattern and receive the realizations within. This energy pattern of realization shines. I invite you to sit down there. You will not find realization, realization finds you. Thus a deep realization will be released for each single person. At the same time God's breath SOL'A'VANA will be poured over you.


(Music is played)


Now I will return your aspects. While the energy is spreading I will speak about our ascension.


There was no doubt on our planet. But the people were involved in fighting. There were those like us who had made a decision for the light, who did everything so that the energy expands. It was our goal to raise the planet and guide it back into the magnetic divine lines. The other part of the people wanted to have power over Eris. Again and again they tried to appropriate our treasures of the pyramids. For they knew that when this happened they would be the bearers of might on Eris. But the lightful side has won. I know that many of you are afraid of what is to come when the change of dimensions takes place for you. We have experienced much in our time frame. But let me tell you, there is no feeling more grand, more beautiful than experiencing this. For we also had many questions and still have them. There were many things that we did not know either. But we trusted, again and again trusted and expanded the light.


What I want to transmit to you is that like you we did not have the possibility either to actually see the beings who send us messages. This was possible for us only in the journeys beyond the veil. But let me tell you, I have met Jesus, God's Son. I was allowed to feel what he feels for me, for the entire people, for the planet.


I will tell you another thing. Some day, and trust that it is unimportant when, it will happen with you as well. I give you my promise: We will be there and help with strength and welcome you. Thus I say the words of love in connection with all that is: