Public Channeling of April 1, 2015


Jesus Christ:

  • Healing Words of Love and Clearing


I am who I am, who I have always been and shall always be. In the soul light of SHIMAA I greet you; Jesus Christ, the Son.
You have gathered in order to feel the words and messages of Jesus, and with each word healing takes place. At this time, when the transformations reach their high point step by step the duality is very exhausting and loud. The fights between light and dark expand massively. The storms, the elements, they move more and more intensively and free Lady Shyenna from her patterns that no longer serve her. These transformations, they are not easy for you and you often feel that you do not understand this world anymore. But the less you understand the world, the nearer you have moved to the new world. The energies of the divine Reality arrive in intensive currents and everything is in the way of big and intensive change. You feel the vibrating of your cells. You feel that something in you, deep in you is also changing. With the currents of the divine Reality and the expansion of the energies feeling changes in you. Many events, many situations in your life you suddenly feel in a very different way, very much more intensively and expanded. In these times the sensitivity of all your senses begins and your heart chakra expands and circulates in the eternal light of your divine life on Earth.

In the duality, where you are, you feel that the transformations reach all human beings. Because of that it is extremely helpful and important to reflect on the things that are really important for you in your life, what is important for you and your soul, what you feel in your heart, to be in the rhythm of the energy of divinity with each heartbeat. Each word, each vibration, God's breath, everything is getting more intensive and perhaps you feel a bit tired. And more and more you can not endure the duality anymore. Many human beings feel exhausted and are not themselves. But in these particular times you have the possibility to rediscover yourself, to feel your soul as deeply as never before, to let the messages of the lightful beings, the words of Jesus into your soul and feel with each breath what this means to you. You are borne by a light that is with you always. You are borne by the strength and power of your soul. You are borne by your divine light. You are borne by the lightful beings whose focus is directed towards you.

Breathe SOL'A'VANA into yourself and feel the power of God's breath at the same time. And with each breath you take you go deeper into the field of your divinity. You feel your soul, you feel your heartbeat and you call your personal group of angels. Consciously connect with the angel of your soul aspect and the angel of the spiritual level, and call the golden angel in you. Now ask that your soul aspect remember when you were by the Sea of Galilea with me once, and in the rhythm of the energy pictures develop in your soul. It is early in the morning and the sun is rising, the sky turns pink, and you are sitting by the lake and looking into the distance. You feel the miracle and the energies. It is magic and you feel the healing waves the lake sends you. And if you want to and if you are ready, then you can go into this lake with your soul aspect, with your soul, and let yourself be borne by the waves of the miracles that I, Jesus, once performed there with you. There, in these magical moments the soul has the opportunity to have a rest. It is bathed in the miracle, in the miracles that were performed there. Feel the energy and feel how your soul relaxes and leaves the energy of the duality behind. And while your soul relaxes and begins to shine, I, Jesus, will work for you. And thus I perform miracles, the miracle for you, in the present moment as well.

The new world comes into being and you are participating. Your soul vibrates and your soul knows that this is the origin of all incarnations, why you are here. And the soul, that is you. And just as I was with you once I am with you now in these moments. And I see the glow of your soul and I see you. With each day and each hour the transformations progress. But what develops from that is something wonderful. Do not let the storms of the duality affect you. Do not be afraid of the transformations, for you are here and safe with me. And with each breath, in which the energies flow into you, you get stronger and stronger. You will begin to understand what the expansion of the energy in you means. And no storm can ever be so severe that you could fall over. And should you still fall some day, you will fall into my hands, into my heart, and I will protect you with all my love that I feel for you. The times of change will pass and the new cycle will arrive, and all human beings will participate. The world will change, the human beings will change, but you know who you are, you know why you are here on Earth.

And thus your soul is free from so many surface energies that accumulate in this time and burden you. And with this cleansing and clearing the healing session with the Mahatma Energy will have a particularly powerful effect. A big healing field has built up already and I, Jesus the Christ, will observe, support the event and be with you. I love you so immeasurably.

And thus make yourselves ready for the intensive healing energy that you will experience. A NI O'HEVED O'DRACH.