Public Channeling of April 2, 2014


Master Lao Tse:

  • See Yourself Completely Differently
  • Journey to Lao Tse onto the Ashtar Ship
  • Realize Who You Really Are


It is such a great pleasure and honor for me to have been chosen to be with you, to pass the messages of light and love on to you. And each and every one I greet with the words OMAR TA SATT. I am Lao Tse.

Angel Chamuel has brought energy currents onto planet Earth. The unconditional love, the light into Lady Gaia's heart chakra. And during these moments when something like this happens we keep our focus on Lady Gaia and on the human beings. The human beings who are aware and open themselves, these we regard with a very special look and dedication.

And thus I have been chosen to be with you today, to invite you to accept the messages and to feel them. For when we regard you we see the perfect light, we see you in your love just as you are as divine human being on Earth. Created once as light and angel. But we also see what burdens you and how you see yourself. Very often it is so that you look at your so-called inadequacies that you believe you carry. Very often you look at the things that have not fulfilled themselves for you or what hurts you or makes you sad. The things you could get better at. Where you think you are not enough. But whenever you direct your focus to this energy it will increase. For this reason allow me that today, right now I lead you to seeing yourself completely differently. That you direct your focus and your regard to the things that are so wonderful about you. And as I do this I will ask you questions.

Go into the depth of your Self. Breathe, breathe SOL'A'VANA into yourself and activate your Heart Ray. Find yourself in your center.
And expand yourself at the same time.
Let yourself fall and let yourself be guided and feel my esteem, my love for you.

I ask you now, my dear friend:
Which of your strong points stands out the most when you lead a love relationship?

(Take a little time for this)

And just put the energy on your Heart Ray or ask your Golden Angel to do it for you.

Take another breath and I ask you:
Which of your strong points stands out in a friendship?

(Take a little time for this)

Here also ask your Golden Angel to put the energy on your Heart Ray, this quality, and breathe another time.

What is your greatest ability, what do you admire about yourself?

(Take a little time for this)

Let this energy also embed itself on the tip of your Heart Ray.

What do you love about yourself? What is your greatest strong point in you? What do you think is beautiful about you?

(Take a little time for this)

This energy will also be put on your Heart Ray by your Golden Angel.

And I ask you: You bear an original name. Which of the sounds is your favourite sound?

(Take a little time for this)

Look deep into youself. What have you achieved already? What are you proud of? Which miracle has perhaps happened to you?

(Take a little time for this)

What have you already done for the collective? What have you already brought about? What about this makes you the most happy?

(Take a little time for this)

And these energies are also embedded in your Heart Ray. Now ask your personal group of angels to connect some of your aspects. Carrying the Heart Ray with all the wonderful energies that are inherent in you. And I now invite you to visit me. I am staying on the Ashtar Ship and I carry the staff of magic.

And when you are with me the staff of magic will touch you. And all this that you think is good about you, what you think is beautiful, that you are proud of, I shall expand, as far as you allow me.

Come. Come friend. Come. Come to me. Let us begin with your journey.

And so it is.

(Gentle music is played)

And thus I shall accompany you very gently, your aspects.

Now ask your personal group of angels to embed these nourished energies. It would be so helpful for you if you could feel that there is so much you can be proud of. It would be so helpful for you if you could see that you are beautiful. If you were to direct your focus on it more intensively. For this would mean an energetic liberty for you. Your heart would open even wider and you could also accept the gifts that we bring you better.

Feel now how your consciousness is changing. Feel from the depth that there are so many wonderful things you bear. And there is so much in your life you can be happy about. When you wake up in the morning and the sun is shining. When you see the flowers, the forests. When you feel that you are alive.

And do not be so strict with yourself. This strictness that so many carry, this strictness, it keeps you small. Be more tolerant with yourself. For the exact same thing, the exact same thing we also say to Lady Gaia's consciousness.

When you succeed in directing your focus to what is good and beautiful. The many small miracles, the many experiences. When you anchor this in your soul then you can also face other human beings, fully convinced that you do not have to bend over backwards, that you do not have to be as the human beings want you to be, but that as you are you are just right.

So much is expected of you by the human beings in so many situations in your everyday life. Something is always expected and you try to fulfil these expectations. But really deep in your soul you feel that the only expectation, the only real expectation you should fulfil is the one to realize who you really are. And that each ability, each attribute you bear, each strong point means something. It is not just simply there, but it means something. And if you were to occupy yourself with this a bit more you would begin to understand, with your heart, that we love, respect and honor you exactly as you are.

I would like to give you another example. If, for example, you carry a light body symptom, then you direct your focus to this symptom. Which is quite natural because you feel pain. But if you pause for just one moment and make yourself aware of how much about your body is healthy and functions, then something changes. When you direct your focus to what is good about your body, then this energy expands.

Of course you have heard these messages several times before. But the energies which are flowing right now permit a deep expansion in you.

Be happy about each word of love which is brought to you, about each smile, about each embrace when it comes from the heart. And we wrap you in a bubble of love.

And it was such a joy for Lao Tse to be here with you. And I know that very many sitting here have felt me very deeply. And with my love I would like to say goodbye to every single one of you. And I say to you