Public Channeling of March 2, 2016



  • The Peace in Yourself
  • The Present Is Becoming more and more Important
  • Go One Step Further


I am Kryon. I greet each and every one, I greet the collective with the sounds of OMAR TA SATT. I would like to begin my messages through Sangitar with the sounds you are being loved immeasurably, for these sounds carry such a high energy and with the speaking of these sounds these energies wrap themselves around you and guide you to yourself in a depth. You are being loved immeasurably.

We are watching the events of the planetary consciousness. We can look into the depth and we see tenseness of some energy fields of the planetary consciousness. This tenseness is a process that is taking place and shows itself outside. When you look into the outside you see fighting, wars, terrifying things. But every fight outside also reflects the inner fight of the human beings, inside their consciousness. The split between fighting and peace can be seen in the big collective and also be felt by you at the moment.

Lady Shyenna feels this tenseness and finds it hard to bear. As you are so deeply connected with Lady Shyenna this tenseness partly transmits itself to you, for nothing is separate from anything else. Because of that it is even more important that you know that what you feel and sense in the depth also transmits itself to Lady Shyenna. In these times of change of the adaptation phase nothing is as it once was anymore. In so many messages of the many years we prepared you for all of that, but now the time to act on all the things you have heard and absorbed begins. Doing this is an essential process that helps to nourish the adaptation phase and the good, bearing changes can show and manifest themselves on your planet. Because of that I was chosen today to speak about peace with you. We could speak about world peace now, about what is happening outside, but Kryon wants to speak about the peace in you yourself, for that is where the beginning is, that is where everything begins for you, the peace in you yourself.

What does peace mean? What does the energy peace actually comprise? How do you achieve peace? How do you feel peace? How do you perceive peace in you? All of this is supportive and helpful when you permit, when you understand these many facets that peace in you bears. Many human beings need certain dramas in their life in order to feel alive. But these dramas do not lead you to peace. Peace has something to do with deep consciousness beyond all fear, and it is the fear in the duality that keeps you from the actual peace, for how many decisions do you not make in your life because you are afraid? Or, to put it differently, what would your life look like if there were no fear of consequences every time you make a decision for yourself? What if this fear did not exist? Also, if you heard these words and messages before, in these very moments they carry a new energy and with this new energy I ask you to answer yourself a few questions: What does peace mean to you? What do you connect with the energy peace? What would life without fear mean? Which decisions would you perhaps make beyond the fear of any consequences? A deep peace that you can feel when you go to a field of peace in you, where the quiet is, where you feel your divine light, lets you grow in your consciousness in the expansion of your energies, your abilities, your true divine might. Which feeling generates peace? Beyond all transformations we look at what is in the collective, the good, bearing, what has manifested as God's Thought, the adaptation phase. Thus it will be less and less possible for you to live in the future with your thoughts as well as the past. The present, the here and now, will become more and more important and you will realize that these are not just words but that this realization contributes to your losing the fears that keep you from being free. All the things you have heard over the years will now be acted on, but it takes a time and a step again - that you go beyond a limitation - that makes this possible for you.

You will find it very hard to plan your life ahead, for the energies integrate your being in the here and now more and more. Then, when you succeed in generating the feeling of peace in you that is closely connected with security, calmness, expansion of the consciousness, it is as if you tear down a wall or go through an archway that carries you into the energies of the adaptation phase more and more. Everything begins in you. Make yourself aware of this, that each thought of fear keeps you from being free, being free for the true life that lies ahead of you in this change, being free for the good and beautiful, letting go of the dramas of your life, wrapped in the deep certainty that God's Thought, God's Sound circulates on your planet, more and more.

Do not let the conflict outside influence you. Do not make this conflict your conflict, but let the energies of your heart chakra guide you, let the good energies beyond all fear guide you, for at the moment we perceive that great fear prevails in the collective of the human beings. Fear of loss, fear of war, fear of poverty, fear of illness. Even within their own families fear of being deserted, fear of not being loved enough, fear of not being good enough. But all of that hinders you, all of them are energies that want to keep you from realizing what is real and important, that this is an illusion, that the courage to take another step, to put fear aside, generates something that is wonderful. It will get more and more difficult for you to make spontaneous decisions that are connected with deep emotions. Decisions you make you should always make in peace, when you are one with yourself.

The energy of peace, it is beginning to build up here in this room. The energies of love reach you and your soul feels each energy and each energetic pattern. Sometimes it is even so that peace that is felt deeply carries a certain neutrality within, and many ask themselves whether what they feel is right, this neutrality. But through this neutrality energies have the chance to link themselves and to build on this. Each energy that is brought to you tries to link itself more and more intensively. They seek fusion.

And as Lady Shyenna also absorbs the energies you carry it is helpful and good to pass this peace you carry in you on to Lady Shyenna. And all of that is happening now, in these moments. The feeling of being completely centered, feeling your essence, expanding the feeling of peace in you and feeling the radiance of your soul. The more you generate this peace in you, the more intensively you can feel all the layers of your soul. You can perceive very much more. Your mind's eye also reacts to this energy. And perhaps it is so that once more collective energies try to put you off everything that is important to you in your daily life. But with one breath you can go into the energy of the divine Reality in you, and with further breaths feel the feeling of freedom, of security, of love.

We see that many human beings' ways of expressing themselves, their energies become more aggressive. But these human beings are afraid. Afraid of love. When a human being feels the love all the other energies step back, particularly the energies of the collective that try so hard to attach themselves in these times.

Many of the high lights have gathered in order to transmit healing energy of peace to you today. This energy will touch all the layers of your soul. Thus, enjoy this intensive transmission and know: You are being loved immeasurably.