Public Channeling of March 4, 2015


Angel Esaja:

  • The Soul Yearns for Unconditional Love


In the soul light of SHIMAA I welcome you and the collective with the sounds of OMAR TA SATT. I am Angel Esaja and was chosen to be there for you today, in the present moment, with all my love, warmth, with my light, with my care, for you and for the collective. With each word, with each word you are being prepared for the healing session that follows.

Care, to be there for somebody, is something very valuable. In the duality you often do not have this opportunity. Perhaps when you were small, when you were still a baby and lay in the arms of your mother or your father and felt the warmth and the love that was shown for you so unconditionally. In these times nobody asked whether you are right and good enough, what you achieve or what your personality is. You yourself did not think about it either. You simply absorbed this loving care. And without this loving care you would not have been able to survive at the beginning of your incarnation.

All feelings, all emotions you feel yourself and that you need are there in your soul. Your soul consists of 12 layers. Your soul is very complex and it is a feeling, living being, your very own energy. This soul, it yearns for love, for unconditional love so much. It yearns for support and security. It longs to be held. But in the duality the intellect is often so very pronounced that you want to know and analyse everything. Sometimes it is even so that love is analysed, that one wants to understand love. But the more you use your intellect, the less you are connected with your soul, for the soul fights against the currents of the intellect. The soul actually fights it. The soul yearns for a mother like a small child. The soul yearns for the daily hug, for the unconditional love.

When you get older in the duality it is no longer possible for you sometimes to rock in a mother's arms, to nestle against her, to feel this support and this safety  and this security. And really deep in you a yearning develops and sometimes also an emptiness because this field can not be filled. But with the words and the love of Esaja you receive all this that you received as a child. You receive this care, this security, this love, this supporting feeling, and you will see that the less you use your intellect, and if you can put it aside for a moment and are deeply in yourself, in your soul, you can feel the whispering. You can hear and feel what your soul needs from you, and what the soul needs not just from you, but also from other human beings. You are in a community. The human beings simply do live in a collective, and often things like hugs, being supported, being comforted, having the possibility to lean against someone, and letting oneself fall are no longer possible. But the times are changing. The new energy that is arriving more and more deeply. And Lady Shyenna, who is occupying herself with her original name very much right now, she, too, feels in the layers of her soul that she would like to be hugged and supported just as much, that she, too, needs this unconditional love. This feeling that somebody is there. We beyond the veil, we are there for you and we carry various energy currents. And Esaja carries care to you. This feeling that you can lean against somebody, can let yourself fall, that something is there that is stronger than any intellect. This radiant power of energy that wraps itself around you and that whispers to you all the time: You are being loved, you are being loved so immeasurably.

Feel the deep connection with your soul. And so much pain you had to bear already. And how often did you feel so alone. Thought you are not being seen. Wounds you received. All this burdens you, of course. But with each word Esaja addresses you with you feel how everything becomes softer, how what is rigid and hard can loosen up and that the real love does not ask, does not place conditions, and also can not be explained. Your entire divine light can not be explained with words. Never will the intellect be able to explain this to you. But your soul knows it and your soul longs to tell you about it so much. Feel, how the warmth, the love, the security and the care flow to you now, directly into your soul. Then everything becomes still and all is well.

These are the moments when you know exactly why you absorb these messages right here and now, for you feel that something is being released and that the pain passes. And just as you yourself long for all of that, Lady Shyenna also longs for this security and warmth. And we also give her these energy currents. This energy has a strong healing effect. And when you now lay your hands on your legs with the surface facing up I will transmit these energies to you.

(Take time for the transmission)

Now lay your hands on your solar plexus and feel like you once did when you were a small child. When you did not ask how or the whys and wherefores. When you were ready to accept this love and to use it for your life. And thus you will also use these energy currents of Esaja for your life. You will feel secure, in good hands, and loved, supported. Your light body symptoms will ease and your soul will take up a deeper contact with you through these energies. Your soul is not a thinking energy. It is a feeling energy, and you, too, are a feeling being. Fuse with these energies and use the following healing session, and the pain will go, and the deep joy and the zest for life will arrive.

I say to each and every one, to the collective, to all living things