Public Channeling of March 5, 2014



  • The Freeing of Your Soul
  • Drops of Blessing for You and Lady Gaia
  • You Are not Alone


I am Kryon. With the magnetic love energy I greet you in the light of your divinity. The entourage is arriving. Being with you, loving, supporting, honoring, respecting you, each and every one of you for what you all are, for what you yourself are. With the sounds of OMAR TA SATT I greet you. And while Kryon is bringing the messages the magnetic love energy flows. It flows to you in order to let you feel that much has changed.

In linear time very much has changed in what is happening on Earth, in Lady Gaia's consciousness. And you react to this energy with everything you are. The currents of the divine Reality, they are flowing very intensively onto your planet and in to you. And your cells, your soul, they feel it and perceive it in various ways. Thus your soul no longer is prepared to accept collective energies that are not good for you. And your soul tries everything to free itself from these energies, to be free. And there are these moments when you feel this divine Reality to be within reach, know with each breath who you are and what you are doing, and yet experience the vehemence of the duality in all facets. Thus attacks on the light are started, perhaps also on you. But your soul is not prepared to accept it for you feel the divine Reality, the life in you, the divinity. You are so sensitive and your cells, they are expanding. Your light is expanding. When you breathe you feel that you are breathing the divine light, and in the deep duality, in your everyday life it is sometimes very difficult for you to enjoy this very breath. The mixture of energies causes you worry. But let me tell you and know: You are not alone. We have been accompanying you since the beginning of time. We accompany you through this phase. We will accompany you eternally.

And thus drops of blessing will be poured over you now for your existence, for your intention and dedication, for your love. Drops of blessing of calmness, drops of blessing of love, drops of blessing of redemption. For in these moments, in the last days of linear time, your soul tries to free itself from all the things that no longer serve you. You feel it really deeply. Many cleansing processes are taking place. Your physical aspect is showing you that energies of doubt are being transported from the surface of your soul. Your soul wants to be free, free for the next steps, free for Lady Gaia's awakening. We have always told you the veils are so thin. But now it is so that the energy of the divine Reality, the currents of awakening are getting more and more intensive. And human beings who do not want to know and understand it, it is these human beings who will ask you for help.

The circulating light of the magnetic love energy touches your cells and your physical aspect is calming down. And the gift that the drops of blessing will be poured over you has a deep significance. For the entourage which has arrived in the here and now is preparing you to absorb these drops of blessing in you in a special way, so that you can bear this balancing act between duality and divine Reality more easily. And thus we will not only bring these drops of blessing to you, but also to Lady Gaia. To sounds from the divine Reality we will carry this out, for you in the present moment.

(Music is played)

Feel the expansion of the energies in you and do not let the severity of the duality worry you, which is joining together now and begins to work as countermovement. But the light and the love are stronger and more intensive. The divine Reality arrives and is here. Do not have a bad conscience when your soul frees itself from emotions, when sometimes you are angry at situations of the events of your life, when sometimes you are sad or carry doubt. All of them are sure signs that the change of your soul is taking place, letting go of the things that do not serve you, absorbing the things that are beneficial to you, in order to feel the freedom the events bring. And it is great freedom, for Lady Gaia's awakening is approaching. Breaking open are the crusts, dwindling the duality, eternal the divine circulating light on Earth. Keep making yourself aware of this. In hard times remember who you are and why you are here. And no matter which path you choose for yourself, no matter what attracts you. But when you have found something which lifts you up, which brings you love and makes you happy, keep it in your heart like a treasure for it helps you to get through these difficult times during these changes. And thus let Kryon tell you: You are loved immeasurably. You are not alone. Feel the magnetic energy and the love connected with it, the light and the divinity.

With every breath treat yourself lovingly, be wise and love your divine life. Do not be hard on yourself and feel that all the things that cause you pain are a dawning of consciousness of all the incarnations you have gone through. Bear compassion for yourself and for the human beings who are lashing out full of fear because they do not know what is happening to them. And feel how the entourage, the angels embrace you with their wings. And thus it will also be for Lady Gaia. The time has come for Lady Gaia to awaken and you can help her with it. Let the magnetic love energy pour to Lady Gaia, your love, your compassion. And have faith in the words of Kryon: The way home will soon be over now. And use the possibilities of the energy currents which are being brought onto Earth. Let yourself fall into God's hands. And thus the elements will also unify in the eternal cycle. The waves of change can be felt so clearly. And hosts of angels are singing to you and Lady Gaia. The guardians, the temple dancers, they are dancing around the Lemurian fire. And thus prepare yourself.

And thus let me tell you once more: You are not alone. We are with you. You are loved immeasurably.