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Public Channeling of March 7, 2012




  •  Energy Transmission for Light Body Trembling
  • The Energetic Challenges



I am Kryon. In immeasurable love I greet you with the words OMAR TA SATT.

Chosen to bring the messages for this time when the changes are so noticeable and another planet is close to its ascension. Millions of light beings and angels have gathered in order to sing the most beautiful sounds for the planets. This energy flows into the planetary grid and expands. At the moment it is vibrating very, very much. This change is fruitful, wonderful, it covers with shining energy. But you, the inhabitants of Earth, the divine human beings, feel that this highly vibrating energy is a little unpleasant in your light body sometimes. We call it light body trembling. It shows how much you immerse yourself in this vibration and are one with the energies of the divine Reality and the truth. Are one with the inhabitants of Eris and your divine core. The High Council has decided to carry out a big transmission for all those human beings who find this light body trembling unpleasant in their daily life. We will begin with this transmission of the highest energies in a moment. First we ask you to breathe deeply, to focus yourself and to lay your hands on your heart.


Sometimes something can seem to be unpleasant. As many human beings can not understand it they begin to doubt. But believe me, trust the words of Kryon: You are chosen to receive these highest energies from the planetary grid. It is like an honor. You, who are still in the duality, find it difficult. For particularly when you are developing spiritually, the feeling of elation and joy should be in the foreground. The times of change are so powerful and each human being will, when the time has arrived, be unified and fused with these energies.


Remember your promise that you have given in Lemuria as divine being of the golden-blue frequency, the oldest frequency. That is why you are here to stand by the human beings and serve them when the time has come. Deep in yourself you feel what significance these wonderful energies have.


When the transmission begins now, millions of angels who are singing to the planetary grid will let currents of energy, of gentleness and of security flow to you. The love of these beings is immeasurable. We do everything to support you. Thus let us begin with this highly energetic transmission. Sangitar has invited many human beings who can not be present. They are in the unified chakra already and have gone deep within in order to accept and let flow this transmission of gentle energies.


Become aware that you are more than just human. Become aware that you are a representative on Earth. No matter how some energies feel in the duality, they spring from the divine Reality. It is only possible to carry out the change with these energies. Thus these angels will now send sounds for you personally and for your light body. With an energy flow that centers you, that calms you and that gives you peace. Thus let us begin.


(Music is played.)


The energy transmission is not completed yet. Keep your focus on yourself, in the depth of your divinity. Permit yourself to feel what wonderful energies are being brought to you.

It is the year 2012 on Earth, and for many human beings this date is connected with great expectation. This expectation unconsciously puts many of you under pressure. The energetic influences of love, the divine Reality, the messages, they are highly energetic. There are all kinds of things the human beings feel or do not feel. Many Pioneers say they can not feel the high energies so much anymore. It is a wonderful process, for it shows how much your light body has already adapted itself to these high energies. Some human beings feel as if cut off. But you are not cut off. It is a time in which you are being carried by us because you are being prepared for something even higher. However, many also feel a deep sadness. They can not understand why they are sad when they are so spiritual. But this sadness is a yearning to carry one’s light to the outside and to work, to be even closer to the level of the divine Reality. Many feel tired. It shows that much energetic work is being carried out on you, which always, always serves you. We understand that you find the duality unpleasant sometimes and can not understand it. Then hear the words of Kryon that remind you again: You are here because you once promised to serve the human beings in this incarnation. Particularly spiritual human beings who are expanded feel the big changes. They feel it in their body, in their soul, and can not understand it, begin to doubt, question everything, question themselves. In order to feel right in the next moment again: Everything is right and good. I am deeply connected and fused.


You are keeping an eye out for the one big change. But these energetic expansions that are causing so much in your soul aspect now are changes. For the gates of the dimensions are wide open and all kinds of energies are returning to you now. They want to adapt themselves in order to feel the unity, in order to let you know even deeper who you really are.


That is why SOL'A'VANA, the highest energy from the divine Source is coming, to connect, to unify all these energies with each other. To feel that all is well. No matter which path you are taking, spirituality, even though it is sometimes accompanied by light body symptoms, is the deepest significance, the purest form of joy and love.


Sometime a time will come when you will feel with certainty: All of it was worth it. Sometimes you doubt your intention. At others again you doubt yourself. Sometimes you also doubt us. All of that is all right as long as you feel that you are more than a human being in yourself, that you have been chosen to move mountains during the big change. To be there energetically with your entire light and your wisdom, with your aspects for the human beings who only then begin to understand what these energies mean. Trust, for they will need you. They will need you all.


Thus you have received a wonderful transmission of the highest energies in your aspects as a gift. Now Kryon asks you to activate the Heart Ray and to put the sound A, the flowing love, onto the tip of the Heart Ray and in the collective send this flowing love into the planetary grid. In the intention of unconditional love for Eris and the other planets.


Thus you can feel what a bearer of the light you are.

Every human being bears a soul aspect. Doubt that often noticeably shows itself to you in many areas often circulates on the surface of this aspect. But when you transform this doubt and let it flow away the true energy of your soul appears. We always look into this energy and it shows us the love and clear intention you walk the path you have chosen with.


Sometimes they are collective energies that burden you, that you have received. The change of this year 2012 is also the one that many human beings will try to influence you once more and will try to get you to change your mind about your path. No matter which path you are taking. This also belongs to the challenges that show themselves energetically. The strength, the courage, the love and the trust for yourself and for the divine plan. It calls for all planets to return home into the magnetic divine lines.


Connect yourself really deeply with Jesus and Sanat Kumara in the coming time. Whenever you feel light body trembling breathe the energy of SOL'A'VANA into yourself. Even if it is difficult for you sometimes, try to look at certain situations, meetings or even light body symptoms from a different point of view. Then it will be easier for you, for you yourself have decided to go into the duality. Of course they are challenges for you. But you will grow with these challenges. You will feel it when energies unify. You will be there when the big change takes place.


With these words Kryon says goodbye and says to each one of you