Public Channeling of February 3, 2016


Mother Mary:

  • The Energy of Feeling Is Changing
  • The Yearning for Forgiveness and Peace
  • Feelings Cannot Be Suppressed Anymore


I am Mother Mary. Full of grace in the light of my being I look at you, at each and every human being who opens his heart. I greet you with the sounds of OMAR TA SATT. I am the light of security. I am the bearing light of grace. I surround you and carry you with this energy, for thus you will be able to feel and accept each kind of healing more intensively.
The change of ages, it is taking place more and more intensively and the changes accompanying this are very intensive and sometimes very demanding for you, my dearest human child. The most intensive change in you yourself is probably the transformation of any collective energies that circulate on the surface energy of your soul, as well as old wounds you received, are sometimes still visible and perhaps even noticeable for you.
A phase of energy has begun where the energy of feeling takes on another dimension and particularly you who carry the dawning of consciousness in you will have noticed that feeling, the energy this word comprises with all the inherent attributes, you feel more intensively than ever before. This has various meanings for you in your everyday life. For many human beings on this planet this very energy is changing the most intensively and the most noticeably. This energy could often be suppressed and held back in the old times, but in this New Age this is hardly possible anymore. Each kind of feeling is an energy and this energy finds its way to the outside, and if it cannot be brought outside finds another way in you yourself. Much of what you used to perceive as a certain feeling that you judged or defined for yourself is changing and sometimes you are confused because you do not know at all which feeling you are having right now.
Many human beings will notice that they no longer have energies they carry within, such as control or dual might, under control. These energies no longer let themseves be held back. No energy can be controlled. No matter which feeling may stand behind it, be it fear, despair, anger, sorrow or even love, joy, calmness, peace, all of what you carry in you shows you which turning point you are at now. But many of you also feel the deep, deep yearning for forgiveness, for peace and security. Many human beings want so much to finish with some feelings in them that they carry within for so long. They want to be free and become free for the new energies that are flowing in and that cover your soul, and your soul loves and needs these energies so very much. And many who feel these transformations in them and can let go will notice how intensively the feelings of positive energy show themselves, instead of fear love, instead of anger love, instead of pain love, instead of sorrow joy. All of that is possible now. In this moment, with a few breaths you can grant the transformation to take place in order to then let it go forever. This energy of the New Age that you feel invites you to accept it, to feel it and to see it as what it is, a new energy in the New Cycle. Much about feeling, about consciousness will change in you, just as the planetary consciousness is changing, and thus it is going to be with all human beings on this planet.
But you are bearer of certain energies that have been embedded in you and you have access to all kinds of experience in you. Let happen what happens, also let go of old wounds that are in you by forgiving, no matter which human being, which situation, and above all yourself. The wonderful thing that shows itself behind all the transformations, may they be and appear to be ever so intensive, is the light, the love, the new beginning, the beginning of something wonderful that is happening to you, that which comprises a miracle, what you wish, hope for. What would happen if you do not have to control the energy of the feelings anymore? What would happen if these transformations may happen and go? What would happen if the new feeling arrives and you are ready to forgive? Would it not be a significant step in this new world, in order to create this new world, a step into peace, for you as well?
Peace is an energy that is so lightful and wonderful. To feel peace is something wonderful, I have experienced it myself. Peace carries the deep calmness to feel that everything is right as it is. The human beings on your planet seem to be fighting other human beings, but they are fighting themselves. What would happen if they were to end this fighting in themselves? How would it change your world if this consciousness, this energy were to be carried outside, not to blame other human beings or to judge, but to ask oneself: Am I ready for peace, am I ready for this high energy, without suppressing anything of what I feel? That is what you should be asking yourself, for a feeling with the new energy cannot be suppressed anymore. And that is what you feel, this inner conflict sometimes, that makes it so hard for you. But there is only one answer, only one answer, only one answer, and this answer is peace, love and forgiveness. The new energy of feeling - when it arrives in all layers of your soul, you will carry out an experience that reflects the originality of your light. Many human beings, you in particular, absorb the collective energies and the pain that often goes with it. Consequently you make that pain your pain. It is very supportive and helpful that you free yourself, again and again, of collective energies that do not do you good.
Feel how my security, my love and my light guide you into the deep peace where you allow yourself to be what you really are, to let go and experience the grace of what it means to be able to feel intensively, for in this New Age too your intellect is not something you can hold on to anymore. You feel in any situation that the intellect can no longer tell you how you should lead your life. You feel the impulses of your soul to shape your life as your soul whispers to you. Free yourself from everything that restricts you, that binds you, let go and be certain: We are always with you. Use the transformations, welcome them. This is the only way you can let go of them.
In the duality, in the old age - I will call it that now - the human beings were able to suppress much of what was on the surface energetically. It is very important to me to tell you once more that this does not work anymore, what wants to rise to the surface rises to the surface from many layers of your soul, and they are positive and good energies, for the good and true, the original, the true feeling stands behind each energy no matter how you feel it.
Use the light of grace to speed up the healing process. Use DON'ADAS for yourself and for all human beings on this planet. Let yourself be guided, let yourself fall into my security, in the deep trust that I am with you now in this moment, and let happen what happens. Feel the presence of Jesus, feel the Golden Miracles, feel that you are embedded in something great and let the Golden Miracles work for themselves. The field is built up, nourished and will reach you if you permit.