Public Channeling of February 4, 2015


Angel Enoi:

  • Use Your Wisdom and Dissolve Your Limitations
  • Transmission of the Holy Gifts


I am an angel of wisdom. Bearer of the holy gifts. I bear the sounds Enoi. I greet you in the collective, my energy of light and divine Reality, with the words OMAR TA SATT. Currents of light fill this energy, building up in the collective. Feel the energy of Enoi. Angel of wisdom speaks to you with words of love. Feel how your heart and your soul open for these energy currents. For wisdom is a wonderful energy. You find this energy in all universal areas. You also find this energy in yourself.

You are living on a wonderful planet, chosen as the most beautiful planet of the universe. Your planet bears a consciousness full of wisdom and lightful currents. When this planet moved away from the divine lines you agreed to incarnate on this planet. Much has happened since this planet moved away. The spirit world was not allowed to interfere or manipulate, but it was allowed to take countermeasures in the fields of the divine Reality. And that it did. Full of wisdom it embedded energies in the fields that were so important throughout each epoch. In Lemuria it was various energies. Especially the Lemurian Mother Energy, the feminine energy, gentleness, intuition. In many of the following epochs it was important to emphasize the masculine energy, vigour, doing. In the New Age, now, a miracle has happened on the energetic level. The Ark of the Covenant was opened on your planet and the pure feminine divine energy poured out, and is still pouring. Thus it is like a unification of all energies of all epochs. This is a miracle, a miracle of energy filled with wisdom, light and truth.

The duality, the mighty of the duality have done everything, in all epochs, to shake the angels on Earth in their fundamental trust and in their dawning of consciousness and awareness, their divine power. But deep, deep in you you feel the core of your wisdom. Even if the duality has shaken you in so many incarnations, you always felt that something is deep in you that makes it possible for you to experience yourself deeply. And I, Enoi, bring you the message that there is nothing you can not achieve. That there is nothing that is not made possible for you. The duality still shows you limitations. Especially in the collective of the energies. But deep in you, with your wisdom and divinity, with your finding of love you broaden your limits in the present time. You broaden them right up to dissolving them. When these limits dissolve, the divine power pours out of you. Let me tell you that everything is possible, that everything is possible. And still there are fundamental laws that you should observe.

So often you have heard the message from various beings, how important and helpful it is to create the new Earth for yourself. It is important and helpful to create for yourself, to broaden and dissolve your limit that is like a circle around you. For in some form you still feel these limits that you think were imposed on you to stop you or to prevent you from doing what is intended for you, what is your destiny, what you yourself are as divine light on Earth. Here, among you in the collective there are such wonderful healers who know really deep, deep inside that they possess the power and the ability to bring healing on all levels. And still they feel a limit. But with my being, with my being, with my power, with my light, with my care for you, and with my love you can dissolve this limit for yourself. In all areas, be it in your everyday life, in your abilities, in your family, in the collective, in the doing of your lightwork. So often we bring you this message. But the reason we bring it so often is because it contains energetic patterns that are a bit different every time, and expand you deeper and deeper and further and further, and can dissolve your own limit and the limit of the collective.

Every vision, every vision you have can fulfil itself. Every wish of the soul can fulfil itself. Every miracle you expect can become true when you feel your wisdom deep in yourself. The wisdom, embedded in your divine light and your divine core tells you the energetic stories of your life on Earth. Your affiliation to your frequency, and your love, your deep love for Jesus Christ, God's Son. And when you connect yourself with the angel of wisdom, when you connect yourself with Enoi, you feel how this wisdom blossoms, opens itself and appears to you. The truth is stored in this wisdom. The truth of your true being.

Masculine and feminine energies, in the energetic sense, of all epochs now connect and bundle an energy that you were able to experience before sometimes. In the universe we call this Mahatma. The complete connection of your energy within you is a nourishing of your being, your divinity. I was chosen to transmit the holy gifts to you that make it possible for you to connect yourself with this energy. And thus I ask you, breathe the light of love, breathe ELEXIER and ANA into yourself. Let yourself drop into the depth of your soul, into the depth of your divinity, into the light, into the light of your soul, into the love and care of Jesus Christ. And thus I will invite you to accept the holy gifts that I present to you. Connect deeply with me now and name your original name. And if it is possible for you, open your mind's eye. And I will present the holy gifts to you now. Perhaps you will see them, perhaps you will feel them. Take everything you think is right and good. Your soul will tell you. And thus I begin to touch you. Everything we have prepared for you in this moment I will now show you, let you feel and embed in you.

(let yourself relax and accept the holy gifts)

If you feel a touch in your soul it is a sign that your soul was and is ready to accept these gifts that support you in all your possibilities. That support you in your wisdom, that support you and let you feel deeply that everything is possible. For that is the truth. Every vision, every thought, every wish.

The wisdom to feel that you are in the here and now, in the golden age of Jesus Christ. The wisdom to feel that you have sent your light out, gathered experiences and worked for the benefit of so many human beings in so many epochs. Have gathered so many experiences, and all these experiences are in you with all their abilities and energies. The time has begun where the new beginning shows itself in you in all facets. It is the time in which Lady Gaia awakens. It is the time of renewal. But above all it is the time of the experience that you are a true master, an angel on Earth. It is the time of Jesus Christ, of Shakti, Melek Metatron. It is the time of the new beginning. The time when the heart opens and the energy currents arrive, in the depth of your soul. And perhaps, perhaps you can feel my deep connectedness with you all. For we once sang together in the universe, for the divine Source, in the highest sounds. I remember you when you worked in the universe. I remember when you went onto Earth. I remember the many times when you returned and rested. It is the time of the wisdom of the heart. The time of healing, the time of security, of love.

And thus you will experience healing on the emotional level today so that you can feel the deep joy for what you are and for life. Thus, with the energy of light and of love I say to all, and to each and every one of you