Public Channeling of February 5, 2014


Angel of Love:

  • Love in the Duality
  • Transmission of the Pure and Sheer Love Energy


I am the Angel of Love. I speak the message of the all-embracing love for you. Being greeted in the vibration of OMAR TA SATT you feel this bundled love pouring in. It is a love that shines as bright as a star. It is the love that we, beyond the veil, feel for all that is, and feel what we ourselves are and what you, too, are. But the difference between us is the one that beyond the veil, where you are in the duality, and at this time of change, the big transformation, you often can not classify this love. For in the duality much is spoken about love. It is also being lived and used, sensed and felt. But sometimes this love is not conceivable for you in the duality. For you have gathered experiences in many incarnations, particularly in your last incarnations and in this incarnation, that love in the duality is not just uplifting, flowing and kind. But you have also gathered experiences that love can hurt you, that love can make you sad. And then you are confused for you know deep inside, with your divine light, that love does not do such things. And still it appears in the duality again and again.

The Angel of Love would like to bring you the love and transmit the love to you that lets you feel the difference between a love in the duality and a love that shines so bright and is brought to you so intensively. A love that never causes you pain or makes you sad, hurts you. For what counts: At the bottom of each feeling is love. Now in these changes is the time for the confusion of your own feelings about this love to show itself with clarity. And you can feel the difference of the all-embracing love that can also be very personal even when it is brought to you by us beyond the veil. And so many of you feel so close to Jesus. They feel this love. What kind of love is that? This love of Jesus, it has never hurt you. Jesus has always shown you that he loves you, exactly as you are, no matter what happens in the duality.

Love should never cause pain, or confusion, or even pressure, which is the case for many human beings when they have a bad conscience in their soul because there are some human beings they simply cannot love. But all of that is duality. These currents, these energies we transmit to you now are so warm and full of security. For no matter whatever you feel, whatever you do, however you decide, we love you, exactly as you are. We do not make demands. It is our deep, deep desire to simply just love you. In the duality, when relationships are lived, when human beings are really close, when they love each other, there is also sometimes pain, vulnerability and fear. When you understand that you actually may feel this, then you also feel the energy which is at the bottom of it. And in you there is this divine light, this golden angel. And no matter how much pain has been caused in you, this golden angel, the divine light in you, is this energy that is ready to receive the all-embracing love in itself without ifs and buts.

Because of that allow yourself to go deep into yourself with a few breaths, to feel how the angels are working in you, are alive, support you and do everything for you, divine human being on Earth, to enable you to feel how worthy you are. Permit your personal group of angels to unify and the golden angel in you to step forward in a purity and beauty. And now permit yourself to accept this energy that we bring you now, this pure love energy, permit yourself to accept it. For it brings healing, removes pain from the past and it lets you guess what it means when pure love flows into you and fuses with your golden angel. And thus let us begin.
Feel, feel the flow of energy and let yourself fall into these energies.

(Take some time to absorb the energies)

This transmitted love expands in you. Whenever you are confronted with pain and grief, hurt in the duality feel that a loving power is with you, the energy of the spirit world. These beings who strengthen you in each transformation process. Perhaps you can permit yourself to let a picture appear in which you stand on a meadow and feel how the beings of love, the high lights surround you and are behind you. With each breath in the duality that may be so hard for you they support you with this powerful love.

In these times each and every one of you feels the intensive transformation. The message has been transmitted to you so often, but let me transmit it to you again: It is mostly the collective energies that cause you trouble. Often it is not your own processes or feelings. You transform for so many human beings, for Lady Gaia and also for yourself. And with each transformation process you become more free, more alive and more conscious – even if it is hard to bear. At this time everything in you becomes more sensitive. Your soul permits you to feel very much deeper and more intensively. And have faith in the messages of truth. For what raises, supports and carries you the most is this love that we bring you with each breath you take.

The Angel of Love asks you, turn towards your personal group of angels now. Feel this living energy which accompanies you. And now let each individual angel embrace you. And while this takes place we will ground you on all levels.

(Take time for the embraces)

We have information from Lady Gaia. And in linear time it will come to transformations of Lady Gaia which will become more and more intensive. It has begun already. When Lady Gaia transforms herself many human beings get impatient in their soul, they feel fear and confusion. But this energy which has been transmitted to you in such great radiant power supports, helps and carries you. Through that you will cope with the duality more easily. And thus I tell you with the radiance of my light A NI O'HEVED O'DRACH.