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Public Channeling of February 1, 2012




  • Sadness and Yearning


I am who I am, who I have always been and shall always be. As Jesus I welcome you. Deeply fused with Sangitar the energies flow to you, touch your soul, expand you, bring you security, safety, trust and strength.


God's Son, Jesus, is here now, quite perceptible, and it almost seems as though I could touch you. And I touch you in your heart and as the energies are so high and so deeply bearing for you in your soul you will be greeted by the Breath of God. By the Breath of God that covers you, that lets you feel: you are not separated. Even though you are in the duality you are still a divine human being, you are tied to the light of the divine Source. Thus let yourself be touched by the pearls of love, the breath that is rich in blessings, that the divine Source pours out for you now.


Many human beings, you too, sometimes feel sadness, but this sadness is the yearning to be closer to the divine Reality, to God and be deeply fused with Jesus. If you understand and feel that your sadness becomes yearning and this yearning lends you strength. It brings you peace. We are with you with each breath. Jesus comforts you, holds out his hand to you and walks the path with you. Thus hear the heavenly sounds with the sounds from the divine Reality now and receive the energy of the all-embracing love of the divine Source in yourself. Relax completely and feel the divine Reality arriving. Lay your hands on your heart. You will feel very deeply that a yearning that gives you joy and strength to continue to develop yourself, let yourself be borne higher and feel better who you actually are, stands behind your sadness that you judge to be a negative thing in the duality. They are the judgments in the collective that tell you that sadness is a negative feeling. Jesus asks you so much to feel that this sadness that afflicts you sometimes is a deep, deep yearning to carry your light to the outside. Thus God's Breath will fill you now.


(Music is played.)


Sadness seems to paralyse you, however yearning lets you stride forward. Fear restricts you. Courage lets you stride forward. Realize the differences and feel the energies. Sometimes you have the feeling of not making any progress, that nothing is happening. But that is when - right then - I am embedding the energetic patterns that are so important for you. Feel these energies very deep in yourself. If you are afraid of not being good enough it constricts you. Feel it when Jesus says: just as you are you are perfect. Feel the love behind each word that I carry to you. Feel it now. Feel it when I dry your tears. Feel it when I hold your hand, for I am walking the path with you. I love you so immeasurably.


A new energy has been born. I hold out my hand to you to stride into the change with me. Let yourself be loved. Do not be afraid of the love that Jesus gives you. Do not let yourself be told you would not be brave enough, not good enough. I lift you up and accompany you. If there is a time that you can not walk I will carry you. When you fall I will help you to get up again, for whenever I see you, I know you are the love of my life. Feel the energy.


Hurtful words constrict you. Speak lovingly, clearly, truthfully, honestly and purely. Remember and feel at each word that you speak that I am holding out my hand to you and whisper to you: Just as you are you are perfect. Let love out of yourself. Do not fight your fear, your sadness, your helplessness, but see the energies behind them. I dry your tears. I laugh and cry with you. I hold you with the energies of my self. With that I show you how much I trust you. Trust me too. Let yourself be guided, by the power of yearning, by the energies and by the love of Jesus. But if you sometimes are at your wits' end, would like to turn away because there is something you do not understand, then remember these words that Jesus speaks now: MONA'OHA.


The words of Christ, the words of Jesus let you feel the truth. There is so much you do not have to understand. Together with you the new Earth will be born, the eneries unified and God the Father pours the energy SOL'A'VANA out. You are much more than you can imagine for you are my representative on Earth, visible for the human beings. Feel that I am always with you. Nothing can happen to you. Let the new energies work, the radiant power of the divine Reality of SOL'A'VANA. Thus the unification for the perfect tone begins, for you are perfect and with each breath, with each word you speak in love you show what you bear in your heart: The attentiveness and the respect for every human being who bears the same divinity in himself as you yourself. When the changes take place love will be deeper and stronger than ever before. You will recognize the differences that still cause you difficulties now. Thus it is important now to be in the deep intention for love, for peace, for strength, for courage and for yearning. The more you understand that you can not fight your fears, but turn towards the divine Reality when you understand your abilities, your divinity deeper and deeper and feel that you are not separated, then it will be easier for you to see the energy of the Earth as it will be one day. Nothing that is love can ever be destroyed.

When you are sad try not to fight it, but try to feel that it is yearning, then you will feel the strength and thus the change. Do not let the words that hurt you penetrate your soul for no human being has the right to hurt you, and only you and your soul know what hurts you. Love sometimes also means to turn away and nevertheless to respect and honor the divinity of the human being.


The angels have gathered and just like you they bear yearning within, but they do not judge this yearning for they feel that this yearning advances them, to the Divine Thought Field, to the divine Source. They are happy and sing. Now, hear my words, now is the time to understand with deeper consciousness, that so much in the collective and in the duality is judged by the human being, and you sometimes accept these judgements because you hear them so often. But remember then and feel that I tell you: Whenever I see you I know, you are the love of my life.


Many of you are at a turning point of change. Many of you have the deep desire and need to work for the human beings as lightworker. Do it. Take this power of yearning and allow this change. For a gate has opened long since and you have been invited to go through it long since. But sometimes the collective energies hold you, then remember the words of Jesus. Remember the energy, remember what Jesus said about sadness and see the sadness as yearning to stride through this gate, full of courage, with joy and strength. The human beings are waiting for you there. Whenever you are ready my hand is there for you.


I am Jesus. I am the bearer of redemption and so I hold out my hand to you in order to redeem what prevents you from striding on, trusting yourself, the 36 High Councillors as well as all the lights of the universe. With these words Jesus says goodbye: A NI O'HEVED O'DRACH.