Public Channeling of January 6, 2016



  • Do Not Hide
  • Lightful Human Beings Are Being Attacked
  • It Is a Time Full of Magic and Miracles


I am who I am, who I have always been, shall always be. I am Jesus. I am God's Son. With the sounds of OMAR TA SATT I greet each and every one, and I, Jesus, make use of the present moment in order to bring my energy to you with all my love, addressing you through Sangitar.
In linear time a new year has begun for you. But, far more a new cycle has begun and you will feel that linear time is dissolving more and more. Much more intensively than time as you know it cycles will arrive that you will orientate yourselves to. The new cycle has arrived and the energies show that the new cycle is nourishing itself already and the beginnings of the adaptaion phase are becoming more intensive. For the Earth consciousness, for Lady Shyenna, this has consequences of an energetic kind, just like for all human beings who are living on Solvana. Each energy that is brought to you increases in light and strength. The new cycle comprises this, too.
Very much has changed already, but the changes are arriving much more intensively and I appeal to all human beings who consciously carry warmth of heart within to allow this, not to judge this too much, but to accept it in the certainty that all is well. Nevertheless we carry compassion for so many human beings who experience suffering and even violence, who are immediately exposed to the transformations and sometimes lose everything that is dear to them. Not just material things but even human beings that they lose. These human beings need other human beings who are full of warmth of heart and understand them in the depth of the soul, who understand the word SHIMAA in their sounds, in its sounds. The soul light that connects all human beings with each other.
But yet there are human beings who resist it, who use violence in their transformation process, who are prepared to kill other human beings, to wipe out entire people. These are the frictions we foretold and the repetition of the energetic patterns is very intensive in the present moment, which is why I, God's Son, Jesus, was chosen to bring the messages to you today, in the now, for as God's Son, Jesus, I was on Earth once. When I was on Earth, the time we lived in together was also a difficult time with much disunity, with fears, and still there was the inner and the outer circle and very many human beings, who alone through feeling the love felt that one should support those human beings who are being attacked. It is very important to me to express this in the now: Do not hide. No matter which path you choose, now is the time to show yourself, to profess your path and your spiritual everyday life. Many of your mediums try to generate fear in the human beings, to stir up disunity. Lightful human beings are being attacked. The more lightful they are, the more massive the attacks are. And here I would like to remind you that I, Jesus, was also attacked massively. I was slandered, I was betrayed. About me, too, things were said that were beyond any truth. If there had not been a circle of loving human beings who believed in me, you would not be here now, for God would have inhaled. As much as the mights try to attack lightful human beings in particular in these times, do not believe them, for the light in a human being is stronger than anything else. Do not let this discord influence you for it is being tried to embed this discord in your hearts.
When I was on Earth we often spoke about it, for it was part of the energy that was very important at that time, to realize that the light and the love are stronger than everything else, but that particularly human beings who carry this light within are often attacked massively. Now you are living in a time of energy where everything is changing, and of course it is being tried to split you up. Because of that it is the time to stand by what you are doing without paying attention to the consequences this might have for you. This has nothing to do with which path you are taking or which spirituality you are living, but that you carry what you feel in your heart to the outside full of pride, show yourself, and not like some human beings who do not dare do this because they are afraid that in their everyday life they will perhaps be shut off by human beings who are not aware of themselves.
To found a new world, live in a new cycle, all that is a privilege and it can only work when conscious human beings dare to spread this. Many human beings all over the world are very confused. Many human beings feel deserted, helpless and without support. These very human beings need support, energetic support, but also human beings with this warmth of heart who do not condemn human beings, do not judge them but see that they also suffer and mourn. In a new world, in a new cycle you will be living in, all human beings shall be equal, the basic principle of originality, the light SHIMAA that connects everyone, the divine light in every human being, no matter what the origin, no matter what religion, no matter which spiritual path he may take. The new world - when the adaptation phase is nourished - shall be full of peace in the originality of existence, what Kryon has transmitted to you years ago, the life in health, in peace, security, human love, abundance. Remember me, how it was when I was on Earth. How many human beings tried to suppress my light, persecuted me even though these human beings knew who I am. For you it is very important that you can let yourselves fall into trust, into MONA'OHA, that a world is lying at your feet that could not be more beautiful, for many planets have achieved it already. In these times it is also very supporting and helpful to be in the here and now, to carry loving thoughts, to see the light. And many human beings need a lobby, just like the animals as well. A great change of consciousness is taking place and one can already see this everywhere, but it takes human beings who are brave enough to stride ahead and live this, what we bring you as message.
Recently there were so many light phenomena and yet, again and again the mights try to tell you that these are not phenomena of light. Rational explanations follow and the logical mind the human being carries, tries to gain the upper hand and thus these phenomena of light are not perceived as what they are and what they want to bring you. They want to show themselves to you, but they also expect that you have faith in that they appear to you.
Human beings who decide to be in a deep intention will experience deep peace. They are prepared to walk along the tracks of love. They are prepared to stand by what they are doing without ifs and buts. Often, we sat in a circle and spoke about just that and much of that is repeating itself in the cycle, and now is the time where I, Jesus, am with you with my energy more and more intensively. It is a time full of magic, full of miracles that happen if you let them. If you carry the gift to realize what it is a miracle comprises, you will experience one every day.
Many energies work with particular radiant power and much may be revealed now. We have already spoken much with Sangitar and thus the epoch Nyroos, the Wedaa Group, the epoch Quin'Thies will play an important part in the beginning adaptation phase. You will get to know many new beings who pass messages on to you through Sangitar. What you have learned you will realize now and a wonderful time lies ahead of you.
In deep faith that you have received my messages in your hearts we now begin with a very intensive healing session that will do you a lot of good. And I, Jesus, will support El'Shara and Sangitar with this. Never forget that you are being loved immeasurably.