Public Channeling of January 7, 2015



  • The Friction between the Energies of the Divine Reality and the Duality
  • Keep Your Thoughts under Control



I am Kryon and with the magnetic love energy I greet each and every one. I greet you in the collective, who have gathered in order to absorb the messages in you. To absorb them deep in you, where they work, where the energy expands, where in you they touch you. In linear time you have arrived in a new year. And Kryon would like to speak about what has changed already. I was chosen to transmit the magnetic love energy to you during the messages. I welcome you in the family circle of the golden-blue frequency with the words OMAR TA SATT.

The Pioneers of the golden-blue frequency have presented the love band to YOAH'TOH. The Ark of the Covenant was opened and the feminine divine energy was able to spread on the planet and in the human beings. Although the ascension process is not fully complete yet many changes have arrived that perhaps you can not see yet, but you can feel them. And this feeling puts a lot of pressure on many human beings at the moment. I would like to relieve you of this pressure with my words of the love that I feel for you. For what we beyond the veil have told you so often has occurred. When the love band is presented to YOAH'TOH these mights will put up a fight and they will begin to do everything to prevent the lightful process of the ascension. It will not come to this, for the basic energy is too far expanded already. But still these mights try to put up a fight with all their strength and with all their might. And the more they put up a fight, the more we act against it with love and SHADEES. It is as though two energies - I do not want to use the term attack, instead I use the expression that there is friction between two energies and this friction generates a very special kind of energy flow. Both sides are full of potential. And in the duality, in which you still live, in these last phases of the duality it can happen to you that the duality suddenly feels very attractive to you. That after such a long time you return to a state where you ask yourselves: Where do I stand? What has actually happened? Why do I feel so little at the moment? And why do I carry light body symptoms? The duality is this might that tries everything to get you on its side. Away from the energies of the duality, the energies of love, the truth and the light. The energy of the duality, the might, it may manipulate and it does manipulate. We, on the other hand, may not do this and we do not want to either. What we do is let SHADEES flow in, bring you the love, the highly vibrating energies, the messages that touch your soul. And you are the bearer of both energies, and you are the bearer of the decision. For, it is of the deepest significance for your wellbeing that you carry the might within to decide. To decide really deeply, deeply.

For through the fact that the love band was presented and the Ark of the Covenant opened very much has changed energetically. Even if you can not see it yet, the energy, the whole energy flow circulates very, very much faster, faster than ever before. You are not quite able to follow this speed of energy flow because the adaptation phase is not yet fully here. You feel the pouring in and the vibration of the energy in your cells. And as the speed is so enormously high it is very strenuous for your physical aspect and there is much you can feel once more that you discarded long since. Many have a feeling of being all at sea, of not being happy in the body, they carry light body symptoms such as head-aches, dizziness, tiredness and lack of enthusiasm. But it is the truth, and it is very helpful for you when you can feel that this vibrating in your body is a charging of the light and the love. That your cells are giving themselves to the new energy and the new energy flow more and more. But it is a bit harder for the physical aspect than for the other aspects as the physical aspect is still very dense in its energy. In contrast to this, the other aspects, especially the omnipotence aspect and the ability aspect, the soul aspect are full of light and very expanded, very nourished in conscious human beings like you. And somehow perhaps you sometimes have the feeling that it does not go well with your physical aspect. On the one hand you feel this expansion of love, the expansion of light, and on the other hand the feeling your body could explode.

The speed of energy has increased so enormously that it is very, very important, as much as is possible for you, always to keep your thoughts under control. For the speed of the energy influences the manifestation of your thoughts many times over. And what you think today could show itself tomorrow already. Of course it is not always easy to keep one's thoughts under control, Sangitar has explained this to us. And we know that it is not easy. Nevertheless it is our task to inform you about the importance of directing thoughts into the right direction. For then, what you wish for, what is right and good for you, will appear. But it is also important to know, for many human beings are afraid of it, that if they do lose control of their thoughts and they think something that is not good for them, that that also manifests. But this energy speed is a lot slower than the energy speed of the good and loving thoughts. The magnetic love energy is very important and very helpful for your physical aspect. Feel how this magnetic love energy is being brought to you.

This year in linear time is the year of the energetic expansion. Significant processes will happen. And when the time has come we will baptise your planet and Lady Gaia together, in the collective, and guide her back to the sounds and the name she bore. You will learn and feel how deep your feelings can be when the masks fall. And this has started already. Nobody can hide anymore. You will act intuitively, feel intuitively and your light will be brought outside. It will become a year of the deep work for all human beings on this planet. And again you are the ones who prepare the way in this new cycle, they who carry the understanding in their heart.

And while the words of Kryon are being brought to you the angels have gathered in the universe in order to be with you, to celebrate with you in order to welcome the new year in its energetic changes. Singing is being brought to you that you can feel with your soul. That you can feel with your soul. The energetic speed of the energy shows itself in the duality in how you feel time. Everything, really everything will move faster, happen faster. Your body will show you what is important for you. For in these changes that the body carries out in the new orientation of the adaptation phase animal products will hardly agree with it anymore. You will feel that your body shows and tells you what is good for you. We will also adapt ourselves to the speeds of the energies and the new cycle. The messages will get even more intensive, more close, more perceptible than ever before. With every channeling and with every message it will be like we being right among you, entering the room with you, sitting on your chairs with you and leaving the room with you. We will show ourselves as being very present and pass many informative messages to you through Sangitar. In the flow of the energy of the New Age you will get a lot stronger in your orientation, in your intention and in your decisions. It is important to feel that these are the beginnings, the beginnings of something great. The beginnings of the  big change we have spoken to you about through Sangitar over the years. Again and again we emphasized that we do not know when the time will come, how it will take place. But we have trained and prepared you in many areas. And we will continue to prepare you now, in the new cycle. And transmit very many messages during the adaptation phase in particular that are very helpful, important and good for the collective and for you personally.

And thus welcome each change in your soul. Let the vibration happen in your cells. Accept it as what it is: the reorientation for your physical aspect that will change. When the adaptation of the cells has taken place - in many of you it is already complete - what begins is the external appearance, the rejuvenation, reverse counting of age. You will also notice that past, present and future form an eternal now-cycle. You will be less and less capable of being in the past or in the future. The energy flow will orientate itself in such a way that you will live in the now much more, in the present with the energies being brought to you. With the cycle that has begun you will become one and realize what the meaning of what Kryon has said to you throughout the years is when he gave you the message: You are more than just human. These words will take on a deep significance for you.

At the moment the collective stream of thought is the stream of thought of the duality. This energy that chafes against the energy of light and love. But we, too, and here I mean all of us, the human beings who are aware, carry a big stream of thought. And I would like to transmit the message once more that you are the bearers of decision, the decision about the collective and the decision for yourself. Where do you direct your thoughts? What do you decide for? And with these words you already feel how the magnetic energy arrives more and more, how it covers you, how it charges you. And with every message and with every channeling the presence of Christ can be felt. For he, God's Son, is among you more than ever. You will be able to feel that the time of the new cycle is dawning, where the messages of the spirit world, the high lightbeings, have gone into a higher level of consciousness for you in order to give you an ever better understanding of the channelings.

And thus you have also noticed that your climate is changing, that everything is under the control of the process of change. And even the collective of the red frequency speaks of nothing but changes. Nothing is as it once was. But now you have the opportunity to emerge and be yourself. To be yourself, to feel yourself and to carry your own thoughts. To build your own little world with the universe, to express your wishes with the energy current. The power you have has not adapted itself to the speed quite yet, but this will happen soon. And it is all the more important to expect the best, the most beautiful for yourself in the here and now. For the stores of the universe are full and ready to pour out whatever you want, as long as it it agrees with your soul. The time has come for you to emerge and show your true greatness. That you do not let collective energies, human beings who want to tell you how you should be, intimidate you anymore. Who want to dictate to you what you should do. Who want to capture you in the collective energies and want to pull you down to their own level and their own energy.

As the physical aspect is the most difficult aspect to become more lightful today's healing session from Sangitar and El'Shara is being supported by us intensively and your biorhythm adjusted to the speed and power of the new energies more and more. Open your heart and your soul for the currents of healing, of energy and work. Be full of AN'ANASHA for what you have already accomplished and be full of AN'ANASHA for what still lies ahead. Do not let the chafing of energy take you captive. But do not be so strict with yourself either. For even if you can not withstand the allure of the duality in some moments, and you feel yourself that that is perhaps not so good for you right now, but you can not do differently, nevertheless allow it. For you bear the wisdom and you have the knowledge that in each minute, with each breath you can change your mind again. For we are not judges who pass judgement. We are your siblings, your friends, your companions. And we will love you always, eternally, and serve you eternally, SHAN'THIE'MAA.

It is an honour for us to be there for you and work with you. And we are happy that the collective has found its place here in the new cycle, you have come in order to be there to feel the first messages of the new year from Kryon. And thus I would like to say goodbye to each and every one with the words A NI O'HEVED O'DRACH.