Public Channeling of January 1, 2014


Melek Metatron:

  • Drops of Blessing of Redemption and Confidence
  • RAFTAN Transmission

Meditation El’Shara

Sanat Kumara:

  • Prayer for Lady Gaia


With the words OMAR TA SATT I greet each and every one. I am Melek Metatron, the divine Light, the Eye. I look at you and my love for you is immeasurable.
In linear time a new year has begun and we want to welcome it together. For energetically this year will become a year of confidence and also redemption. Many changes will take place to the highest benefit of Lady Gaia, as well as you and all living beings on this planet.
Confidence and redemption are strong and at the same time gentle energies which already expand noticeably, touch your soul, and you feel the truth. You feel the energy with each word, for the angels have gathered, in your honor, in order to escort you into the new year of confidence and redemption. Each change will be useful to you. And the angels who have gathered, they sing in the sounds which show you the divine Reality, let you feel  what is waiting for you, something gentle and at the same time strong and powerful. Even though it will come to transformations the human beings will move closer, join hands and breathe SOL’A’VANA, connecting with the one big soul, the heart chakra of Lady Gaia. And thus the divine Light, the divine, eternal, loving Source has prepared the drops of blessing of confidence and redemption in the eternal basin of the Source in order to give them to you, to shower you, let the human being feel what this means. For confidence contains hope, forgiveness. Redemption means healing. And thus, in the now-present, we will receive the drops of blessing of confidence and redemption from the light of the Source, the divine All-One. And thus I ask you to rise in honor of the angels who have gathered and receive this blessing deep in your soul.
(Music is played)
Many human beings begin the new year with good intentions. Hear the words of Melek Metatron: What about the intention to call your golden angel when your soul bears doubt and to transform these energies? What about calling Angel Chamuel when your soul is in mourning, that he may cover you with love and transmit consolation and security? Feel the depth of your soul and breathe the light and the energy of SOL’A’VANA into yourself. Feel the changing times. Feel the kindling of the Holy Grails. Keep the focus on the beautiful, the good in your life and trust yourself and the messages of the spirit world.
In these moments, here in these rooms very much energy is building up. Energy of redemption, of healing, of confidence and of hope. And as we always use the present moment in the collective we will transmit RAFTAN, which integrates itself in all your aspects like a stable energy. And while this takes place deeply sink into yourself and become aware that this year which lies before you may perhaps be the best that you have ever experienced in this incarnation. In spite of all the transformations the trust will become stronger, much healing take place, miracles will come true, you will be able to feel yourself much more and develop compassion for yourself, feel amour-propre and self-love.
Call your personal group of angels, the golden angel in you. Say your original name. Carry the intention within of being able to accept all the gifts in your soul more intensively so that the golden light expands in all directions. For once before you have announced the appearance of the Redeemer. Jesus Christ is now very deeply and clearly noticeable with you. And together with Jesus Christ Melek Metatron will carry out a RAFTAN transmission of a special kind through Sangitar. For this will not only accompany you for the moments, but this transmission will change something in you lastingly. For these present energies at the moment could not be more loving, beautiful and high. For the divine Reality is arriving and you feel it really deep in you that everything you have carried out and taken upon yourself so far has been worth it. They are the moments when the divine Reality is so tangible and you can feel the angels in the room with their love. And to the sounds which come from the divine Reality we will now transmit RAFTAN.
(Music is played)
And thus feel the peace and the security, feel the confidence, the healing, the miracle. And while a host of angels has gathered in order to say a prayer for Lady Gaia and embed the energies of RAFTAN even deeper in you, EL’SHARA will accompany you with the words before Sanat Kumara will say a prayer for Lady Gaia and all living beings on this planet.
El’Shara’s Meditation:
And thus let the energy which is pouring into you and vibrates, shine golden. Flowing and vibrating golden light, in order to feel how your soul absorbs this lightful energy and, deeper and deeper, through the center of your heart connects itself towards Lady Gaia. Flowing, shining and radiating light, which from this moment expands and flows in to the path of your life, the path of the year which lies before you, month by month and day by day. And this light in the rhythm of your breath full of SOL’A’VANA and peace of your heart runs through the days and months so that the path into this year becomes bright and brighter, all dark things open in light in order to feel the radiant light of the Christ energy on the horizon in the distance which sends its rays to you and deep into your heart via this path, connects you and lets the path be wide and blessed. Day by day, week by week, and month by month golden and white light flows through you into the world. Each step through your life and your everyday life that you can imagine makes this light pulsate and vibrate and the love of your heart becomes bigger, wider, so that the future and present become one, the light comes closer and closer, touches you more and deeper in your being. White and golden light expand at this moment from the heart into the sky, into the earth, into the past, into the future and you thus bathe in the room of light, peace and blessing, in this bath, in this vibration, the words, the prayer that is addressed to you develops a strength and depth that pours through your soul…
I am Sanat Kumara, the High Self of Lady Gaia. With a host of angels I call you, Lady Gaia, in your consciousness, hear and feel the energies. So much you had to endure on the long way back home. But there are human beings who understand you. There are human beings who connect with the heart chakra of your consciousness. We beyond the veil love you eternally. We accompany you for the last Steps of awakening and guide the planet and the human beings home into their original naturalness. Feel, feel how these human beings are full of love for you, how they love, honor and respect you, have given and give you the time you need. They are the divine lights who have been sent to you to bring your consciousness to awakening. The divine Source itself has born a Son and brought him to you on planet Earth. Thus it will happen again. Follow the shining power, follow the tracks. For the human beings are full of love for you. Each and every step they take full of love is a step for you, into the awareness of yourself. At this moment the angels begin to sing for you, for all living beings on the planet. They will sing until the perfect sound rings out. Each transformation process frees you. You are the love of the divinity, a part of what is happening in the universe when you awaken, my heart.
The heart chakra of Lady Gaia, it shines in diverse colors. Connect yourself with this heart chakra and be certain that the breath of God, the Source itself continues to breathe for you all for this moment will happen, the journey back home will take place. My dear human being, you are divine. You bear the divine light and without you, your many, many incarnations, your courage, this would not have been possible that the Source bears a Son and brings him onto Earth. All this is due to you. For in many epochs, in many of your incarnations you have prayed that God continue to breathe. The love connects us all. It is the love which guides us back home. This love, it lives in you. It is magic, the magic of the moment which lets you feel the deep connectedness, that you are one with all that is. Even though it will come to transformations, we are with you, with each living being. We accompany and love you, we honor and respect you in your work. So feel how the new energy arrives, deeper and deeper with each breath the energy of confidence lays itself around you. Joyously, strong you will begin the year. You will feel the changes and welcome them. The whole planet will be showered with the energies of SHADEES. And we call all soul lights with the sounds of SHIMAA and SHIMAAs will connect. The way back home is so near. And each ever so small miracle shall blossom to a flower of life in your heart. For only when you can see the small miracle will you see the big miracle. When you feel the love in yourself you will see and feel the love outside. Is the peace in you the peace outside will show itself. It is a time when the human beings draw nearer to each other, stick together with feeling, connected by the highest energy of the universe, God’s breath, SOL’A’VANA.
It will be a year of many energetic surprises. Do not even try to comprehend intellectually, but welcome the energies of the New Age. Even now during these moments healing has happened for many human beings, healing on all levels. Much has collapsed and could not last any longer. Through that many human beings lost their support and the security that they looked for outside so much. But this year many human beings will find the support in themselves. They will discover that there is more than they have ever imagined. With each wave, with each thrust of the energy of change the human beings will become more aware.
And thus welcome the new year with the words Ehyeh Asher Ehyeh, Ehyeh Asher Ehyeh, Ehyeh Asher Ehyeh, So'Ham. We will direct the focus to Lady Gaia and the human beings more strongly. More noticeably than ever before will we be there for you. You can sense and feel the energy raise with each word. Security arrives. And thus hear the words of Sanat Kumara: Once before you announced the birth of the Savior. Once again the Source has agreed to bring Jesus to you. A time will come when you will hear the perfect sound, see the Savior and meet Jesus Christ, the Son, who loves you so immeasurably, whose spirit, whose seed you bear in yourself. And should your soul carry doubt call your golden angel.
Sanat Kumara says goodbye to you with the words A NI O'HEVED O'DRACH.