New Year's Channeling of January 13, 2017

.pdf file for download, also
containing the Crystals


  • A New Year Has Begun in Linear Time
  • We Work for Lady Shyenna


(If you have a NIHA'NARAS, hold it in your left hand during the channeling)

I am Kryon. I greet you with the sounds of OMAR TA SATT. I am the magnetic light of love, but I am much more. Fused with the entourage I am a lightful angel who loves you immeasurably, who loves the collective, and turns to you in order to bring you the messages through Sangitar.

In linear time a new year has begun for you, and how much hope, expectations and wishes have you yourself manifested in you for this year. This is a good time, for energetically it will be the year of manifestation. You have entered the changes and have bid them welcome. These changes will expand now and the energy, the energy of the divine Reality, will show itself more and more intensively. It takes courage, it takes attentiveness, but above all it takes trust to take the steps that are necessary in this time so that the new can expand itself more and more, and manifests on your beautiful planet.

So often have we brought you the message that power structures will not last any more, and already, at the beginning of the year in linear time can you see all over the world that human beings get together and go out onto the streets and fight the might that is being imposed on them. And they will often be successful with it, for the human beings, they feel, they feel the change with each breath they take, even if they do not know exactly why, yet they feel that nothing is as it once was. Everyone can see it outside and every human being thinks about what will happen now. But also what one can not see, namely what most human beings feel inside, is something very important. For particularly this year the human beings will feel that nothing in them is as it once was. The intellect, it will no longer be reliable. The new feeling begins as well as the new thinking. The big consciousness will be created and the planetary consciousness, it radiates in lightful energy Quin'Taas.

Like you, Lady Shyenna needs intensive energy supply, particularly of attentiveness and courage, for the expansions, they are progressing very fast. And just as you yourself need courage, Lady Shyenna also needs courage. The planetary consciousness needs courage and attentiveness. For you yourself much will change this year, if you let it and if you are ready for it. Having been small steps with small changes in the past years, they are big steps with big changes now. You have the possibility to decide anew every day with your consciousness. Begin every day with a conscious decision. The decision to expand the trust. The decision to receive the energy of the divine Reality intensively and to feel that the divine Reality is your home. Do not let yourself be drawn into the duality by worries and fears, for you will not find solutions there any longer. This will not be possible for you any more.

Deeply connected with the planetary consciousness, the star tetrahedron of Lady Shyenna, I ask you to support Lady Shyenna by following the words and inhaling SOL'A'VANA deeper and deeper in you. Your intention is shaped by the love for Lady Shyenna and you let yourself fall deeply, and with each breath you take you expand like a sun. You feel the golden heart chakra, and even deeper, deeper your breaths carry you to yourself. You are completely centered. And as by themselves, when you speak your original name, all your channels open. You make a deep connection with Lady Shyenna. All of you are Shimaas, united in this deep love for Lady Shyenna, united in a big collective lightful, lightful light body. And you speak your original name sound by sound consciously once more. Can you feel the deep connection with Lady Shyenna? Activate your Heart Ray and put the Crystals AMA'NAA, ANSHAA and TAHI'TAA on the tip. And now let your Heart Ray with the Crystals flow through your EDINAA Chakra, your Omega Chakra deep into the consciousness of Lady Shyenna. We will use you as channel at the same time and also send Lady Shyenna energy. And while you are sending the Crystals to Lady Shyenna you can get in touch with Lady Shyenna, speak with her, as is right and good for you. We will begin with the transmission now.

(Take a little time)

Fetch your Heart Ray back now and be certain that these transmissions are beneficial for Lady Shyenna, for the whole planet. And finally you will receive the gift of the Drops of Blessing. The Drops of Blessing of the Eleua Energy will be poured over you. Begin your year with this heavenly joy and let your soul share this. Make every day your nicest day and enjoy your life. A NI O'HEVED O'DRACH. And with the sounds from the divine Reality the Drops of Blessing will now be poured over you.