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Kryon Festival Spring 2012


Pallas Athene:

  • Your Inner Child


With lightness and joy I greet you Pallas Athene with the words OMAR TA SATT.


The childlike energy in you, your inner child, is such an important part. And yet you sometimes give too little attention to this so important part of inner joy in you. Your inner child, the childlike energy, the intuition is full of wisdom, full of messages, full of love and lightness. Nonetheless many human beings turn towards their intellect, hear and listen on the level of the intellect and thereby put themselves under so much pressure, are so strict with themselves. How often do you ask yourself in your everyday life whether you fulfil the demands that are placed on you, whether you are adapted. All that is the level of the intellect and the energy of the intellect. If you turn towards your inner child you will notice that this energy is deeply connected with the embassador of love in you and tells you a completely different kind of message than the energy of the intellect. For if you really turn towards this childlike energy in you full of trust you will notice that pressure subsides, that you no longer have the feeling of not being good enough. Spirituality has nothing to do with strictness, nothing with pressure. But true spirituality is joy and lightness. Of course, just as Lao Tse has said, it is not always easy to go through the balancing act between duality and divine Reality. You know so much, you are aware of yourself and still you are living in the duality. Perhaps with human beings around you who disapprove of what you do. Then, very often you begin to doubt yourself. All that takes you out of your centeredness. What would help you then would be to feel the childlike energy, your inner child, and bathe in this energy, expand it and then simply feel things as they are, full of joy and lightness.


In this incarnation you are living at a time that will never be repeated like this again. Again and again the message is transmitted through Sangitar: There is no pressure, no bans. Do not be so strict with yourself, do not doubt yourself. Live your life in joy and lightness. Even if the circumstances may sometimes seem very hard, they will not get easier if you worry and are afraid, withdraw full of doubt and try to run away from this situation that is perhaps very difficult for you in daily life. None of that really helps you. What does really help you is to turn towards the childlike energy, to see it in another light.


Just like human love. Many human beings are afraid to actually live love, to show and let the other human being feel it because they are afraid they could be hurt or left. Yes, it is possible, it could happen. But the alternative, what would the alternative be? That you keep the love, that you do not pass it on, that you do not trust the human being you love? No, that is no alternative. There is only one thing that helps you to gain strength and power on the earthly level: to have the courage to open yourself, the courage to show and to live your love.


The inner beauty that the inner child bears within is mirrored on the outside. Inner beauty shows itself on the outside in the smile on your face, in your eyes. So many human beings are tense because they do not know what is happening. But that is not important, not important in your everyday life. Important in your everyday life is that you permit yourself to feel the joy and the lightness. We have arrived in the new age long since. And intention often does not so much show itself in the number of seminars you take part in. But intention also shows itself when you carry the willingness within to live your childlikeness, to dare do what you would like to do. To allow yourself to grant yourself a wish that may even seem impossible right now because your intellect says so again. I know, I know about your worries in your daily life. But even so, when you send a lot of energy into this worry it expands and the worries become even bigger and more powerful. They are not just words, but it really is an actual big gain if you were to manage to step out of this energy of worry, even if just for a short moment, and to turn towards your inner child, feel the flow of lightness, then many things would be easier in your life.


You are equipped with everything you need. Created as light in the universe by original parents you bear an original name. you carry everything within. And thus also the childlike energy. There is a planet that is highly developed. It calls itself Marajanas. The beings there are children. Full of wisdom, full of joy, love and lightness they live on this planet. They do not ask why and what for. They do not even try to understand energies with the intellect. They absorb the energies and let them flow. Because of that this planet is energetically very much expanded. And you too have incarnated on this planet many times and have put down tracks of light in your highest awareness as Avatar. The heritage of God was anchored there by you. Many times you have left the love, the joy and the lightness of your own personality. As it is so important at this time to fetch back these energies, I now ask you: Turn towards the ambassador of love in you, towards your personal group of angels full of love. Ask your personal group of angels to pull aspects, that are necessary to go on a journey, into the divine flame. Now I invite you: simply let it happen if some energetic aspects find their way to Marajanas, to your own light tracks. And when you have arrived there you will be greeted. You will see, feel what it means to meet joy and lightness. Thus the journey begins now.


(Feel the energy)


Thus you are taking the childlike energy borne full of wisdom of yourselves that you once left behind back with you. Embedded in your aspects. This childlike energy, borne of wisdom, full of love will now be anchored in you. Perhaps you can see your inner child, the joy, the love with which it receives this energy. If I may, if you permit me, then it would make me happy if today, on this day you were to fulfil yourself a wish, be it ever so small or even big. You will set an example with this.


My love is with you.