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Kryon Festival Spring 2012



  • Welcome Channeling
  • Embedding the Crystal SOL'A'VANA
  • Transmission of SOL'A'VANA into the Planetary Grid and to Eris


I am Kryon and I greet each and every one with the immeasurable love. I greet the collective with the words OMAR TA SATT.


Many different preparations have been made, beyond the veil as well, for SOL'A'VANA is arriving. An energy of the highest peace is brought to you from the divine Source with God's breath. It is a sign, for SOL'A'VANA will connect all energies with each other. SOL'A'VANA will help you to generate your personal perfect sound in yourself, to sense it, to feel it and also the sound for Lady Gaia. Everything is unifying full of strength and peace.


Now you are here, sitting on your chair. If you put your intellect aside, open your heart and permit yourself to accept it all, then the miracles will happen in you. More than ever before you will feel the radiant power that pours into you, raises you onto the next consciousness level.


The angels have gathered in order to take part in these events. Great power full of love and light is shining here in this room. You yourself are shining full of light and love, you, the divine light on Earth that has overcome everything in order to be here today. To feel the energies, put the fears and worries aside and simply be there in order to bathe in the divine hands. To relax completely, feel the security, the deep unification that will take place. Trust the words of Kryon: All the preparations were worth it. At present there is a lot of energy in the planetary grid. You have felt that too. Everything is changing. It is very moving for Kryon to speak these words. For these changes that are taking place for a while now are becoming stronger for all human beings on this planet and also on other planets.


Thus we will open this Festival with God's breath. The energy of SOL'A'VANA will flow into you as drops of blessing full of radiant power. Thus lay your hands on your heart and you will immediately feel with what deep, deep energy of peace you will feel the security. And thus we will expect the drops of blessing now.


(Music is played)


SOL'A'VANA will lead you to the miracles. SOL'A'VANA will show you the heritage of God that has been left on your planet. The heritage of God will be kindled by SOL'A'VANA. With SOL'A'VANA a Crystal with the creative powers of the highest energy has been brought to you directly from the divine Source. This Crystal – let me say it with your words – is the royal Crystal, the Crystal of Crystals. When this Crystal is embedded in your merkabah in a moment it will absorb SOL'A'VANA energy more deeply for all those who are awakened in their consciousness. For those who carry out the SOL'A'VANA Steps, but perhaps are still near the beginning it will let the energy flow in as is right and good for you at this point in time. In this way the SOL'A'VANA Crystal enables every human being on Earth to carry out these Steps. And even if you do not carry out the SOL'A'VANA Steps, embedding the Crystal SOL'A'VANA alone will let you feel that everything in your life becomes easier. That limitations that you have set yourself dissolve. You will see that you will feel much more peace, calmness, security and joy in your life. For again and again the words "Spirituality should not restrict, but spirituality should be the same for every human being" are so important. It should mean that through spirituality you live human love, abundance, health, joy, security and deep peace.


And thus Kryon will embed the Crystal SOL'A'VANA in your merkabah now. Kryon also invites the human beings here in this room who perhaps doubt that this is possible at all. Who perhaps have never heard of such things before. You, too, are invited to be there when this Crystal is embedded. For every human being carries the divine spark within, no matter the religion, no matter the skin color, no matter the age, no matter which path the human being chooses. There are no bans, no limits, there is only the freedom to decide yourself. There is the love that carries you. The joy that gives you the strength, the courage to go into action, to change your life in such a way as to make it the best for you. This freedom is such a precious good. Love is the highest energy.


So many light beings in the universe have gathered, for it is almost something holy. For for the first time a Crystal is brought to you from the divine Source. It is an honor for Kryon to bring you this Crystal through the veil, directly to you with the magnetic love energy. And you will feel what it means to come into contact with the energy of the divine Source. Go into the deep intention, name your original name and give me the permission to embed this Crystal in your merkabah. This Crystal, SOL'A'VANA, will also free you from feeling physically ill. You will feel more energy, full of drive. Let us celebrate, let us celebrate SOL'A'VANA. We will embed this Crystal in your merkabah now. And Kryon asks you to get up for this.


(Music is played)


There is a planet you know. Its name is Eris. And a while ago already the perfect sound has rung out there. Many of you feel very connected with this planet. The reason is that you all have spent your life on Eris in many incarnations. Have anchored the heritage of God there with your highest light. Have put down tracks of light. And thus Kryon asks you in this so moving time that you now send the energy of SOL'A'VANA into the planetary grid and to planet Eris with your Heart Ray. When this takes place in such a big collective it has deep significance. Thus I invite you to do this for planet Eris and its inhabitants now.


Each single human being carries the divine spark within. When he has realized that he is more than just human the seed has been sown. When the human beings are then prepared to go further and rise further in their consciousness, to realize who they really are, what power the divine light in them has, the abilities that often sleep become stronger and stronger with the dawning of consciousness. When you have recognized yourself fully, then we call it awakening. With a certain energetic expansion we then call you the divine human being on Earth.


Currently much is being spoken about the higher divine might. The higher divine might is a consciousness level that is raised and works more neutrally. It works for the events of the broader view, for Mother Earth and all the planets. This higher might comprises the heritage of God that every human being carries within and becomes kindled. Is it connected with SOL'A'VANA. The human beings have the chance to kindle the heritage of God on your planet with it and thus generate the perfect sound. The divine higher might permits you to accept abilities which then connect with your personal abilities and work lovingly and in service for the human beings with great radiant power.


With the immeasurable love that Kryon feels for each and every one Kryon says