- First rush

- Saturday Channeling

- People and Impressions

- Exhibitors

- Outside

- After-Festival-Party

- Sunday Channeling

- Walk-In 




- Kryon: Welcome Channeling

- Seth: Activation of the Lemurian Crystal- Kryon

- Kryon: Journey to Lemuria

- Ma'Ha'Lias: Working with Your Aspects

- Jesus and Shan'Shija: The Angel Group Eleua Is Welcomed

- Hiam'Destranos: Activation of Two Guards of the Lemurian Gate

- Angel Michael: Cleansing and Removal of Crystalline Structures

- Jesus Christ: Initiation Into the Lemurian Love Fire



Videos from the Kryonfestivals Autmn 2010



Virtual viewing of the Kryon Festival with a 360 degree view




Epilogue by Sabine Sangitar


My dearest family,

First of all I would like to thank all of you and as usual words do not suffice, that is why I can only say AN'ANASHA and repeat the words of Jesus:WHENEVER I SEE YOU, I KNOW, YOU ARE THE LOVE OF MY LIFE!Only two days have passed since the Festival and already my yearning for you is enormous! I have spoken a lot with the spiritual world and would like to share this with you.There was very much healing on the mental and emotional levels! As you were in such a deep intention many patterns were able to release themselves and so your intention was strengthened and stabilized by the High Councillors. It was possible to embed very many powerful energies.With some an awakening was initiated!!!!Through the manifested Eleua Energy a personal love bond was tied for almost everybody and the hearts opened even wider. A significant love energy was able to flow in and will become stronger in the course of time.The Lemurian love fire was expanded very much and through that doubts can dissolve and deep security become apparent.The Walk-in has touched each single person. Thus aspects were able to connect and very much strength flow in. For some this lead to awakening! Unfortunately there was not enough time to let all the frequencies stand up. But Toth has touched every single person!I personally feel the Eleua Energy very intensiveley and it is as if I were wrapped in it! I feel very strong and am full of AN'ANASHA!I am proud that I may be your medium of the New Age and it touches my soul deeply - your trust, your love and your dedication to all that is! You are the best!!!!!!


Your Sabine - Sangitar.